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Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Jun 10, 2012.

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  1. Rate it out of 10. Go.
  2. 8/10

    Good - Aries / Joe, Tag Titles, Hardy / RVD / Anderson, Storm Vs Crimson and Park Vs. Ray bar the ending.

    OK - Hernandez Vs Kash and Gail / Ass

    Bad - The Sting dick sucking and the ME, the DDT was pretty cool but shouldn't have happened. Also the two Robbies match.

    Overall a really enjoyable show.
  3. Fine, Crayo: 8/10.

    The good far outweighed the bad, despite the bad being really ridiculous.

    Didn't like Abyss, but was there really a better way to end that match? Loved the match itself.
    Hated the ME, but I knew I would.
    Really didn't like the title changes, but Brooke's not bad and lets hope that Sarita and (especially) Winter can get title shots now.
    AJ and Angle as the tag champs... nothing needs to be said.
    Thought the Robbie match would be much worse than it was.
    Aries and Joe would have been a Match of the Year contender, but not even Match of the Night. AJ, Angle, Daniels, and Kaz just tore that place down.
    Crimson's streak ending is good, but it was finally feeling important. James Storm coming back drove me nuts.
    Kid Kash's neck wound up in one piece. Yay.
    The triple threat was chaotic and fun.
    The Hall of Fame thing was inoffensive, Christian was completely wasted though.
    Way too much Hogan :sad:
    That crowd was pretty good

    Overall, I was definitely satisfied with this.
  4. Delete mine

    A lot of good shit happened IMO.

    Storm going over Crimson
    Aries/Joe was awesome
    Tag Team Title match was a MOTYC
    Bully/Park was amazing besides Abyss getting involved
    Awesome Crowd
    Triple threat was better than I expected

    Than you had a god awful main event with a stupid ending
    Terrible Devon/Garrett match
    Gail losing to Brooke
    Terrible Main event deserves 2 mentions on the shitty list

    All in all, I really enjoyed most of it, and there were 2 excellent matches and a hot crowd.

  5. Just simply rate it out of 10 on how much you enjoyed it :emoji_slight_smile:.
  6. -Bobby Roode vs Sting- Terrible match. Only good thing was Sting losing and then busting the back of his own head open trying to be a badass on the last spot.

    -Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Rob Van Dam- Mr. Anderson won which is a huge plus. Better match than I was expecting.

    -Christopher Daniels & Kazarian © vs AJ Styles & Kurt Angle- Epic match. MOTY Candidate. Loved every second off it. Nothing bad to say.

    -Austin Aries vs Samoa Joe- Another MOTY candidate. Great opening to the show. Highlight fest.

    -Bully Ray vs Joseph Park - Entertaining match. I expected it to be awesome and it was even better.

    -Gail Kim vs Miss Tessmacher- Glad Miss T won, but other than that it sucked and was a waste of time.

    -Devon and Bischoff vs Robbie E and Robbie T- Boring match. Complete waste. Like I said in the discussion thread, keep Devon and drop the other 3.

    -Crimson vs Storm- Glad it turned out to be Storm and glad he went over Crimson, but the match was meh.

    -Kid Kash vs Hernandez- I love Kid Kash and was surprised by Hernandez in the match so I am okay with it.

    Only 4/9 matches were entertaining but with the two MOTY candidates and Sting losing I would say it was a successful PPV

    In short......Rating = 8/10
  7. 8/10 and Crayo is lucky, i was right on every single match. Anderson/tag titles would have gotten me the quote ive been waiting to put on my profile. TNA, TNA, TNA, TNA.
  8. 8.5/10

    they did almost everything perfectly. Best match of the night was the tag team match :gusta:
  9. Yea after sleeping on it I'd give it an 8 instead of a 7. The ME was poorly booked, but it was a really good show. One of the better PPVs of 2012
  10. One of? Yeah, the ME sucked but it didn't cause obscene amounts of damage like Extreme Rules's did. Pretty easily the best PPV of 2012 so far, but maybe there was an ROH show or something.
  11. It was by far TNA's best PPV. ER was by far WWE's, and Border Wars was great from ROH.

    All 3 bring different things to the table. If I had to choose I would probably give a slight advantage to Slammy just because it was booked in a way that most everything is promising moving forward. We get the Aries becoming a Main Eventer tease (he should continue to roll throughout the BFG series), the right guy went over in the ME unlike ER, Storm returns and immediately looks elite by ending the lame Crimson streak, we will get more of the tag team title feud between 4 amazing workers, so all in all a lot to look forward to from TNA at the moment.
  12. The good:

    - Styles/Angle vs. Kaz/Daniels
    - Aries vs. Joe
    - Storm comes back and beats up Crimson
    - Ray vs. Park
    - Kash vs. Hernandez and Kim vs. Assmacher were solid
    - Bob vs. Kenny Boy vs. Hardy
    - the crowd

    The bad:

    - Devon/Garett vs. Robbies
    - too much Sting appreciation, too little Jarrett
    - there wasnt' enough "specialty" feeling on the show, imo

    The questionable:

    - Roode vs. Sting, I have to rewatch it again soon, but it stays under this part.
    - Christian promo, wasn't bad, but I don't know...

    Overall, a pretty awesome show. 8/10 PPV of the year.:obama:
  13. I agree, best PPV of the year so far
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