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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Apr 1, 2012.

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  1. Argh, it kills me to say it, but 5/10 for me.

    The only match I thoroughly enjyoed was HHH vs Taker because it was done perfectly. Great spots, amazing emotion and a perfect ending with Taker winning cleanly and helping HHH out the arena with Shawn, really ending the era.

    The rest was a bit of a let down mixed with complete travesty. Unless there's a heel turn tomorrow, or some story-line, then Rock/Cena proved one thing, that the current product isn't as good as the previous.

    Rate WM :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. 6 from me, thoroughly enjoyed the Taker/HHH match surprisingly. That's where most of my rating is based. The rest were basically average matches that could have easily been on RAW tomorrow. Oh, Rock/Cena was great too.
  3. 6/10

    Good points
    HHH/Taker the whole damn thing
    Randy Orton/Kane and Cody Rhodes/Big Show did good taking advantage of their times.
    Rock/Cena getting good in the ending

    Bad points
    Tag team match fail
    Pre-show botch
    WHC burial
    Really slow start to Rock/Cena
    Disappointing match by CM Punk and Jericho. Expected soo much more.
  4. I'll re-watch it tomorrow to before giving out my review. I enjoyed Punk/Jericho personally, I'm surprised at everyone pooping on it.
  5. 4/10.

    Bryan Sheamus - BS.

    Kane Orton - the build up was better and that's saying something cool ending and I'm kinda glad Kane won.

    Show Cody - Horrible should have Cody provoking show to play up this choking angle

    HHH / Taker - Great match.

    Divas - Didn't really watch but guaranteed it sucked more dick than Kelly Kelly.

    Punk Y2J - Good but not as good as it should have been

    Brodus - Funny enough a highlight, yeah a fat man and a few old women dancing was a wrestlemania highlight

    Tag match - Cluster to the fuck

    Rock / Cena - A waste of a year. The only saving grace could have been the fact they showed Cena sat on the ramp in detail. So they're building the doubt either way Rock going over clean twice in his only 2 matches back and looking stupidly strong in all his segments is a waste unless it leads to something huge.
  6. Punk/Y2J was pretty good too but for me I thought they would do so much more and they could've but what ruined it for me was that pre-match segment with Johnny doing the whole DQ lecture thing making the written part of the match so ugh.
  7. I'm going to have to give it a 4/10.. This Wrestlemania was a huge let down. The only match that was phenominal was the HHH vs Taker match. That match was so awesome, and I marked so hard.

    Watching Wrestlemania with no sound at all didn't really help either. @[Big Hoss Rambler] will you be uploading the PPV to youtube?
  8. Gonna watch it over again on my big screen.

    I'm gonna try but don't count on it. If not, I'll upload it on DailyMotion and Minus. Both have fast streaming. My EC 2012 got taken down by YouTube.
  9. Nah I really liked it, but seabs put it perfectly, it could have been better. I expected more from them.
  10. 3/10 would be a 6 but wwe fucked up by letting rock win
  11. 5/10
    Jericho/Punk was forgettable, ending sequence was beautiful, but our expectations were just too high.
    Rock going over Cena was absolutely the right call for reasons I've stated, and the match was surprisingly good
    Trips/Taker 3 was better than Trips/Taker 2. That match could not have been done any better.
    Everything else isn't worth wasting breath... er, letters... on, other than the signs of a Miz push and Mark Henry owning Hornswoggle
  12. My respect level for HHH has gone up since that match, since it didn't make him look like the God he thinks he is. Can't get over how glad I am to be shocked by how good it was. HBK played his part to perfection.
  13. this was mostly a bad WM
    rock v cena was fantastic
    I think the hell in the cell was great...I missed a few mintues of the match from the stream
    punk v jericho was disappointing
    everything else complete garbage
    If it wasn't for the two great matches this would be one of the worst manias of all time
    overall very disappointing show
  14. The main event was terrible. The HHH vs Undertaker match should have been the main event.


    We are giving this WM a 5/10
  15. Rock vs Cena has so much star power and hype. They legitimately drew a million+ WM buys. Some people who have never heard of WWE or haven't watched in years only bought it for Cena vs Rock, so it was rightfully the main event. However, Taker/HHH was the main-event match that stole the show I agree there.
  16. 7/10

    I really enjoyed it.

    Taker vs HHH was the best match on the card, no doubt. Really awesome.
    Cena vs Rock was watchable, not as good as expected, but a good match. Glad that Rocky won.
    Punk vs Jericho was bad, I expected so much more of it.
    Rhodes vs Show was pretty bad, happy for Show that he won.
    Kane vs Orton was good, not really good but good enough.
    Tag-Team match was fun to watch, weird ending but cool high flying. Really wanted it to be an elimination match.
    Diva's Match was nice but too predictable.
    Sheamus vs Bryan was a complete waste. They should have took air time from the Diva's match, MGK, Flo Rida and Brodus to have a small match, it was just bull.

    Overall: A pretty good WrestleMania

  17. They have been promoting this Rock Cena match for like a year!!! We were truly disappointed that the rocks won since John Cena seemingly carried the Rock for the entire match...

    Glad that WWE got so many viewers, but they could have at least delivered for the price the million+ viewers paid to watch....
  18. I agree that it should have been better. Was there any shock moments in this WM? Apart from the inevitable kick outs in HHH/Taker was there anything that made anyone here legitimately mark?
  19. No, @[Crayo] That's why I enjoyed this Mania but totally sucked major ass. The slowest and lamest main event of Mania in all time. The ending was the only good part.

    HHH VS Randy Orton WM 25 main event was sooo much better.
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