Rate wwe Halloween costumes

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  1. Rank your top 5 costumes

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  2. 1. Pillman
  3. It's Raven.
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  4. I am a big Mick Foley fan so you know my answer.
  5. Well can I get ppl to give their top 5
  6. Out of the 7? Why not make a poll in your thread?
  7. Bc I wanted ppl to see if they could guess who each person is
  8. Ohhhh okay
  9. Undertaker, Owens, Raven, Mick, Booker T, Not sure on the other two (the ref and the one with the glasses)
  10. Where is Chris Benoit?
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  11. someone who should've been braden walker.
  12. Mayb I should do a poll I was hoping for more responses
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  13. See :cesaro:
  14. 4/10, because my name is Bret Hart! :4/10:
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