Rate TNA Lockdown 15th April 2012

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Apr 15, 2012.

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  1. Simple, same thing as our rate RAW threads.

    Out of 10 please, post your reasons.
  2. Probably a 6.

    Positives include Gail retaining in a decent womens match, the ME, Hardy / Angle and LLD.

    Negatives - Tag titles was horribly booked, a few filler matches ( EY ODB VS MEX AM and Devon Vs Robbie E spring to mind) and the constant twitter mentions.
  3. 5.5/10

    Two awesome matches. Roode/Storm had great storytelling & psychology + the unpredictability factor going for it. I was on the edge of my seat. Angle/Hardy stole the show in a lot of ways, and was the way a spot fest should be. The spots were used to help tell a story. For example Hardy only went to the limits of doing a top of the cage swanton to finish the match after Angle had kicked out of the two regular swantons. The Lethal Lockdown match was okay, and the Gail/Velvet match was better than I expected. Crimson/Morgan had a cool finish I thought.

    Cons were the tag team match being poorly booked and overall lackluster. The crowd, which I expected would be at least decent, killed a couple of matches and took away from what was an otherwise stellar main event. Taz and Tenay were pretty shit as usual as well.
  4. Ah, I'm glad my rating isn't stupidly low then. I rated it a 5.

    Pro's: The biggest pro was ofc the Angle/Hardy match and as a couple users on here predicted - it was MOTN and stole the show. The ME was great too, I had no idea who was winning, I always had a feeling Roode was winning and predicted it correctly but during the match bam I had zero idea and generally towards the end thought it was going to Storm. I disliked the way Roode ignored walking out on his own though, that's not his character. But hey, the ending itself was good. Morgans and Roode's promo's were pretty cool too.

    Con's: I'm unsure why LLD is getting praise. It wasn't exactly a good wrestling showing, both AJ and Aries who were supposed to be carrying it took more beatings than they gave out, and had no real cool spots to mention. It bored me, apart from when Bully was on the offence. Zack Ryder vs Devon was just terribad, Ric Flair/Hogan segment nearly brought the show to a 4/10, it was unbearable. Gtfo uot the spotlight you two, there was no need. No need at all. Tag-team match was poorly booked as mentioned before and lacked any real excitement at all, I was really excited for this match tbh.
  5. Lol at you needing to hate on Hogan/Flair. It was a 5 or 6 minute segment, and had the crowd at it's high point of the night. Flair was hilarious when dissing the crowd, shit talking Hogan, and knee dropping his jacket.
  6. 6.5/10

    The good: Roode/Storm, Angle/Hardy, Flair, MCMG/Joegnus, L. Lockdown(good enough).

    The bad: KO Tag Titles, Garett pinning, Cage Rules in general, Devon/Robbie E.

    The questionable: Kim/Sky, Morgan/Crimson.
  7. 4/10... Just nothing really impressed me. Lethal Lockdown was a forgettable clusterfuck that focused way too much on the Bischoffs, the tag title match just had no chemistry and it wasn't as fast as I expected (although every person was impressive in the match), the TV, Knockouts, and Knockouts Tag Title matches had a person/team doing their best to get the match over, but the other person/Eric Young was too incompetent for the match to have a chance, Morgan/Crimson was just there, Hogan and Flair had no business at all being on PPV or on TV at all, please retire, Hardy/Angle had some great spots, but the drama felt minor-league with HHH/Taker still fresh in our minds, Roode/Storm was a good match with a pathetic finish.

    Usually I wouldn't complain about TNA having a finish like this (it's a nice breath of fresh air since WWE can't do it) but Roode has officially replaced Miz as the worst booked champion I've ever seen. He can't win clean. Thank goodness Roode's so damn talented and can get himself over on the mic.

    The last time there was a clean/non-fluke finish at a TNA PPV was Sting/RVD at Sacrifice last year. So, let's all get together and blast Vince Russo, and his new side project, VR-brand Cocaine. Just have a little before pay-per-views, and you too can pull all the ridiculous finishes out of your ass as you want!
  8. People complaining about coward heels not winning clean is played out.
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