Spoiler Rate WWE Network Special: Live from Madison Square Garden

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Solidus, Oct 3, 2015.

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  1. Results!

    Randy Orton/Dolph Ziggler defeated Sheamus/Rusev via pinfall
    Neville defeated Stardust via pinfall
    Team Bella defeated Team PCB via pinfall
    Kevin Owens defeated Chris Jericho via pinfall
    The Dudley Boyz defeated The New Day via disqualification
    Brock Lesnar defeated Big Show via pinfall
    John Cena (c) defeated Seth Rollins via pinfall to retain the US Title

    Full analysis
  2. I need to watch Rollins/Cena fully and KO/Y2J before giving my verdict.
  3. I would like to complain.

    Complain about WWE not booking a Big Show injury angle. Lesnar coming back to the ring should have meant something like another Suplex or two, another F5 and then a Kimura Lock. Break his arm. Big Show is injured. No Big Show for the rest of 2015. Big Show needs to be featured less often, especially at his age and this stage of his career. He can still put on a great match, but when you have him on Raw and Smackdown every week, it ruins his aura of being a special attraction. He just becomes a really big guy who is a threat to everyone but rarely beats anyone of significance. That is not how you book Big Show. WWE needs to give him credibility back, even if it's just for one more strong run before his career is over. I, and I'm sure many others, want to see him featured in a way that he should have been featured 16 years ago. Strong, dominant, and not wrestling at every show.

    And when he does have a big feud, say every 3-6 months, he needs to win. Have him go undefeated for a long time. If WWE wants him on more, not every show though, then they need to mainly feature him in multi man matches or big tag team matches, what those matches do is provide a way for Big Show to show off his power and strength, and he doesn't have to take the pin. That's one reason why old school attractions like Andre and Haystacks were used as tag wrestlers.

    I want to be able to take Big Show seriously again
  4. That would be stupid.

    Big Show has been built up as a dangerous giant, and has been going around kicking ass for months now with no formal storyline. That's the way you book a monster heel, and to have him get injured like some jobber to a tweener, is a completely counter-productive move that would've wasted months of Big Show's build for a 4 show tour.
  5. I actually fell asleep during the second match. :/
  6. The 'Beast In The East' show was special. This, was not. This felt like a typical episode of RAW with the typical dumbass booking. 4/10

    - Rich Brennan, JBL and Byron Saxton were on commentary. Oh, joy!

    - From a production standpoint, the lighting, camera work and commentary altogether seemed like toned down versions of what we normally see on RAW.

    - Randy Orton & Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus & Rusev was a solid show opener. **½
    I am kind of glad we got this instead of the originally scheduled singles matches. Orton scored the win for his team via RKO on Sheamus.
    There's that awesome booking, the MITB holder does the job for a 100th time.
    Post-match, Rusev berated Sheamo and said he was as useless as (guess who?) LANA. Sheamus would then deliver a Brogue Kick in retaliation.
    This was a fun little angle.

    - Goofy Kane is being interviewed backstage and this is the part I'll gladly skip.

    - Neville vs Stardust was pretty much like every other match these two have put on before. It was decent, but nobody cared. **
    Not even the commentators, they talked about anything but the match. I would've preferred Barrett being added to the match, but oh well.
    Neville got the win with Red Arrow. This was nothing to get excited about.

    - Heyman's backstage promo was so refreshing, compared to what the show had to offer up to this point.

    - Team Bella vs Team PCB was dull. *
    So, why in the blue hell are PCB still teaming with each other? Because LOL. That's why.
    I mean, they know they don't like each other, yet they continue to work together.
    And on top of that, Becky and Charlotte were acting like douchebag babyfaces in the closing stretch by leaving Paige on her own.
    I guess it further solidifies VKM's philosophy that all women are simply crazy. Team Bella won. Yay, nobody gives a flying fuck!
    This shouldn't have even been on the card.

    - Y2J came out and delivered a nice promo about his 25th anniversary in the wrestling business! Thank you for everything, Y2J!

    - Kevin Owens vs Chris Jericho was good for the time given. ***¼
    It's a shame this wasn't at least 5 minutes longer. But still, it was good for what it was.
    KO winning with an eye poke/roll-up combo kinda bugged me, but then again he's a heel and also protects Y2J for his upcoming Ambrose program.
    As KO was leaving, he made sure to yell "Happy anniversary, buddy! Mwah." :ko:

    - The New Day cut a hilarious pre-match promo where they were burying The Dudleyz. Fun stuff. Never change, New Day!

    - The New Day vs The Dudley Boyz was decent, but with a predictable DQ finish. **
    The post-match segment was fun and set up the inevitable tables match.

    - Brock Lesnar vs Big Show was exactly what it needed to be. Brock recklessly throwing Show around and taking him to Suplex City. **½
    Mission accomplished. Thank you for coming back, Brock! This was entertaining for a 4 minute match.
    Post-match, Brock returned to the ring and hit Overhead Belly-To-Belly and another F5 for good measure. GLORY GLORY BROCK LESNAR!
    Also, Eden saying "Let's hear it for the Big Show!" was odd. I really don't know what the deal was with the shout-out to Show.
    Perhaps Vinnie was legitimately trying to make him feel good about himself? lol

    - Jawn Cena vs Seth Rollins was a rock solid ME. **¾
    First off, steel cage matches need to be revamped. What's the point of having 3 options to win? Pinfall/submission/escaping the cage? Lame.
    The guys fighting each other inside the cage should also be looking to use the environment to their advantage more often.
    It seems to be a lost art these days. Anyways, the match could've been good if it wasn't for the steel cage stipulation itself. It just failed to excite me.
    Also, I was annoyed by the fact that Cena, someone who preaches NEVER GIVE UP, was trying to take the easy way out a couple of times.
    Rollins could've won the match at least on 5 different occasions, had he not waited for Cena to catch him and stuff...
    Now, the match is coming to an end and that fucking chode, Kane, comes out. Rollins is on top of the cage. What does he do? He WAITS for Kane to come down the ramp. LOGIC! He attemps the Frog Splash off the cage, fails in doing so and Cena retains via AA.
    Rollins could've simply escaped and won the title. He didn't have to wait for Kane, he could've been long gone by the time Kane got to him.
    And if Rollins was gonna get beat up by Kane anyways, he could've been beat up, but he would've been the champ.
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  7. It felt more like a glorified houseshow than anything else, but no one promised wrestlemania so I'm fine with that. The matches were good, and Brock vs Show was well-booked, it wasn' t completely loopsided so big show felt like a threat, but it was still BORK SMASH enough to not feel out of place.

    Also screw the haters, Giant baby + Mask dude for life
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  8. Nothing good happened on the show, but i had no expectations for it anyways.. 2/10 for the one or two decent matches they had.
  9. I don't understand all the hate last night's show is getting here. There wasn't anything that was bad
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