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  1. You know the drill.

    - Full results below:

    - Kurt Angle is out with the TNA Title in tow. He wants to address the finish to last week's main event, and calls Lashley to the ring. Lashley shows footage of his shoulder up and wants to face Kurt Angle again. Angle says he wants to do it tonight, but Eric Young comes out and says he's the number one contender. He rakes Lashley's eye, but Angle grabs him. A blind Lashley spears Angle as we go to commercial.

    Back from the break, we learn that Angle wants to fight Lashley and Eric Young at the same time.

    Number One Contender Match
    Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong

    Kong attacks early, but Kim tries to chop her down. Kong counters a sunset flip by sitting on the much smaller Kim, but doesn't try a pin. Kong locks on a nasty looking Camel Clutch, and then drops Kim with a clothesline and a chokeslam that gets two.

    Kong rips the turnbuckle off, exposing steel. She dumps Kim from the ring after a failed guillotine choke attempt. Outside, Kim lands a huge dropkick that sends Kong back-first into the guard rail. A cross body gets two, but Kong powers right out of the pinfall attempt.

    Gail Kim runs Kong into the exposed steel and rolls her up for a two count. She follows up with Eat Defeat, but can't gets a three. Kong hits a sitout powerbomb for the win.

    Winner: Awesome Kong via pinfall (sitout powerbomb)

    - Mickie James is backstage thanking James Storm for helping last week. Manik asks him what is up with that, and Storm shoves food in his face and says not to question him. He wants Manik to round up the guys for a fight.

    Storm is in the ring with Manik, Abyss, and Khoya and is running them down for being total dweebs. Storm threatens to kick a one of them out. He says he wants to win the tag team titles. Abyss volunteers, but Storm wants them all to fight each other to see who will be his partner.

    Hardcore match
    Khoya vs. Abyss vs. Manik

    This is mayhem from the start, with weapons being tossed in the ring. Manik tries to Spider-Man on the ropes, but gets booted by Abyss. For some reason Khoya stares at a cane and gets clocked. Manik lands an armbar out of nowhere, but Khoya slams him to the mat for the pin.

    Winner: Khoya via pinfall

    Storm raises Khoya's hand after the match.

    - Drew Galloway is out with The Rising. He talks about how much he loves pro wrestling and the fans. He says he'd give fans the shirt off his back, then he does, by throwing it in the crowd. Myka, the former Camacho and son of Haku introduces his self, followed by Eli Drake, who says they're wrestlers, not superstars. Drake is good on the mic.

    The BDC interrupts and talks down The Rising. He challenges The Rising to a fight. The Rising obliges and all six go at it as we cut to commercial.

    The Rising vs. Beat Down Clan

    Drake and King start out, with Drake hitting a power slam and tagging out to Myka. MVPgets in his face and quickly gets dominated, before Kenny King pushes Myka off the top rope to the outside. Low Ki comes in, lands some shots, taunts The Rising, and then tags back out to Kenny King.

    The heels work over Myka, with each member of BDC gettng their shots in. He avoids a Player's Boot and hits a Samoan drop. Galloway gets the hot tag and cleans house. Drake hits an awesome looking inverted powerslam, and the ring has been cleared.

    A masked man comes in and blasts The Rising with a baton. He unmasks and reveals himself as Homicide. The BDC stands tall.

    Winners: The Rising via DQ

    - Eric Young attacks Kurt Angle backstage. Angle says he's still fighting tonight.

    DJ Z vs. Davey Richards

    Richards kicks Z in the head out of a bridge, then the two go through a spot of reversals. Richards punts Z from the apron an rolls him right back in the ring. Before Richards can get back in, Z lands a springboard dropkick that only gets a one count.

    Z misses a big corkscrew senton, and the two trade strikes until Richards clotheslines Z out of the ring. He hits a gross looking suicide dive outside, then a boot inside for a two. The two end up on the top rope, but Z falls. Richards misses the diving stomp but lands a big kick to the head for the pin.

    Winner: Davey Richards via pinfall

    - The Hardys are out, and Jeff says he and Matt want to become the TNA World Tag Team Champions. Matt says they'll give the Wolves a shot when they win. EC3 and Tyrusinterrupt and EC3 says he and Bram will be entering the title tourney together. Mr. Anderson comes out and says he and Spud will be teaming up. Then Austin Aries pops up and says he and Bobby Roode will be reuniting for the title tourney.

    TNA World Heavyweight Championship
    Kurt Angle (c) vs. Lashley vs. Eric Young

    Young leaves the ring and tries to make Angle and Lashley fight it out, but they toss him back in and give him a Hart Attack. Young rolls right back outside and tries it again, but the two follow him out and beat Young down as we go to a commercial break.

    Back from commercial, Angle is German suplexing everyone. He clotheslines Lashley outside and goes to work on Eric Young. That quickly changes as Young lands a piledriver to Kurt Angle. Lashley then comes in and scores a hanging vertical suplex and a Spear to Angle, but Young breaks it up.

    Angle throws a million suplexes to everyone again and pulls the straps down. He throws the ankle lock on Lashley, who is stuck in it for a solid minute before rolling through and bouncing Angle from the ring. Young comes to pick up the scraps and applies the Figure Four.

    Lashley gets to the ropes, and while the ref tends to him, Eric Young wedges a chair in the corner. Lashley lands another hanging vertical suplex, but it's clear his ankle is hurting. Lashley runs right into the chair, but Young eats an Angle Slam. Angle gives Lashley another and hit a moonsault to Lashley's injured leg to retain!

    Winner: Kurt Angle via pinfall (moonsault) to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

    After the match, Young takes a chair to Lashley's leg. Young applies the Figure Four as the show goes off the air.

    Source: http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news/2015/0410/592331/tna-impact-results/index.shtml
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  2. A generous 5/10


    - The opening segment was... Bearable.
    - Awesome Kong vs Gail Kim was okay.
    - LOL'd at Storm shoving food in Manik's face.
    - Richards vs DJ Z was okay.
    - Angle vs EY vs Lashley was solid.

    - Khoya vs Abyss vs Manik was garbage.
    - That whole segment featuring The Rising/BDC cutting promos was a yawn fest, as well as the match that followed afterwards.

    The 'I don't give a toss' about this segment:
    - Skipped that whole TNA tag team championship picture segment.
  3. Fine show.
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  4. This sounds so terrible.
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  5. Aye, that was a yawn fest. Don't bother watching.
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    I gave it a 7/10. It was enjoyable, but nothing too special. I am looking forward to the tag tournament.

    I liked:

    Gail Kim versus Kong. It wasn't the best that these two have ever done ,but it was definitely one of the best recent women matches in any of the mainstream promotions. Kim is such an artist at how she attempts to cut Kong down. No one wrestles Kong smarter than Kim.

    Galloway and company vs BDC was really good until the crappy finish.

    Davey Richards vs DJ Z was excellent

    Main event triple threat was okay, but it wasn't anything special. I was mildly confused why Angle did not come back to help Lashley when Young began attacking him. I know Lashley and Angle aren't good friends, but it still was out of his character's supposed sense of honor. The match ws all right. Odd that Lashely took the fall over Young though.

    I didn't like:

    Revolution triple threat. A boring and stupid match. They try to make the Revolution into the TNA Wyatt Family and it NEVER HAS WORKED. This was a complete throwaway match from a worthless stable. James Storm is a crappy heel and this is one of the most idiotic angles TNA has had.

    The Stupid Revoultion/Evil Dead/Manson Family sketch. Dumb as shit.

    I was indifferent to:

    Opening segment

    Drew Galloway's schtick is getting old. He says the same thing every time. I like him in the feud, but he needs to drop the talking and just fight. I don't dislike it yet, but I don't care for hearing it either.
  7. Again, haven't seen much TNA (and honestly tempted to make a thread just saying "What can TNA do to be interesting again?") but just looking at these spoilers...

    -When the Rising showed up, that's when I shut Impact off. I just can't watch another faction in this company again, and certainly have no interest in faction warfare, or SHOCKING RUNINS, or returns... Idk. Maybe I have too many TNA haters in my ear but I just feel... worn out by all of this. Homicide does nothing for me. SIGN. NEW. TALENT.

    -I've never been into the Revolution. It's not the Wyatt Family comparisons, it's not bad performances, it's just an "emotional disconnect" that's hard to explain.

    -I LOVE PRO WRESTLING MORE THAN YOU needs to die in a fire. It's all Bobby Roode says. I marked SO HARD to see TNA sign Mcintyre, was a big fan of his in WWE and begged TNA to sign him for years. The fact that I hate these two is depressing, but their characters are somehow even more lame than "WWE babyfaces". Hell, when Galloway cut one of his first promos and it was infinitely better than his WWE work and had a match with MVP, it felt like a BIG DEAL. That's a second match on every episode of Smackdown in 2009, but they're running it into the ground. But speaking of such...

    -Aries and Roode getting back together is a real markout moment!!! Bring back the Wet Dream Team... well... I'm not as buzzed about it as I'd like to be. Otherwise I would be screaming in all caps.


    -One bit of nostalgia I'll always appreciate is Gail Kim vs Kong. That match was no classic, but it was an enjoyable throwback. Not into Taryn vs Kong or this Taryn title reign in general... Oh! We have new good talent for the Knockouts on the way!

    and that, too, looks so terrible.

    At least there's new GOOD talent in the Knockouts division. Long overdue.
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  8. That alone would have risen the rating.
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  9. Umm, Angle did not come to Lashley's aid because he'd already left, I think...
  10. Good God, I love your rants! Yup, you nailed it again with pretty much everything.

    And honestly, these past couple of weeks have been a huge downfall from the UK tapings.
    It's like, they come back to the US and the product goes back to being undewhelming again.
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  11. He left the area but how many times has a guy gone backstage and then come back out? Angle had been off camera for about 10 seconds before Young attacked Lashley. And don't get me wrong, I couldn't give a shit if Lashley gets his ass kicked, I don't like the guy. It just seemed out of character for Angle's current persona.
  12. He does give a entertaining rant from time to time.
  13. TNA's not a huge company, man. They don't have monitors backstage, therefore Angle's actions are justified. :bischoff:
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    Plenty of backstage guys come out to help at TNA so they must be watching on monitors so nyah nyah.

    Better watch it... that one was such a stretch that you're in this guy's territory:

    I don't hold it against Kurt. I sure as hell wouldn't have helped Lashley either.

    Oh and I feel really bad about the Hogan comment now. That's definitely going too far comparing anyone to him. Feel free to retaliate and compare me to Cena, I deserve it.
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  15. It's alright, you are forgiven, brother.
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  16. Agree with Rain on Drew. His promos are getting annoying, even. His delivery is good but isn't it just him ranting at WWE? "I'm tired of people forcing bad wrestling down our throats, so screw you MVP!" just has no point. And he says it every. damn. time. he. is. on. screen.
  17. 2nd warning on the Taryn shit, get into it.