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  1. Really want to hear your thoughts on this one.

    You know the drill, go go go.
  2. How dare you post the thread and not rate. :testify:

    Hmmm....bit of a tough call for me, to be honest. Had its share of highs and lows.

    Ah, what the heck.... 6/10 for me tonight. Aries and Roode was great aside from the finish. Got to see a little Joe, Park, Bully Kaz and Daniels. Seeing new talent was good, even if the tag team name bugged me. Sucky ending, hated seeing Aces and 8's twice. But in between they had some good stuff.
  3. Only got to see the last half hour, I could watch Roode vs Aries every week. That match was fantastic and entertaining before Los douche bags showed up.
  4. So I could steal yours. 6/10.

    For every good thing that happened, something came around to ruin it. The definition of 5/10, but with Wet Dream Team hilarity bumping up the grade... screw it. 7/10 because I've never laughed that hard at a wrestling show. Such bosses.
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  5. 6/10 and people are happy? :pity1:

    Shit i might have to skip this week.
  6. :haha: I should have known. You're always stealing my ratings.

    I considered a 5, but I have a hard time rating TNA that low, plus the Roode/Aries entertaining match bumped it up anyway. I could see giving it a 7. But I do agree it seemed like anytime they did something good, they wound up turning right around and doing something bad to ruin it rather than keep the momentum going.

    What?! Never skip Impact, brother. :testify: Besides, Rain gave it a 7. I'd go with his rating over mine as far as who you listen to. It's still worth checking out. New Knockouts, Roode/Aries -- it has some good points. You can always fast forward through the crap or at least know to expect it now.
  7. I skip it on a regular basis :pity1:
    The company needs to regain momentum
  8. Read the spoilers, i'll watch if really, really bored. Otherwise, chalk it up to the 5 min youtube review.
  9. 65/100 it was good but with so much matches in so short time it's a little bit bored to see them trying to win as fast as they could
  10. Good matches all round, great entertainment from Roode and Aries. 8.
    Also, Magnus is about to get a big, big push. You'll see.
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  11. Completey agree.

    It was great watching this unspoiled, tbh. Aries/Roode and Storm/Bob were excellent matches, Daniels/Magnus was very good, and Joe/Kurt was solid.

    Great entertainment, really. 8 it is!:obama:
  12. alright ill check it out. thanks.
  13. 4. Not really interested in anything that happened this week.
  14. Wut

    Aries/Roode? Daniels/Magnus? Angle/Joe? Burry (#Steinertify) Ray seemingly manipulating Hogan? 10+k being GREAT? Chavo&Gay being booed out of the freakin building?

    Beats me, tbh.:neymar2:
  15. I have been disconnected from the TNA product for a while now. I do not like the idea of Roode and Aries as a team to be honest since it seems like a copout to me, like they don't know how to fit them into the main event scene and thus decide to just put the tag belts on them instead of putting them in personal rivalries. I couldn't care less about Angle as he is today.

    TNA's product continues to be solid but I do not feel it. If I cannot connect to the product it will take it down a couple of steps on my rating.
  16. Each to their own. For me it just keeps getting better.
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  17. Exactly. It's not like I hate TNA far from it. I just cannot connect to the product right now.
  18. The truth comes out :robbie:
  19. Fair enough. I was just being curious, even though I completely disagree on your statement on Aries and Roode. But what can you do. I still love you evil moderator. :steiner:
  20. [​IMG]

    Gonna make some calls, dude, this shiz is getting our game on!
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