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Rate iMPACT 3/27/15

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Prince Bálor

I'm kind of a big deal
You know the drill. Vote above, give yer thoughts below!

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James Storm comes out to the ring with Koya, and he says he took down their hero Jeff Hardy and put him in the hospital. He climbs the steel cage assembled around the ring and smashes a watermelon, and he says that’s just like Jeff’s head. Jeff cuts him off and says no one has ever hurt him like Storm, but he’s still standing and he can still kick Storm’s ass. Jeff says he asked for the cage to be set up because he wants a fight, and the time for waiting is over, so they should lock the cage door and end this right now. Manik runs out and attacks Jeff from behind, but Jeff comes back with a Twist of Fate and Storm tells him to stop. Abyss runs out and attacks him, then Jeff takes him out, and he tells Storm no one is helping Storm tonight, and he calls for the cage roof to be closed.

X Division Championship
Low Ki vs Rockstar Spud (c)

Ki stomps Spud a few times and hits him in the corner, then Spud comes back with several jabs and an enziguiri. Spud hits the ropes and connects with a tornado DDT, then MVP jumps on the apron and distracts the referee. Kenny King hits Spud from behind, then Drew Galloway gets MVP’s attention and taunts the BDC. They chase him away, but Spud uses the distraction to roll Ki up for the win.

Winner – Rockstar Spud

MVP is still in the ring with the BDC after the break, and he says Drew Galloway talks about being fair, but he’s not playing by the rules. He says Drew interfered in his title match, and busted Ki’s head open, and they aren’t about playing games. MVP says Drew should get out there before he starts taking it out on the fans, then Drew walks out to the ramp.

Drew says he decided to stand up instead of laying down, and the fans are the voice of professional wrestling. He says they have a movement on the rise, but King says no one will stand with him so he should stop running and take his beating. Drew says he isn’t alone, and he jumps in the ring with two guys (Shaun Ricker, and Tevita Fefita, aka former WWE Superstar Camacho) from the crowd, and they clear the ring of the BDC and chase them away. Drew says this is their stand, and they are the rising.

Brooke vs Awesome Kong

Brooke connects with some mounted punches by Kong shakes it off and throws her back, then she catches her and slams her down. Kong steps on Brooke’s hair and stretches her arms, then Brooke tries to take Kong down with some forearms but Kong kicks her in the stomach and goes for a powerbomb. Brooke counters with a facebuster on the way down, then she heads up top and connects with an elbow drop for two. Brooke goes back up top, but Kong catches her and chokeslams her, then hits an Implant Buster for the win.

Winner – Awesome Kong

Kong attacks Brooke and hits another Implant Buster, then she gets a table set up near the ramp and tries to slam her through it. Taryn Terrell runs out and attacks Kong, but Kong slams her into the guardrail and whips her in the ring. Taryn hits her with some forearms and a dropkick, then she heads up top and hits a dropkick from the middle rope. Kong hits the mat and charges at Taryn, but Taryn pulls the ropes down and sends Kong outside. Kong gets up and whips Taryn into the steps, then picks her up and slams her through the table with a powerbomb.

Jeff Hardy starts cutting a promo backstage when he is attacked by Koya, and they brawl in the interview area. Hardy takes control and beats him with a ladder, then he smashes a beer bottle over his head. Hardy screams at him to stay down but Koya fights to his feet, and Hardy hits him with three more beer bottles before finally leaving.

Kurt Angle comes out and says he’s a fourteen time World Champion, but this one means a lot more because of how hard he fought to get it. Ethan Carter III cuts him off and says Kurt inspires people, and he did the impossible and beat Bobby Lashley. Ethan says he’s done something even better, and he’s still unbeaten after 18 months and he beat all three TNA Hall of Famers. He says since he’s already defeated Kurt, he wanted him to know he will be the man to take the title from Kurt. Bobby Roode comes out and says they can’t have this discussion without him, because he had the title stolen from him in the first place. Roode says he wants the title back and Kurt brings out the best in him, then Eric Young cuts him off and says he stole the title from Roode.

EY says the world title goes through him because he makes things happen, then Austin Aries comes out and makes his case. Aries says he’s the one who actually controls the fate of the title, and he doesn’t want to be rude and interrupt a celebration. He shows Kurt a bottle of champagne and asks if they celebrate Kurt’s reign, or his, and Kurt tells him to bring it. Kurt says he will fight anyone of them, they just have to name the time and place because he’s ready. Kurt goes to leave but Bobby Lashley cuts him off on the ramp, and he says he wants his match first, and Kurt challenges him on the spot. They try to fight right there but a group of refs break it up, then EY, EC3 and Tyrus attack Aries and Roode in the ring. Ken Anderson runs out to make the save.

Eric Young, Ethan Carter III & Tyrus
vs Austin Aries, Ken Anderson & Bobby Roode

We get back to see the match in progress, and Anderson armdrags Ethan and knees him before Roode tags in. Roode hits Ethan a few times, then Tyrus hits Roode with a fallaway slam and Eric tries to get the easy cover. Eric gets two and stomps Roode, then he isolates Roode in the corner and Ethan gets back in. After a few minutes, Roode blocks a piledriver by Eric and tags Aries, who cleans house with some elbows before repeatedly punching Eric in the corner. Aries knocks him outside and goes for a suicide dive, but Tyrus clotheslines him before Anderson assists with taking him out. Aries hits Ethan with a discus elbow, then he splashes them both on the floor before Roode throws Eric from the top turnbuckles and hits a spinebuster. Aries assists with a slam before heading up top, but Ethan and Tyrus distract him long enough to miss a 450 splash. Eric avoids the splash, and makes Aries tap to a Figure Four leglock.

Winners – Eric Young, Ethan Carter III & Tyrus

Bram comes to the ring and says the best word to describe Magnus is ‘coward,’ and his wife is more of a man than Magnus. He starts talking about Magnus’ son, then Magnus and Mickie James walk out and Magnus tells him to stop. Magnus says he attacked Bram just like what happened to him, but Bram tells him to stop talking and fight him. Magnus says he wants to fight him anywhere, then Mickie mocks Bram and talks trash to him. Bram says she will be home alone after he kicks Magnus’ head in, then he makes a few innuendos and Magnus rushes the ring. Bram takes him down and tries to hit him with the turnbuckle piece, but grabs Mickie instead and tries to make her kiss his boots. Magnus attacks him and beats him with the turnbuckle piece, then Mickie gets a few shots in before Bram retreats and Magnus pulls Mickie away.

Lethal Lockdown
Jeff Hardy vs James Storm

Storm hits Hardy with a chair a few times and sends him into the cage as we go to a break, then we get back to see Storm attempt Last Call. Hardy counters with a Twist of Fate, then he heads up top but Storm blocks a Swanton with his knees. Storm connects with Eye of the Storm for two, then he hits a superkick but Hardy narrowly kicks out. Storm gets his cowbell and winds up, but Hardy avoids it and hits Storm with it before hitting a Swanton for two.

Storm low blows Hardy before going for the weapons on the roof, but Hardy hits him in the back with a garbage can and slugs it out with him on the top turnbuckle. Hardy swings from the roof and mule kicks Storm in the face, and follows with a dropdown Frankensteiner for a two count. Hardy hits Storm several times with a trash can lid, then he hits a Twist of Fate and climbs to the top of the cage, swinging over to the middle of the cage and he splashes Storm for the win.

Winner – Jeff Hardy
Source: http://www.wrestlezone.com/news/565643-tna-impact-wrestling-results-032715

Prince Bálor

I'm kind of a big deal
6/10 for me.

- The new set looks nice, actually.
- Spud vs Low-Ki was aight.
- The formation of The Rising.
- That whole Angle celebration segment was okay.
- EY, EC3 & Tyrus vs Aries, Roode & Anderson was okay.
- Bram/Magnus brawl was okay. Last week's one was miles better, though.
- Jeff Hardy vs James Storm was decent.

- The openning segment was such a yawn fest.
- Brooke vs Kong was meh.

Killer Orange Cat

Quiet You
6/10 not bad but nothing special.

I liked: Main event was solid

Kong and Brooke was okay

6 man tag was all right

Spud beating Lowki was wonderful.

Angle interview was all right. Best part was EC3 backing down from Roode.

Didn't like:

MVP talking. He is the worst.

James Storm promo

Bram and Magnus

It was okay but a huge drop from last week.
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