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The Showoff
1. Seeing Kofi Kingston and Rollins celebrate their futures as Champions was awesome and Iconic

2. Seeing Balor pull off a Powerbomb on Lashley was badass.

3. Hope it's a sign that The Demon King will have a slightly or somewhat different and better moveset than Regular Balor. It was a good match tho.

4. Please don't remind me of Baron Corbin beating Angle. 😢

Just like the streak i haven't and I am not watching the 3 count

EDIT: It has a 7 Rating in my book
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King Of Armageddon

Two-door coupe, hoppin out like Jack-In-The-Box...
Ok, so I watched all 7 1/2 hours of this event and now I'm ready to vent my opinions about each and every match as well as an overall opinion. So let's get into all 16 matches and the Elias segment:

  1. Tony Nese vs Buddy Murphy (Cruiserweight Championship) -
    The right amount of intensity and the length of this match was spot on. I did feel like the match was missing just a little something but both of these guys did great. I think it was also great that there was a new cruiserweight champion crowned.
  2. The Women's Battle Royal -
    This was a little bit hard to rate but this was a really good women's battle royal. Not too many spots to overwhelm the match, it seemed like most elimination was well thought out except for maybe 2 in my opinion (Dana Brooke & Sonya Deville). I loved how they did the end with Carmella popping up after Sarah Logan believed she won (YES I KNOW it's been done before but it was executed correctly).
  3. Hawkins & Ryder vs The Revival (Raw's Tag Team Championships) -
    A weird type of booked match...the whole 269 losses of Curt Hawkins was overplayed SINCE IT WAS DEVELOPED IN HIS SINGLES MATCHES but whatever. They did some wrestling and then Hawkins did a roll up for the win...AS A TAG TEAM MEMBER!
  4. The Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal -
    It really wasn't warranted for Strowman to win this since he already won the 50-Man Royal Rumble. Plus, the cheesy segment intertwined into this match didn't help either. As far as the match itself, it was alright...nothing major happened.
  5. Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar (Universal Championship) -
    This barely got a 7 from me, it started out right until...Rollins used a lowblow as a babyface to win the title?! In his 1st one on one title match at Wrestlemania against Brock Lesnar?! This kind of ruined the hype and excitement. Here's the minutes of this match: a total of 7 minutes and 1 second including Brock's attack, 4 1/2 minutes were the attack before the match started with the other 2 minutes and 31 seconds of the actual match...Please don't ever comment on how great Seth Rollins is in the ring, it's just laughable at this point.
  6. AJ Styles vs Randy Orton -
    This was one of the best matches and could have easily have been considered match of the night (that is until the following matches kept the same momentum and more). It already had a nice build up with both wrestlers having similar attitudes and reputations. Not to mention their ring styles that although are a bit different, still works well together. Both wrestlers put on a good match with a clean finish, I just would have rather preferred that Orton picked up the win. I have no idea what this win is going to do for Styles.
  7. The Usos vs The Bar vs Ricochet & Black vs Nakamura & Rusev (Fatal 4-Way for Smackdown's Tag Team Championships) -
    With so many wrestlers in the tag match, it can sometimes be hard for every one of them to some shine. However, this match was able to get everything done and still made all of them look good. So even thought The Usos retained their titles, no one loooked bad for losing. Great Job!
  8. Shane McMahon vs The Miz -
    If I have to rate this then I to rate it in 2 separate ways: the overall match (like I've been doing with all the other matches) and as a match with quite a few spots (including the big spot). As far as a match itself, I can give it an 8.5 at most. It was basically hokey and playful but kept the attention of most. The whole having Miz's dad get in the ring and try to square up, was on the cringe side but it worked. Now for the spot fest/Big Spot, I could easily give it a 9. It made the match more interesting but was all of it really necessary? Then my answer is NO and this just showed Shane (like usual) trying to upstage all other matches and wrestlers by doing all these dangerous spots. HEY SHANE, LET THESE PROFESSIONAL YOUNG WRESTLERS DO ALL THE DANGEROUS SHIT! So as far as I'm concerned this match was just an 8.5 out of 10.
    (the rating is within the spoiler)
  9. The IIconics vs Nia & Tamina vs Beth & Natty vs Sasha & Bayley (Fatal 4-Way for the Women's Tag Team Championships) -
    I really don't know why this even exist anymore...what do I mean? The titles, the teams, this match...the whole thing continues to be a mess. Here's my list in the order of who I think should have won this match: 1. Nia & Tamina, 2. Beth & Natty, 3. Sasha & Bayley (the champs) 4. The IIconics. This was just utter bullshit, it already was bad enough with the cringey twins being the champs but now we have the annoying brats (with their 6 grade insults) as the new champs?! This is lucky to not get an automatic 0 from me...especially with that simple ass cover steal.
  10. Kofi Kingston vs Daniel Bryan (WWE Championship) -
    This will be known as a classic match to remember. It had some difficulty in the proper build and having it slapped together in the last 2 or 3 months. Great match, great chemistry and a great, well-deserved ending to a most anticipated championship victory.
  11. Samoa Joe vs Rey Mysterio (United States Championship) -
    A big fucking waste of an interesting match. I did like Rey coming out in the Spider-man villian gear (who is also known as Mysterio). I'm guessing this match will be recycled at the next event, I mean they didn't get to use Rey's son, Dominic.
  12. Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre -
    Not that long, it got right down to the point of what was needed. The match was decent enough, both performed well. Nothing too special here and the right person won in the end.
  13. *Elias segment* -
    A retarded beginning with the usual annoying song in my opinion...but thank goodness, Cena livened it up with bringing back his old persona ("The Doctor of Thuganomics"...even though it's about a decade late but it was good to see). I loved that he even freestyled while cutting his promo on Elias but I wanted Elias to respond back. All in all, I'll give this an exceptional rate for bringing back this version of John Cena.
    9/10 (only because of who interrupted him)
  14. Triple H vs Batista (No Holds Barred) -
    The match had plenty of chaos, I just wish Batista had got more attacks in against Triple H. But we got some cool spots and a few bland ones. I could have given this match a higher rating if it didn't have Ric Flair get involved (but I did like the brief arguing between Ric & Batista right before Triple H hit Batista with a sledgehammer of his own).
  15. Baron Corbin vs Kurt Angle (Kurt's retirement match) -
    I didn't expect much from this match but I would have rather Angle get one last win before riding off. However, I had a sense that WWE wasn't going to let this happen so I bet and predicted for Baron. Sure enough it worked in my favor, I just hope the win does something big for Baron Corbin's career instead of just fill in a space.
  16. Demon Balor vs Bobby Lashley (Intercontinental Championship) -
    It worked out just as I imagined (minus Lashley wearing colored contacts). I mean if he was going to look like a monster then MAKE HIM LOOK LIKE A MONSTER! The match was still good, another short and straight to the point. In the end, FInn got the IC title again...now if only we get to see The Demon King more often (and he is written properly for more storylines).
  17. Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte (Winner Takes All for the Raw & Smackdown Women's Championships) -
    I wanted to at least give this match an 8 but the tough spots and a couple of sloppy botches made it hard to take this main event serious. The screwy finish sealed the deal as it being pretty average AND how both titles were practically ready to be handed over to Becky. What a pathetic attempt to win over the fans in both men/women big title matches with all 3 babyfaces getting the victory.
So that's my rates on this somewhat good Wrestlemania, it is the best one in the last 3 years as far as I'm concerned and that's not really saying whole lot since so many of this year's matches I gave barely passable rates. I got half the predictions and bets correct on this one but I had a decent time watching (and even rewatching it all). As a whole I give this Wrestlemania barely an 8 out of 10 and as far as match of the night...


Kofi Kingston vs Daniel Bryan


The Usos vs The Bar vs Ricochet & Black vs Nakamura & Rusev
Shane McMahon vs The Miz
AJ Styles vs Randy Orton
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Irwin R. Schyster

The Showoff
Rising Star
Absolute fucking trash. I gave it a 2 just for the few things I enjoyed about it (mostly for Joan Jett). The card for me was good on paper, I really liked a lot of the matches they set up. it just ended up not delivering for me, they could have done so much better. This was a big chance for women to make history by main eventing, and, that match was so underwhelming, I hope they never have women main event ever again.
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The Gipper

Main Eventer
Absolute fucking trash. I gave it a 2 just for the few things I enjoyed about it (mostly for Joan Jett). The card for me was good on paper, I really liked a lot of the matches they set up. it just ended up not delivering for me, they could have done so much better. This was a big chance for women to make history by main eventing, and, that match was so underwhelming, I hope they never have women main event ever again.
yes because one women's match displeased you, all women wrestlers must take the blame and never main event again.

Irwin R. Schyster

The Showoff
Rising Star
yes because one women's match displeased you, all women wrestlers must take the blame and never main event again.

Inserting rolling eyes here.

Until the WWE can use them properly on that kind of platform, sure. I don't want women to be embarrassing. I am proud as fuck that women have finally been taken away from being useless eye candy and are to be taken seriously, but, you can't sit there thinking that match was amazing in any way. They had three of the top women in there and they underwhelmed heavily. I suppose 'never again' may be a bit much, heat of the moment response, but, I feel the moment was ruined by a lackluster, at best, match.

I suppose I expected too much from the first time women main evented. I wanted something more exciting than what I got.


The Showoff
Honestly did not see the show however from what I heard as such I'd say it went well which is unusual. I'd say the creative team had some alien juice intertwine their molecules and injected some "surprise" in them to where they actually did what we all hope they could be as writers for the PPV. In any
case I'd give it a 7.5-8.5 i guess but I'd have to see the whole thing like the breakfast cheese omelette and bacon to really "deliver".

Mustafar Reginald

The Lunatic Fringe
Rising Star
Well, I've done long rating for most other Mania's since I've been on here, so I'll be doing one here too because of boredom. Few things, I'm not counting the pre-show or the Elias segment into the rating so real quick. The Men's Battle Royal was fun until it became about the SNL dorks, and the CW match was solid. The Tag Team match was too predictable and drawn out, but I'm glad Curt Hawkins won. Finally, the Women's Battle Royal was awful. Guess I'm glad Asuka got the most eliminations (at least I think she did). The finish was dumb, the fact that Carmella waited til Sarah Logan turned around made both of them look bad. The point of having someone wait outside and come in for the final elimination is in part to protect the final eliminator, since Carmella did nothing Logan just lost to someone fairly. And Carmella, looked dumb for just waiting for Logan to realize she's in the ring, but if she's suppose to be a face, she waiting outside the ring despite being clearly unhurt, she still resorted to a cowardly heel tactic to win, the fact that she won against Logan one-on-one does not make that not cowardly. It just means if she lost, she would've came across as a big moron. I went to the bathroom during Elias segment but I came back in time for Cena, who was fantastic.

Also, 7.5 hours in one sitting is ridiculous.

Night of Champions Review

A Sigh of Relief
It was really smart of them to get this over with immediately. It was quick, and the right person won. It's hard to be too critical of the how it happened because it just had to happen. The fact that Brock Lesnar has been Universal Champion for essentially two years straight is ridiculous, that the execution almost doesn't matter, because you just want WWE to move the hell on instead of stagnating even more. Still, way to make neither Brock or Rollins look strong here. Brock Lesnar needed to pre-attack Rollins in the match? Rollins needed three finishers and low-blow to win? Granted, that's less ridiculous than the, I believe six F-5's it took to beat Roman last year, but still. It wasn't very entertaining but it got what it needed to accomplished quick enough, and it started the show of on a good note just from Lesnar losing alone.

"Match" Rating: 5/10

The Lights Were More Over Than The Wrestling
I was pretty excited for Styles vs. Orton and it was alright. Not an amazing match but a solidly entertaining one that had some nice notes to it. Never took off in the way I hoped for and I felt the ending was a bit abrupt but I do like the finish overall. I loved the spot where AJ Styles tricked Orton to go for a mid-air RKO, then delivered a 450 Splash . . . would've been a lot better had I not seen that on SDL during their first match-up months ago. That quibble aside, Styles kicking out of the RKO was also nice. Unlike Cena, Orton doesn't whore out an RKO kick-out, it's a rare thing and it still has power because of that. The finish was also a clever play on the RKO outta nowhere meme, with Styles managing to counter the technique then hit his finisher. Since Orton hadn't kicked out of a Phenomenal Forearm, it did feel a bit abrupt as a said, but I think it works. I'll take this over the finisher spam any day of the week.

Match Rating: 7/10

Why Did The Usos Retain? How Awful For Ricochet & Black
Of all the matches tonight, this is the finish that surprised me the most. So, as the commentary team pointed out, Black & Richochet have fought for every Tag Team Championship this week, starting with the Raw Tag Team and ending with the Smackdown Live Tag Team. That's a cool note, until you consider they lost three Championship matches in a row. Like, it felt like the whole story here would be them finally winning on WrestleMania, and that would've been kinda cool story-telling. Instead the note it ends on is that they're kinda just losers. Hell, the whole match was scripted around Black & Richochet, there's hardly a moment in that match that isn't tied to one of those two. And The Usos just dropped the belts anyway immediately after, not sure why they didn't just let Black & Richochet win it here. Oh well, the match was still fun to watch, and Cesaro's epic swing to Richochet is legit spot of the night contender.

Match Rating: 6/10

How The Hell Did This Become a Highlight of the Night!?
I'm not a huge fan of The Miz or Shane McMahon, and this may have been my favorite match of the night. First of all, props where it's due, Shane McMahon was playing up entitled heel douchebag in really fun ways. I loved him stopping the announcer to re-introduce him with more exuberance, or him fixing the Miz's dad's fighting stance. The Miz's Dad getting involved was hokey and dumb but kinda fun to mock. I also usually don't like Falls Count Anywhere matches because often when they leave the ring, it just amounts to plain brawling. I thought that was going to happen here until Shane jumped off something high. But no, there was another big spot before with Miz tossing him off that golf/security cart, and Miz doing the holding railing dropkicks was a nice way to make the moves a little more interesting than just punching, while using the environment. And the finish was brilliant. I had a lot of fun with this.

Match Rating: 8/10

I Mean, I Guess This Happened
I barely remember squat about this match. And it's not just because it's been a week later. After Mania ending I was talking with my mate about what are favorite spot of each match was and neither of us could recall a single spot from this match. The other ones, except maybe McIntyre/Roman, we were fine with, but not this one. What I do remember about this match, was that there were a lot of team moves. In the men's four-way, there wasn't really a ton of tag team moves, but here there were a lot more tag team moves. I can't remember and of them. I think Bayley suplexed Sasha's into a hurricanrana for Sasha or something like that, but I don't really remember. And with it leaving such a little impact on me, it can't be that good of a sign.

Match Rating: 4/10

My Main Event
I don't really follow WWE anymore and for the longest time, I was just going to skip WrestleMania 35 because I couldn't bring myself to care. Then, out of seemingly nowhere, Kofi Kingston finally was giving the spotlight. And it was starting to become apparent that he'd be challenging for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania, and winning. I've been a big fan of Kofi for awhile, and I've wanted him to be WWE Champion for years. I never thought it would happen, I always thought if any member of the New Day were getting the push, it'd be Big E. And like, I like Big E but he's no Kofi Kingston. I watched this Mania exclusively to watch Kofi Kingston win the WWE Championship, and it didn't disappoint. The match itself was solid, and the ending bits certainly picked up enough to get me invested albeit it was undeniably obvious that Kofi Kingston was winning the match which did dampen my reaction but regardless, Kofi Kingston is WWE Champion. It's not necessarily my MOTN by the match quality itself, but in terms of result and emotional attachment, it is my MOTN.

Match Rating: 8/10

Who Needs Spider-Man When You Got Samoa Joe
Not really entertaining but I can't criticize it too much. It was unavoidable with Rey Mysterio's injury but even so, Samoa Joe being presented as an absolute killer is far from a bad thing. You'd rather not get squashes at WrestleMania, but the circumstances and benefit to Joe make it acceptable to me.

Match Rating: 5/10

Welcome Back Roman, See You're Keeping Your Mania Streak Going
At least it wasn't in the main event this time, but for another year in a row, Roman delivers perhaps the weakest match of the show. I would put this above most of his main events though, if only because it only lasted ten minutes, though it certainly felt like twenty. I don't know if I was just bored because the show is too long and this came after the emotional high point of the show or if it was just boring, but I was bored throughout the entirety of the match regardless of the reason. Awful.

Match Rating: 3/10

See You, Space Animal . . .
Going into this match, I was glad it was happening because I like Batista and think he deserved to end his wrestling career how he wanted to, but I wasn't looking forward to the match since I didn't think it'd be any good at this day and age. It was my favorite match of the night. I loved it, the emotion, the build-up, the crazy spots at the beginning with the nose ring, the drama build, the ending spot. It managed to capture a slower pace to it's action without being boring with rest-holds. It featured a lot of strong spots, the finish was fantastic and the most last ditch energy I've seen from Triple H, and it's a career ending match that really works. I like how full circle it was, both in terms of Batista's career with HHH but within the build of the match itself with Flair's involvement, and after so many emotional career ending matches like Flair, Michaels, or Taker's (not that any of those stuck), it was nice to see a different type of goodbye to a different character.

Oh, and Batista having getting into the ring rust was great.

Match Rating: 9/10

You Never Hit the Moonsault, What The Hell Were You Thinking Kurt?
Here's another one of those emotional career ending matches, though without much emotion behind it. Kurt Angle is one of the all-time greatest performers, and is featured more than any other wrestler in my favorite matches of all-time. But this was kinda perfunctory final match. One last match to go out on his back against a newer guy with some noticeable spots from Angle's career. Not a very good match, much like all of Angle's matches since returning, but it worked well enough. I don't like Corbin, but I dislike people winning their last match even more, so I don't have an issue with the result either. And the moonsault was a good call, gives the match a grander sense than the rest of his final matches, and it was nice to see he can still do it.

Match Rating: 5/10

Bobby Looked More Like a Demon Than Balor
This was fine, pretty quick and entertaining for it's length. The Suicide Spear was great and Balor powerbombing Lashley was cool though I have my problems with it. On one hand, I'm glad they did it. Demon Balor should have much more differences to regular Finn Balor and having him do a power move like that onto Lashley is a great way to illustrate that. BUT he struggled too much. Look, I understand why, you want to build the spot up. Get the fans eager for the Powerbomb so that when he hits it, it gets a better spot. However, seeing the Demon struggle so much to hit the Powerbomb, takes away from the Demon's aura. He struggled to lift him up three time, if he only struggled like once, you would've built up the anticipation for the spot to the audience while maintaining the Demon's aura by making it seem fairly easy to accomplish the task. That does knock it down a peg for me.

Match Rating: 5/10

Tables Are For Bitches
The first ever Women's Main Event and it was fine. I don't have any real problems with it, but don't really have much strong thoughts on it either. I enjoyed it fine. I even liked the finish because hell, it was bloody obvious Becky was winning here so having her win out of the blue like that at least added some level of surprise to the match. Also, there was a moment where someone kicked out of a pin from Charlotte, and she shouted "Dangitt" and that cracked me up because of like, how cartoony the delivery was, how PG the line is, and the camera shot of her. It felt so hokey. Maybe I would've liked this more if it didn't came after 7 hours of wrestling. But hey, at least Roman didn't close for once.

Match Rating: 6/10

PPV Rating: 5.9/10

Worth noting, there's no weight to my final PPV rating, so the squash match had the same influence as Batista/HHH on the PPV Rating, and even despite that, this is one of the highest PPV Ratings I've ever given on here. Overall, one of the best Mania's in years, probably my favorite since XXIV.


Chillin' with the snowmies.
The IIconics
Why is it so hard to write reviews lol I've been working on this for weeks

anyway that was sweet of alexa to let grandpa simpson get some fresh air and stare at the clouds for a minute before getting bumrushed by a jew
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Senhor Perfect

The IIconics
Why is it so hard to write reviews lol I've been working on this for weeks

anyway that was sweet of alexa to let grandpa simpson get some fresh air and stare at the clouds for a minute before getting bumrushed by a jew
I cut out this newspaper article with some hot news about Hogan’s reaction to Heyman’s interruption:

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