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  1. Simple. Gogo.

    Was a 5.5/10 for me. I thought it'd be much worse than it was, but Shield and Henry going over clean was dope, the streak match was awesome, and I even thought Rock/Cena was decent.
  2. 2/10 terrible endings to most matches. Main Event was so predictable, not worth watching
  3. Absolute garbage.
  4. Can't go that high sadly.


    Mark going over was good but the wrong choice if you want to cement Ryback as the mega face they seemingly do.

    SHIELD match was good

    Streak match was MOTN but not as good as I'd expected.

    Cena vs Rock had a few decent moments but the crowd was dead for the majority

    Fandango and Jericho was good too.

    Brocks war cry.

    6 good points, Mark is a half point as is Rock Cena, Shield Jericho and Punk is 1 each and Brocks war cry is not worth adding a rating.

    Really poor Mania again.
  5. Read back the results from Xanth's thread and remembered it all, and in hindsight, I've lowered mine to a 5.5.
  6. 6/10

    I can't wait to see all of the Total Nonsensical Asshole fans replies in here.

    Randy Orton/Sheamus/Big Show vs Shield was a great opening match

    Mark Henry went over clean on Ryback. Ryback puts the big man on his shoulders which to me was impressive. (Not the first time we've seen it but still, it's impressive)

    The tag title match was really good. Although I didn't like the outcome (Want DB to compete in singles action)

    Fandango vs Jericho had a bad botch I think at the end. I didn't like how that thing finished at all, but with that said it was exciting before.

    Diddy's performance??? WHY - 100

    Swagger vs Del Rio was alright for me. Del Rio doesn't do it for me but Swagger and Zeb are great, the pre match promo was interesting. The quality of the match was good overall.

    Punk Vs Taker - Stole the show, Punk is one of the best heels i've ever seen.

    Triple H vs Brock - This is the match I hated. Triple H looked out of shape and I just never got into the match, I think I'll blame that on the punk vs Taker match happening before.

    Cena vs Rock - A few too many false finishes for my liking and hated the ending. It wasn't a great main event and you usually want to save the best for last which it did not. A perfect way to save that ending would have been to have Cena go Heel. That didn't happen and now we have Cena! YAY
  7. Lame.
    Even though Punk/Taker was good, it didn't have the streak feeling so I was bored.
    HHH/Bork was fucking boring and slow
    Rock/Cena :facepalm:
    Ryback and Henry was slow and boring. Although Henry winning was sick,
    Wasn't paying attention to ADR's and Swagger's match. Was kinda bored.
    Tag-Team match was TV QUALITY
    The Shield Vs Team Faggotry was alright.
  8. Not good at all, I know at wrestlemania its all about kicking out of finishers but my godd!!!
    6 man tag match was 6/10
    Tag team match 6/10
    ADR vs Swagger 3/10
    Henry vs Ryback 4/10
    HHH vs Lesnar 4/10
    Punk vs Taker 8/10
    Rock vs Cena 6/10
    I cant be bothered watching raw tomorrow!.... but i will haha
  9. RAW could be so much better, and will be imo.
  10. Everything could've been better/10

    Great undercard, which is surprising considering how shit its been the last couple years. All the undercard matches served a purpose, and were for the most part very entertaining.

    Punk/Taker was the match of the night by far. I liked that it wasn't a complete finisher spam, like the majority of 'Takers last few matches have been. They were able to get the crowds devotion to the match without a million GTS's and Tombstones, which is great. Even though I didn't think it'd end for a second, I was thoroughly entertained the whole way through.

    HHH/Lesnar was awful. It was slow and boring. The crowds "participation" didn't help either. Nobody was into it. It was just there.

    Cena/Rocky is what it is. It's what Vince thinks everyone wants, but is clearly the exact opposite. The crowd was dead throughout the majority of the match and didn't start getting involved until the very end where they promptly booed Cena every chance they could. Just like the last match it was slow, sluggish and boring. The near finishes didn't help either, in fact it made the match worse. Way too many in too little time.

    I hope this 'Mania shows the 'E that just because you have big names in matches doesn't mean we're going to be hyped or entertained at all. The two top matches were shit even compared to the undercard, and the fans weren't into them at all. Fans were more invested in Fandango/Jericho than Cena/Rock. I hope they'll now finally start making risks and building more stars.
  11. imo i enjoyed the whole think 9/10

    would of got a 10 but no Brodus clay match :why:
  12. Damn. Really that bad? Hahaha.
  13. 0/10

    Couldn't been a more awful PPV.

    Team Hell No going over Dolph Ziggler and Big E. is retarded as hell. Ziggler not cashing in his briefcase annoys me even more now.

    Mark Henry's win serves no puropse to no one.

    The Miz going over Wade Barrett is annoying as heel. Wade Barrett is a great champion, and I really liked his work. But off course ass-kissing, cheerleading Miz in WWE's mind means cash. Fuck it.

    Fandango going over Jericho was predictable as hell. But he won't gain nothing from this, and will end up being a midcard for life.

    Jack Swagger was on a roll with Zeb Colter with his new gimmick, but the WWE kissing the Mexican's ass just plain retarded as fuck.

    Undertaker vs. Punk: Unfortunatley, it was predictable, and I never thought for a second tha Punk is going to end the streak.

    Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar: A way to yet again let Triple H's ego shine more and more. Borefest at it's finest.

    John Cena vs. The Rock: worst match of the night. Borefest at it's finest.

    The only thing that saved the PPV, was The Shield winning. That's it.
  14. Just from reading the results: 2/10.

    Swaggie lost -5 points.
    Dolph not cashing in -5 points.
    Miz winning +2 points.
  15. 6.5/10 and that only b/c of taker punk epic match other ways it would be much MUCH lower!
  16. Doesn't that equal to -8
  17. Starting from 10/10. :rock:
  18. :okay:
  19. 5/10

    The only matches I enjoyed were the tag team match, HHH/Lesnar, and Undertaker/Punk.
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