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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Extraterrestrial, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. I'mma give it a 6-7/10

    Some good parts, but also some really lame parts.

    Loved the ending.
  2. 7/10 and DB had a lengthy tag match with Kane. Ending was cool but seen it at the PPV so hopefully the story advances. We get they don't like Ryback but why? Heyman guys? Punk Followers? WHAT WHAT WHAT?
  3. I managed to watch that entire Raw in half an hour, besides Ziggler and Cena the entire thing was just complete filler. The celebration was a let down, I was expecting somebody more interesting than bloody Ryback to interrupt. And god dammit I better get to hear Dean Ambrose talk next week.

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  4. 8/10
    + AJ/Cena, Randy vs. Alberto, and Punk's Championship Celebration
    - Cena was injured
  5. Im rating highly for some reason it all clicked for me last nite an i was entertained throughout. 8/10 was nearly 9 but they kept us waitin on the Ambrose, Reigns an Rollins situation so......
  6. Completely agree with R'Albin as always. Hated how there was little followup to the big things that happened at Survivor Series, especially Ziggler's long awaited shining moment. But hey, Cena's injured, so Ziggler won't have to deal with being fed to the golden boy.

    Rollins, Ambrose, and Reigns doing a repeat... weak. Guess WWE wanted to save something interesting for a non-holiday week.
  7. I disagree. People need to understand that big angles don't and shouldn't be explained immediately the night after a PPV. Okay, fair enough I was going on and on about wanting to hear Ambrose speak and explain himself, but I understand why he isn't. If they do the SAME thing from the night before again, it just makes us want to know even more why they're doing it and all these other questions come up.

    Plus, not everyone watches PPV's live or at all. What, like 3-4 million watch RAW, but WWE get around 180k PPV buys right? So of course they will rather follow the angle up on RAW and then use next weeks RAW to explain it.

    That's coming from an Ambrose mark people ^
  8. It was the complete lack of creativity that bothered me. I understand the reason why they didn't have them talk, and obviously they can't just have storylines play out within a week, but it was basically the exact same assault. Christ, even if they just had Ryback talk for a little bit (something that is desperately needed IMO) and then have him jump him. Then the assault itself, where they did the EXACT same spot as the night before. They should have started taking weapons out and beating the living fuck out of him, until he was left an absolute mess. That would have at least covered up the fact that what they were doing was complete filler for a week.

    Besides, I don't understand the 'buyrate compared to viewers' logic. That's basically saying 'Don't buy our PPV, any big swerve will happen on Raw the next night anyway'. I know these days I wouldn't do that, but as a younger kid I may have gone by that logic.
  9. That's the point. Do the same spot so they get known for it. Nexus' spot was 8 vs 1 beat down, then 3 of them use their finishers (ending with Justins) and then they pose. They did that so many times, it's their group signature. These guys beat you up, take you to table, and smash you through it. It's great.

    Also I see your point, but that doesn't stop swerves happening on PPV's. It just encourages those on RAW to buy the next PPV anticipating more swerves, it doesn't do the opposite imo. Sometimes swerves do get explained immediately the night after on RAW, but most of the time they don't and I understand it and encourage it, because once again I'm pumped for next weeks RAW.
  10. The same spot being used again wouldn't have bothered me that much, but there should have been more to it like there was with Nexus' initial attacks. They just needed to be a little more diverse with the whole thing last night.

    I don't think they should be totally explained, (at least this one was continued unlike the Maddox one which lost all momentum) but just something different would have been nice. And yeah, same here, but if Ambrose doesn't get a damn mic next week then I'll start getting pissed off.
  11. It could have been done better definitely. Like a Punk/Ryback mic confrontation after a seriously awesome celebration (this was just Heyman and Punk talking -.-) and then when Ryback threatens to attack Punk, those three appear behind him and just stand there staring at the back of his head for like 10 seconds. Punk gets all cocky and then the three lay Ryback out just as he's about to touch Punk.

    Though that might of insinuated they're aligned which I don't think they want us to know yet.
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  12. Exactly what I was thinking with that one.

    You just got Anon'd :pity1:

    But anyway, it could have just worked like it did last night, with the two parties celebrating separately.
  13. Damn, he made that to teach me to use "might have, should have" etc, and I've reverted back to my old ways :((
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