Rate TNA Turning Point 11/21/13

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  1. Post your thoughts and ratings about tonight's episode in this thread.
  2. 7/10, weak usage of Sharkboy, confusing matches with limited outcome, and an amazing throw of the hammer by Brooke. Seriously, pretty impressive toss.
  3. It was pretty good. I was entertained, and the Aces and Eights are over.
  4. No more Aces & Eights... I enjoyed the match, it was great imo. Abbys vs Park was a stupid idea imo, they're the same man! Good show overall. 7/10
  5. There is still an Aces and 8's fallout next week. Then it'll be over.
  6. They're gone. They're finally gone.

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  7. MRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Still gets to bury them next week :pity:
  8. Oh, right, the funeral for the Aces and Eights. :okay:

    Still, just one more week of this. At least in the end it had a point. So that's fine. And hell, even after 2 World Title wins that was the biggest win in Anderson's career.
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  9. It really was pretty damn awesome, i'm still just amazed Brooke hit him with the hammer toss that far away with that high of a toss. I barely expect her to be able to toss it to bully ffs.
  10. 7/10

    Storm/Roode was damn boss and the show overall was very good, but it had some flaws that kept it from being better (Magnus/Joe finish, more intense Anderson/Bully match maybe?). But overall, TNA continues putting on good shows consistently and I'm happy with the company's future and product going forward.

    Samuel Shaw <3
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  11. My serious rating is 6/10. Great wrestling (and the Magnus/Joe match which was a worst match of the year contender) but really stupid finishes throughout. It's finally fun to be a James Storm fan again too, they took another pot shot at WWE's stupidity with the Survivor Series match which I always appreciate, and you still can't take the smile off my face after that ending.
  12. Worst?

    Sure the finish was so fake and blah, but the stuff before it was solid imho. Just a thougt...
  13. The finish was lame, but it wasn't really that bothersome imo. It's wrestling, everyone knows it's scripted, and with the concussion issues in the NFL I was happy to see Joe barely hit the chair. Just a shame all his athleticism seems to be gone (probably why it did look so fake), and the rest of the match just left me disappointed.

    That and the bar for "worst match of the year" is pretty high (low? high? Which?) this year because we don't have nearly as many stupid stipulation matches, or overbooking, or untalented idiots wrestling, or drug addicts in 88 second matches, or women grappling after the bell sounds, or any other hilariously bad stuff. This wouldn't be close most years. *thinking* Yeah, I'd probably say Bray Wyatt vs Kane was worse than this.

    OH! Forgot about Holy Cow You're Such an Asshole Christopher Daniels and the You're Still Freaking Hilarious Frankie Kazarian finally calling attention to Park being Abyss. The Impact Zone crowd brought it too. 7.5/10
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  14. Haha...

    "Bully" Daniels was so epic lol, he made me proud to be his fan. Joseph Pancake sucks.
  15. The Samuel Shaw thing sounds pretty good, in that quick package they showed more layers of character for the guy than they had done in the previous year. Thumbs up.
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