Spoiler Rate TNA Lethal Lockdown 2/6/15

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  1. You know the drill, boys and gals. Vote above and give yer thoughts below...

    Full Results here:

    TNA Tag Championship Match: The Hardys vs. James Storm and Abyss

    The entire Revolution clique comes out to the ring. It's a "six sides of steel" match, tornado-style; pinfall, submission or escape wins. The Hardy's get in charge early. Manik scales the cage from outside, distracting the brothers momentarily. They turn back to Abyss for the double-team and put him down with a suplex. The Hardy's handcuff Manik to the cage to put him out of action. Storm gets on Matt's case and Abyss takes on Jeff. The Revolution has the advantage as we go to break.

    When action resumes Abyss takes apart Matt and James ascends the Monster's shoulders and delivers a big elbow. The Hardys get a second wind all at once and deliver some big moves before going for a simultaneous pinfall win. Both opponents kick out at two. After some back and forth, the Hardys end up on the mat and Storm tries to escape the cage. Matt gives chase and delivers a twist of fate off the top. Khoya grabs Matt through the camera hole and in some world, the fact that Matt's out first doesn't have any affect on the match at all. The announce team says that since Matt didn't go through the door or over the top, it's not a legal exit. He brawls with The Revolution outside and inside the cage, James Storm hits Jeff with a "Last Call" superkick and gets the pin.

    Result: James Storm and Abyss retain the titles via pinfall.

    Post-match, The Revolution tries to beat Jeff down. He escapes from a devastating move by Manik, scales the cage and Storm whacks him in the brain with a cowbell, causing Jeff to fall on to the steel steps below. A nasty bump, for sure.

    After a commercial, MVP, Kenny King and Eric Young enter the ring for a promo. MVP offers Team Angle the chance to cut and run. Kurt and his posse politely decline. Then they storm the ring and fight. Much like Hulk Hogan's "street fight" against Sting at Bound for Glory 2011, "it's not a match, brother." Gunner gets hurt in the fray, leaving tonight's Lethal Lockdown as a big fat question mark.

    Commercials follow and then backstage, gunner says he's still "all in" for tonight's match. Then we get back inside the venue for the next match.

    Awesome Kong vs. Havok

    The women start brawling outside and for some reason, the match starts to officially start the match. Weird. Anyway, Havok has the advantage early on but then Kong gets a momentary break and rolls Havok inside. The women square off and Havok eventually drops Kong. Josh Matthews kinda, sorta reminds us Kong was in the WWE for a while. Kong makes it back into the match and teases an implant buster but Havok puts her into the corner. Havok battles back and puts Kong down but she gets right back up and hits a big chokeslam. When Havok gets back on her feet, she goes for the cage and tries to scale it for the win. Kong puts her down and gets the pinfall win shortly thereafter.

    Result: Awesome Kong defeats Havok via pinfall.

    More commercials roll and we see some "found footage" of Velvet Sky telling Angelina Lovethat she's been fired. Angelina consoles Velvet to her face and then laughs when she's not looking. That's meeeeean.

    Lethal Lockdown Match: Team Angle vs. The Beat Down Clan

    Eric Young and Bobby Roode start this match off. Both guys have promised to make one another bleed. Didn't they get that "no more blood" memo from the Destination America folks?

    Bobby Roode vs. Eric Young

    Both guys have promised to make one another bleed. Didn't they get that "no more blood" memo from the Destination America folks?

    It's a pretty straightforward back-and-forth for the first several minutes. Young signals to the back and MVP brings out a steel chair. Young takes it to Roode but Bobby dodges the blow. Young then tries for a piledriver and Roode counters. When EY gets back up, he's busted wide open. Roode's control doesn't last long as EY puts him down for a near fall. Young gets fired up and plays to the crowd but Roode lays him out with the chair. He follows with a Roode bomb on the chair and it's all over.

    Result: Bobby Roode defeats Eric Young via pinfall.

    Backstage, Angle says, "Come, on!" a bunch of times to Lashley in an effort to get him to join Team Angle. Seems like a good time for a commercial.

    Back on the big show, Josh and Taz have some awkward conversations in the booth and then we get ready for the next bout.

    Rockstar Spud and Mandrews vs. Tyrus

    After the bell, the Brits go right at Tyrus and he shrugs them off before taking turns dominating each dude. Mandrews tries to fight back and Tyrus catches him by the neck. Then he grabs Spud the same way. They escape and hit him with a double drop kick. Tyrus falls and they try to pile on for a pin but the big guy kicks out. Tyrus picks up Spud for a powerbomb and Spud fights back, making it on to the top of the cage. Instead of bailing, he lands a senton on Tyrus. Mandrews heads outside and EC3 interferes, grabbing him by the ankle and causing Mandrews to bounce his head off the steps. Spud comes over to help and Carter slams the door on him. Tyrus pins Spud to end this one.

    Result: Tyrus defeats Rockstar Spud and Mandrews via pinfall.

    Post match, EC3 heads in with a clippers to scalp Spud only to learn that Jeremy Borash cut the power cord.

    After some more ads, Robbie E challenges Brooke to some physical activity to prove that it's Brooke's fault that the didn't win The Amazing Race. It's like the old "Super Sloppy Double Dare," but without the fake ear wax.

    Lethal Lockdown: Team Angle vs. The Beat Down Clan

    Kenny King and Gunner start this contest as the walls of the cage are festooned with weapons. King lands a big kick on Gunner to try and take control but Gunner hits back hard. He works over King with a trashcan lid until the next entrant is revealed. Here comes Low-ki.

    Both BDC guys pick apart Gunner for a decent stretch of time. Gunner fires back with some chops but they put him on the defensive again. Austin Aries is the next guy out and he hits the ramp running. He puts King down and then goes at Low-ki. Josh Matthews estimates AA hit about seven moves in that series. Things even out and slow down until Samoa Joe runs out for his turn. Joe puts Aries and Gunner down with authority. He cracks Aries in the head with a pair of trashcan lids and then does the same to Gunner. Angle comes in to level the playing field yet again. He punishes Kenny King as Gunner takes on Joe and Aries battles Low-ki. King comes back and roughs up Angle and the other BDC guys start to turn the tide with him just in time for MVP's entrance.

    MVP comes in swinging a kendo stick until Angle takes him down with a German suplex. After a commercial, we come back to a scene in which Team Angle is holding its own in the face of a slight disadvantage. The BDC starts to tip the scales again but Lashley's music hits and it looks like he's in this one after all. He plays it like he's down with the BDC and then he takes them all out, starting with MVP.

    MVP attempts to reign in the champ, putting him down and choking him with a towel or a shirt or something. Maybe it's a scarf. Anyway, Joe destroys Gunner with a power move but the three-count is broken. The BDC guys start to set up their opponents in the corner and Angle catches Joe in an Angle lock. Gunner puts King in the torture rack and Lashley delivers a spear to MVP. After Lashley covers, the ref counts three and calls for the bell.

    Result: Team Angle wins via pinfall.

    Source: http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news/2015/0206/589248/tna-lockdown/index.shtml
  2. It was a decent show. 5/10

    - Storm & Abyss vs The Hardy Boys was quite alright. Although there were like two or three cool spots throughout the match. Jeff taking that bump post-match was sick. Probably the coolest spot from the entire Revolution/Hardy Boys segment.

    - Awesome Kong vs Havok was okay.

    - Roode vs EY was decent, but could've been a bit longer.

    - Tyrus vs Spud & Mandrews was fine.

    - Team Angle vs The BDC was a good match and MOTN easily.
  3. it was good then when it was Havok VS Kong It got even better. Then when I watched - Storm & Abyss vs The Hardy Boys I Felt Bad for Jeff when Storm Hit him on the head with the cow Bell
  4. Don't worry, Jeff falling onto those steel steps was planned. He's used to things like that and he's alright.
    It was a part of the storyline to write him off TV, because he isn't allowed to travel to the UK due to his 2009 drug conviction.
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  5. O I know it is
  6. That was mean of Robby E had Velvet Get fired
  7. It was smart, too. But who cares? lol
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  8. I finally got around to watching it and I was pretty disappointed for the most part. I gave it 4.

    I liked:

    Spud's dive off the top of the cage

    Jeff Hardy's combination crotched on the cage door and subsequent fall... damn that boy is crazy with those bumps of his.

    The fact that Awesome Kong won

    I didn't like:

    Any of the matches themselves. I would have preferred to have seen more offense from Kong. She's the whole reason I am back to watching TNA for the most part. She's at the lowest weight I think I have ever seen her since I became a fan, but she wasn't moving good in the ring. I know that she can, though, because I watch her in Shine and other indies.

    Hearing MVP talk. How such an low talent like him gets so much screen time is beyond me.
  9. Skipping this trash for sure, shame with A Double back on and Roode being Rooooo.

    Yo did Testify die?
  10. Meh not really interested in most of that from what I can tell.. I'd probably just watch Team angle vs BDC.
  11. Despite some classic TNA moments this was fun.
  12. Seen everything but the main event, and IMO, TNA are rushing their "special Impact" episodes now - Lockdown just feels like a more rushed Impact with cages, while it used to be one of their biggest PPVs. I'd have liked to see a 3 hour edition or an actual PPV itself, to make it feel special. The opening match, Revolution vs Hardys, had some cool moments but again, everyone ran in. Didn't watch Kong vs Havok. Spud and Mandrews vs Tyrus was good for what it was, their high flying moves were fantastic and Spud flying and jumping off a cage was awesome. Roode vs EY was good, they had Roode get some good redemption and there was no successful outside interferance, which is good. They did a good job putting the heroes as the underdogs going into the match with the BDC, and Lashley being the deciding factor is quite cool.

    I would've liked to see another midcard match, and for them to make the most with their time. There was no fantastic wrestling, just a few cool spots and really, Lockdown 2015 should have been a much bigger event, especially going into the UK tour.
  13. I love how Josh starts ranting about those camera holes and how they're great for interference :lol1:
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