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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by CM Punk, Feb 22, 2015.

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    You know the drill.

    8/10 - Jacob Fox
    8/10 - Just Kevin
    D'Z liked the main event
    Perfect Pitstop to Mania/10 - Stopspot
    7/10 - Prince Balor
    8/10 - edge4ever
    Average/10 - Lockard23
    6/10 - Sharpy Sandow
    6/10 - CrayJLee
    Shit/10 - Danielson
  2. Forgot the rating so just post your darn rating and I'll edit it in the OP just for Aids.
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    Great PPV I give it an 8/10

    I liked:

    WWE did the right thing and let Reigns win the match and it was a really fine match.

    Wyatt's promo

    Sting and HHH altercation

    Cesaro and Kidd winning the tag belts

    Opening six man match

    Stardust's new look

    Rusev and Cena match

    Didn't like:

    Dust boys match

    IC Match... dumbass DQ ending

    Diva match

    Fortunately the good outweighed the bad and this was a solid ppv. As I've mentioned over and over, I didn't like the WWE kowtowing to the fans 2 years in a row, and the rumors of Vince wanting a triple threat annoyed me. Glad they did the right thing.
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  4. Damn good show with a very good build toward Wrestlemania. 8/10

    Good stuff:

    1. The return of Randy Orton, which will hopefully lead to a singles match between Orton and Rollins at WM and not a bullshit 6 man tag match yet again.
    2. The Bray Wyatt "Undertaker" entrance and the promo that followed... great job and very creative by WWE and Bray.
    3. Goldust/Stardust match was better than I thought it would be, but still did not live up to the potential I know they have to steal a show, hopefully their WM match will. Backstage segment was a great setup to continue the feud.
    4. HHH/Sting confrontation... even with Sting looking a little stiff (most likely from ring rust) this match is one to look forward to.. should be a highlight of WM31.
    5. Tag Team title match.. both teams worked very well together.. lots of exciting spots and new champions! Kidd and Cesaro deserved this.
    6. Cena/Rusev was the second best match of the night in my opinion.. both wrestlers worked extremely hard and the finish was exactly what it should have been. Cena can now say he didn't submit and he and Rusev can, hopefully, push the feud into WM with some fire still behind it.
    7. Bryan/Reigns was definitely the match of the night with outstanding spots, great technical wrestling, and pure desire from both participants. The ending was picture perfect and well deserved by Roman Reigns and you have to give it up to Bryan for working his ass off for Reigns.

    Meh Stuff:

    1. Divas title match.. There is literally no reason at all to care about the feud that is ongoing, or in fact, there is no reason at all to care about the Divas title period. Either start booking it well or the Divas division dies until HHH can take over the company and try to resurrect it.
    2. 6 man tag... it's a shame that so much talent was wasted for absolutely nothing. If not for the Orton save this whole segment would be completely forgotten.
    3. Ambrose/Barrett... it was just an alright match, it seemed that Wade and Dean just didn't work together well and then when you throw in the stupid DQ ending. If it wasn't for the Divas then this would be the worst match of the night and it's a shame because Ambrose and Barrett can work a match, just not with each other.
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  5. It was surprisingly well considering the build going into event, and the fact that this PPV was obviously a kickstarter for quite a few WrestleMania matches. Going in you knew matches like Goldust/Stardust, Ambrose/Barrett, and Rusev/Cena weren't going to end perfectly seeing as they're more than likely going to be on 'Mania itself. Taking that into account the ending of the Intercontinental Title could've been done a lot better. Instead of Barrett throwing the match Ambrose got himself DQ'd, it made it feel like he ruined his title opportunity. They could've easily made it to where Barrett didn't want part of this match seeing as he never really agreed to it. Faulty booking aside I still remain somewhat optimistic about it, this promo alone got me invested into the storyline:

    I just wish they'd incorporate that into the shows itself though. Apart from that and the Stardust/Goldust ending(missed the majority of the Diva's match) it was a good PPV all around. I'll give it a 7/10.
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  6. I only watched the ME, but I really enjoyed it. Told the perfect story and the crowd was hot for both guys
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  7. I know most of you won't get this reference, but Stardust reminded me of Cyrus Wolfe
  8. It was a perfect middle of the road ppv. It was nothing special/fantastic about the show. But there was also nothing bad.
  9. Apart from all the crappy endings to some of the matches, it was a very good show overall. 7/10

    - Randy Orton finally returning! Had it not been for Orton returning, that whole 6 man tag segment would've been completely forgotten.
    - Cesaro & Tyson Kidd vs The Usos was darn good. Happy for Cesaro & Tyson Kidd becoming the new Tag Team champs!
    - HHH/Sting confrontation.
    - Bray Wyatt's promo was gold.
    - Rusev vs Cena was great. MOTN #2 right there. Rusev needed this win before heading into WM for his first huge loss.
    - Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns was fucking awesome and MOTN, easily. I absolutely enjoyed it. This victory has legitimized Reigns and Reigns winning was the right way to go.

    - First and foremost, screw you for having such crappy match endings. It was so predictable, but can't say I'm surprised.
    - DZ, Ryback & Rowan vs Rollins & The Useless Turds was just garbage, I didn't like it at all. What a waste of time. Shouldn't have even been on the card.
    - Goldust vs Stardust was meh. Dat finish, tho!
    - Ambrose vs BNB ending in the unpredictable DQ fashion. Who booked this shit?

    The 'I don't give a toss' about this segment:
    - Nikki Bella vs Paige.
  10. Great PPV. Not bad at all.... I enjoyed it.

    I'd say an 8 out of 10.

    Reigns and Bryan stole the show.

    Orton came back in great fashion.

    Cena lost, technically by submission, which was nice.

    Cesaro and Tyson Kidd won.

    Sting and triple h was bad ass, although I would've loved if sting said something.

    Bray Wyatt is a fucking genius.

    All in all, wwe did some great things with this PPV. I loved it.
  11. My reaction to this post:

    Not because of my opinion of the match, but because D'Z actually had praises for WWE. When was the last time that happened??? Is this the twilight zone?
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  12. Average PPV. Nothing really bad per se, but hardly anything that spectacular either.

    -I'm indifferent to the Reigns/Bryan scenario at this point, and really have little issue with Reigns going over since they already blew a huge pivotal part of the Daniel Bryan storyline with his Rumble loss anyway if Bryan/Lesnar was the story they wanted to tell.
    -I'm glad to see they went with the almost picture-perfect ending to the Rusev/Cena match.
    -Loved the promo backstage between Dusty and Goldust, and while the match was nothing to write home about and the finish felt sort of abrupt, Stardust attacking Golkdust backstage and yelling in his dad's face was good stuff, too (Cody's delivery there was awesome.)
    -HHH/Sting confrontation did nothing for me. Pretty much standard stuff.
    -Bray Wyatt sitting up in the casket was awesome. Can't say the match has me stoked nor does the idea of Wyatt being built up only to job in a big Wrestlemania match again, but the build at least has the potential to be compelling.
    -Orton's return was awesome, although this was probably one of the weakest and most standard ways to bring him back. Also, Big Show knocking out Ziggler and then Kane picking up the pinfall victory for The Authority... gotta keep those two looking strong, I suppose, even though it's 2015.
  13. I don't see Bray losing this one, the streak is over why feel the need to have Taker win at his annual match.. now just let him put over new talent and perhaps take it to another elder in Sting for next year.
  14. Personally I give the show a 6/10, didn't quite do it for me but wasn't all bad at the same time.. would've liked Ambrose/Barrett to finish out cleanly but nope, the one match I thought would've ended somewhat clean doesn't.. it's a DQ via Ambrose beating up Barrett in the corner.. I think Ambrose (pending he defend it more on TV than he did his US Title) should've won the IC there.. he's a perfect guy to hold it at this point.
  15. oh shut up
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  16. Honestly I wasn't all that entertained by the PPV. With that being said, I did love Bray Wyatt's promo (I marked when he popped up once the coffin opened up, totally unexpected) and the Reigns/Bryan match. Overall, the matches were solid but fairly predictable. I'd give the PPV a 6/10.
  17. Shit ppv honestly. DB vs Reigns was the only thing memorable unless you're into taker call out and sting pointing a bat
  18. I really hope Bray wins.....Him beating Taker will make him the new Brock of 2015...but actually full time and relevant.
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