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Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Shadow, Mar 9, 2014.

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  1. Post your ratings and thoughts about tonight's PPV in this thread.
  2. Not too bad, like 7.5/10.. cant believe EC3 didnt even have a match, he just took a beatdown and that was it :emoji_slight_frown:
  3. 8/10 match quality
    -3 for the horribly dead crowd, every match fell really flat
    -3 for the finish to the World Title match
    +2 for the finish to Lethal Lockdown (may add another point if this sticks in my mind but assume the lasting legacy of this will be negative)

  4. Slow down there Bret Hart.
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  5. Overall, I heard the show was really good and I came to this thread to see if people liked it enough for me to watch it. I heard about the Abyss spot and Willow spot... nothing else though. Who attacked E3?
  6. Bobby Lashley.
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  7. No fucking way.... are you for real?
  9. God, I'm probably the only person in the world that likes Bobby Lashley. I actually liked the Lashley vs. Umaga feud. Never knew he was in TNA before. This will probably bring me to watch TNA more. First The Wolves, then MVP, and now Lashley? Fuck yeah.

    He also looks like a fucking ninja turtle.
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  10. I've always liked Lashley's work. And now him being in TNA is even better. You didn't hear about the ending?
  11. I heard about Bully Ray turning on Dixie and shit. Team MVP won.
  12. I also heard about a double coast 2 coast which sounds amazing.
  13. Didn't see that yet.
  14. @JwabTHG? Just saw the double coast to coast. OMG
  15. I'm totally gonna be watching a highlights video.
  16. Forgot that you don't like watching the full thing.
  17. I do when I watch it live but I can't be bothered to watch the full thing unless I'm laying down and watching it. I just watch highlights to get a quick synopsis.
  18. Gotcha
  19. The endings to Sam Shaw Vs Anderson and Swagnus Vs Joe, Bobby FN Lashley, the dumb as fuck Sam Shaw Vs Hemme thing, the USA chants at Muta AFTER they were chanting Muta, Willow, Willow botching his jump missing everyone and landing flat on his face is what gives TNA a bad name.
  20. 7/10, I've seen better Lockdown PPV's but I would not say it was the worst.

    - Sam Shaw vs.. Mr Anderson Felt like it lasted longer than necessary and was peeved by the finish. I really enjoyed the opening 6-man tag bout which included The Great Muta making an appearance in a TNA ring, really awesome in-ring action I thought, I hope to see him in TNA more but this seemed like a one-off appearance. I took a shit during Manik and Tigre Uno's contest because I had little intrigue regarding the match (I apologize if the match was awesome).

    - Storm vs. Gunner in a last man standing match was a brawl to say the least, pretty good contest that I think will aid both men in their on-going feud. The Knockouts title match evoked little reaction for me so I'm pretty sure I made a snack at this point (Tuna mayo jacket potato? why not).

    - Magnus' title defence against Joe fell way below the mark for me. I think the in-ring work was average and the ending with Abyss made me want to dropkick my laptop through a window. I understand that Magnus is the heel champion who always gets saved when he defends the title but we just saw the same thing with Bully Ray's world title reigns. Bully Ray often had the Aces and Eights save him from losing the title, but at least he can win matches on his own. I cannot remember the last time Magnus had a clean victory in any contest.

    - The Lethal Lockdown main event was something that I enjoyed. We had the 'surprise' debut of Willow and the addition of Bully Ray as special enforcer. Pretty surprised team MVP won! I really expected a Team Dixie win until Bully was announced as the enforcer. Face Bully Ray? :hmm:

    PS: Was nice to see Lashley back in a wrestling ring
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