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Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Prince Bálor, Jan 4, 2016.

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    You know the drill. Vote above and give your thoughts below!


    Wrestle Kingdom 10 Results:

    WK 10 Results (open)

    1. Jado defeated Captain New Japan, Cheeseburger, The Great Kabuki, Hiro Saito, Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Jushin Thunder Liger, Kazushi Sakuraba, King Haku, Manabu Nakanishi, Máscara Dorada, Ryusuke Taguchi, Satoshi Kojima, Shiro Koshinaka, Tiger Mask, Yoshi-Hashi, Yoshiaki Fujiwara and Yuji Nagata to win the New Japan Rumble on the pre-show.

    2. The Young Bucks defeated reDRagon (c), Matt Sydal & Ricochet and Roppongi Vice to become the new IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team champions.

    3. Jay Briscoe, Mark Briscoe & Toru Yano defeated Bad Luck Fale, Tama Tonga & Yujiro Takahashi to become the inaugural NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team champions.

    4. Jay Lethal (c) defeated Michael Elgin to retain ROH World Championship.

    5. KUSHIDA defeated Kenny Omega (c) to become the new IWGP Junior Heavyweight champion.

    6. G.B.H. (Togi Makabe & Tomoaki Honma) defeated Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson (c) to become the new IWGP Tag Team champions.

    7. Hirooki Goto defeated Tetsuya Naito.

    8. Katsuyori Shibata defeated Tomohiro Ishii (c) to become the new NEVER Openweight champion.

    9. Shinsuke Nakamura (c) defeated A.J. Styles to retain the IWGP Intercontinental Championship.

    10. Kazuchika Okada (c) defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi to retain the IWGP Heavyweight Championship.

    In-depth review: WrestlingInc
  2. Amazing
  3. Put the results in spoilers.
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  4. Yeah, thanks for the spoilers, should of put it in a tag, Balor.

    I came here not to be spoiled, only to see what people rated it.
  5. 9/10 With three matches I'd rate 5 stars...I'll wait until later today review it in more depth.
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  6. Oh but you should know better than to go online.... :lana: (I'm joking, I'm not one of *those* people)

    I missed the first few matches and then my stream crapped out so I gave up. Watching now and will rate later.
  7. You came into a thread with a SPOILER tag on it. Why are you complaining? If you don't wanna be spoiled, then do not enter the thread.

    Plus, once you click on a thread, the poll is only shown (at least for me). You don't have to scroll down and see the results.
  8. There's no spoiler tag here. That's a prefix, and it does nothing to prevent the content from actually being seen.

    IF the thread gets featured, the content of the thread is still visible on the main page despite the spoiler tag in the title.

    AND. People might want to read how others rated a show before watching.

    Putting spoiler tags to cover match results is not hard.

    [spoiler]content goes here[/spoiler]
  9. Oh, okay.

    Done. lol
  10. Show Spoiler
    I'm very upset that I missed Fujiwara in the Rambo, but it was fun nonetheless. Marked out hard for Haku. Laughed hard at Jado booking himself to win.
    Didn't see much of the opener, Rocky is going away indeed I guess, internet sucked for this but didn't seem any different from every previous jr tag match ever.
    Briscoes are champs, good.
    Lethal/Elgin wasn't bad, crowd was not that much into it but eh
    Laughed out loud at Kushida's budget cut big entrance and the finish was pretty lame too, but the match was fun.
    Tag match was very fun, Honma <3
    Goto/Naito was fun, liked Goto overcoming the interference (which didn't ruin the match as much as usual) and him vs Okada will be good, with Naito getting a title shot and likely winning later on. Sweet.
    Shibata and Ishii did what they advertised, and as pissed as I was at Ishii no selling the discus backhand in the end at least Shibata won and all was right with the world. SHIBATA WON YEAAAAAAA
    AJ and Nakamura delivered a classic MOTYC. What more is there to say? I also marked out hard for the bro fist in the end for some reason. I guess it's one of those moments.
    Okada finally got the torch, cool. I was kinda hoping for a Tanahashi win just so I could laugh a bit more, but this was the right decision obv and the match was 5* I would say. I'm glad I could witness this live. Very curious to see where Tanahashi goes from here also!

    Using spoilers just in case
  11. IWGP heavyweight and Never open weight are close to being 5 star matches, intercontinental was slightly below them.

    Loved seeing Shibata and Ishii whack lumps out of each other,a good old fashioned no nonsense no Flashy flips needed battle.

    Omega vs kuishuda was fun as well.

    Everything else was average but was worth sitting through for the last three
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  12. Prince Bálor's NJPW Journey
    Destination: Wrestle Kingdom 10 in Tokyo Dome
    Date: 1/4/16


    - The New Japan Rumble was decent for what it was. **
    The year of 2016 presents: Fujiwara vs Cheeseburger. That was hilarious and one of the highlights from the Rumble match! :Roddy:
    Oh, and of course Jado booked himself to win! I was pulling for my man, Nagata, to take the win, but oh well.

    - Then, we had THIS... Yes, this happened! Weird stuff.
    Show Spoiler

    - The Young Bucks vs reDRagon vs Matt Sydal & Ricochet vs RPG Vice was a good show opener. ***
    This was the usual, cookie cutter Wrestle Kingdom opener. The only thing that was new here, is the team of Sydal and Ricochet, who I actually liked seeing the most here. The match itself was dull early on, but things picked up nicely towards the homestretch and we had a fun little match all things considered. The Young Bucks re-captured the titles by hitting More Bang For Your Buck on Romero. reDRagon continues to be protected, which is probably a sign they'll be regaining the titles next month. :quimby:

    - Dem Boys & YTR vs Bad Luck Fale, Tama Tonga & Yujiro Takahashi was decent. **
    This wasn't horrible, but it was simply a time-filler spot, which is what these titles are/will be. Anyways, Dem Boys and Toru Yano become the inaugural NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team champions after Jay and Mark hit Tonga with a Doomsday Device. This means Dem Boys will be obligated to make more appearances for NJPW, which is a-okay with me. Also, Mao not being Yujiro's escort felt... WRONG!

    - Jay Lethal vs Michael Elgin was solid. **½
    This wasn't as good as I had hoped it would be, but considering this match has had as much hype/build as WWE's traditional SS elimination match, it wasn't really THAT bad. Anyhow, #BigMike controlled with the power game early on and the crowd was into it, and then Lethal took over and it kinda fell flat. That Suicide Dive that Lethal did must've hurt like hell, though. He could've broken his own ribs on the guard rail. Man, I didn't like the abrupt finish and neither did the Dome crowd, but I guess they had to use #DirtyMuricanTactics to protect Elgin, so eh. Anyways, Lethal retained and nobody gave a flying fuck.

    - KUSHIDA vs Kenny Omega was pretty darn good and fun. ***½
    So, Taguchi played Doc Brown for KUSHIDA, while KO had his stablemates, The Bucks with him... Enter: obligatory shenanigans.
    They worked a similar match from a few months ago and just like the previous match where it was built around the arm of Omega, he also did a great job here, adjusting his offense to the injury he's sustained over the course of the match. That One-Arm Powerbomb he did was sweet as hell. Kenny Omega was something else here, man! Some of the strikes he laid out here were crisp and just :2Sweet:. Needless to mention that KUSHIDA's work, especially when it comes to the arm of his opponent, was good, as well. My only gripe with this match are the shenanigans and the finish itself. KUSHIDA countered One Winged Angel into a sloppy cradle and pinned KO to become the IWGP Junior Heavyweight champion for the third time. Also, is it just me or was KO's shoulder not pinned to the mat on the fall? Anyways, good bout, but they've had better.

    - G.B.H. vs Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson was good! ***¼
    Clean and none-lame finishes FTW! Everyone looked good here (even Makabe and Doc), but The Machine Gun (who has dropped a lot of weight) and Honma were GREAT! This was a good match and the finish was great, with Honma hitting the Kokeshi and Makabe following with his King Kong Knee Drop. 1-2-3 and we have the new IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team champions! Man, it was such a feel-good moment to see Honma finally win some gold! Honmania is running wild, baybay!

    - Hirooki Goto vs Tetsuya Naito was good. ***
    All I can say is... Props to Goto for that table and chair spot in the beginning, as well as to Naito being a bumping machine. People say Ziggler is a bumping machine, well, he can't hold a candle to Naito. Naito was sporting a dope white suit and a pretty badass mask and he got a great reaction from the crowd. Goto was able to overcome the shenanigans from Los Ingobernables and ultimately blocked Destino and then hit Shouten Kai for the win. He's prolly working Okada next month. Also worth noting: Naito not attacking Komatsu on his way to the back. He's prolly gonna join Los Ingobernables.

    - Katsuyori Shibata vs Tomohiro Ishii was excellent! *****
    This was an unreal, violent war and I loved it! I can never get tired of seeing men trying to beat the living shit out of each other! Spectacular stuff and different from anything else on the show! Shibata won with the PK and this is his first singles title in NJPW. It was such a feel-good moment that he was able to do it on the big stage that is WK, as he's been one of the best wrestlers in the past year or two. With this title win, Shibata breathes new life into a stagnant NEVER division, so I hope they mix things up from here on out.

    - Shinsuke Nakamura vs A.J. Styles was truly excellent, the MOTN and MOTYC! *****
    I had very high expectations for this match and it delivered huge! This was perfect. Zero wasted movement. All things they did mattered.
    It was absolutely incredible! AJ didn't give a fuck about his injured back and Nakamura proved he never fails big matches! It's matches like this that make me excited to be a wrestling fan!
    Some spots of the match that were dope (open)

    And of course, this!

    - Kazuchika Okada vs Hiroshi Tanahashi was an excellent ME! *****
    The 'passing of the torch' match was excellent. It has been done many times before, but has never failed to deliver!
    Emotion. Compelling story. Two of the best workers in NJPW = Excellent (36 minutes) match!
    The new Ace of NJPW has been crowned. Bow down! Damn, what a glorious moment to witness! Wish I was there to see it live! Not only did Okada get his first victory against Ace of the Universe at WK, but this has also completed his redemption story.

    Wrestle Kingdom 10 was an amazing show, highlighted by 3 excellent matches! 10/10
    MOTN #1: Nakamura vs AJ Styles
    MOTN #2: Shibata vs Ishii
    MOTN #3: Okada vs Tanahashi
    The final 3 matches made me forget about everything else I didn't particularly like from earlier on the show. That's how EPIC they were!
    Kevin Kelly, Matt Striker and Yoshi Tatsu were awful, but it doesn't matter. The show was amazing and I think it ended up topping last year's spectactular WK 9!

    Looking forward to watching New Year Dash and seeing what booking decisions will be made following WK 10.

    And last, but not least... Arigatou, NJPW! I love you!
  13. The 4-way Junior Tag team match was good and confusing. Most of the match was tagless fun, and then Cody Hall is attacking everyone in front of the ref. But in the beginning he was pulling shenanigans behind the refs back, and no tags were made at all until the very end it seemed.

    Am I missing something? Haven't kept up with New Japan since KOPW, and nor have I looked at the card in detail. Any help?
  14. RD looked so out of place during that spotfest. Structure of the match was all over the place, tags do become irrelevant. This is why I generally hate multi team tag matches, just becomes a gymnastics fest
  15. The junior tags are always chaos. And always the same stuff all the time.
  16. A bit late going into detail but I wanted to give my overall opinion of at least the three top matches. I gave all three of them five stars, as they all deserved it.

    Ishii vs Shibata Just a great back and forth beat the crap out of each other fight. My problem with brawls is that most people think that a brawl is just a sloppy match that no one uses many holds. But a good brawl can be just as good as the best technical match or ariel match, and this match just proved it. A good brawl has two guys beating the crap out of each other and with the other just not giving in and fighting back. Excellent and brutal match.

    AJ Vs Nakamura Another five star match, but I actually place it third in ranking the top three matches. It was excellent, contested brilliantly... but for me it didn't have the drama that the other two did. I am not really sure why, it's just how it came across to me. That didn't keep it from being great, just I felt for me something missing.

    Okada vs Tanahashi. Easily match of the night for me. Yeah, I had the emotional investment because Okada is my favorite active wrestler. This match made me feel like I was watching Flair vs Sting at the first Clash of the Champions. Back then, I was on the edge of my seat the entire match, cringing at every pin attempt, hoping and praying that Flair was going to come out of this match the champ. I do not get that feeling much nowadays, but I did throughout this match. I was very tense and there were a lot of times when I just KNEW Okada was defeated... It was dramatic, it was fun, it was full of nail biting moments and it really made me feel like a much younger wrestling fan than I am. Luckily this match was on January 4, so the wrestling world has a full year to try to put on a better candidate for match of the year, but in my opinion, this one will be nearly impossible to top.
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  17. I agree with some of what Jacob said. But disagree with some.
    But I don't think either Ishii vs Shibata or AJ vs Nak were 5 stars
  18. Here's Snow's official confused on what to say and only halfway through the show thoughts:

    Of course you know what to expect with the opener right down to the 8-man suplex spot, but maybe because of the greatness of the Final Battle opener (did I review that yet, Prince?) this one didn't quite live up to par and wasn't nearly as chaotic and riddled with ridiculous no-selling. Expected more, but still a pretty fun match and a nice show opener.

    I love how NJPW has many belts, but you know what to expect from each of them. Each title has it's own identity in that way, and they give you something for everyone. The newly created 6-man tag titles may join that list someday which will be nice, but this match really sucked. Next.

    Ahhh, Jay Lethal vs Michael Elgin, what is it with Michael Elgin matches that, clean or not, you see great stuff before a really lame finish? Elgin was pretty game here and all his power stuff was a blast to watch. Even though it "could have been better" it was still a lot of fun to watch. Maybe the chemistry was off, maybe it needed more time (it did, take 5 minutes away from that six-man and put it here!)

    Need to rewatch the Jr. title match before giving my thoughts, but Kushida's hella-likable. Any backstory to that guy? (Besides being Japanese Chris Sabin in the Time Splitters, of course)

    Really liked the tag title match! There's a bunch of personality on display - and also Makabe, who got his mouth busted open which looked like it SUCKED. :damn: Working over the mouth was a new one, but there's a certain spark to watching these two trees just waylay an injured for real dude while Mr 0-10 just tries to headbutt people. Haha, I love Honma and it was such a joy seeing his time to shine here. But it's a shame that this is the last time here in the free realm of New Japan that we'll get to see Anderson and Gallows smash dudes.

    will eventually post-edit with more thoughts
  19. - Yes!

    Show Spoiler

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  20. lol Alex Shelley's blog.
    Shelley has little to no bearing on Kush's current standing in New Japan.

    The Tldr on Kushida: He's a former MMA fighter who trained with Tajiri and got started in his two indy promotions (Smash & Wrestling new classic) before getting signed by New Japan. He's their biggest junior heavyweight native (read jap) so he's positioned as the next Liger.

    His time in Canada and team with Shelley are not the important factors in his rise to the top. He's the annointed heir by Liger, Tiger, Gedo & Jado.
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