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  1. Rate WWE Payback 2014 and include other thoughts on the show, make sure to vote above and give individual ratings

    Hornswoggle vs El Torito
    Sheamus vs Cesaro
    The Brotherhood vs Rybaxel
    Rusev vs Big E
    RVD vs Bad News Barrett
    John Cena vs Bray Wyatt
    Paige vs Alicia Fox
    Evolution vs Shield II
  2. Rusev vs Big E missing.
  3. The mid card title matches and both main events produced an excellent B PPV. Probably the best of the year bar Mania. There was even a nice spot in the Rusev match and the Rhodes brothers angle is leading to a feud between them around Summerslam which could deliver quite nicely.

    8/10 for me, only the divas and Rusev took a couple of notches off.
  4. I still can't believe Punk returned to spear Roman Reigns after the six man tag. crazy shit
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  5. Hornswoggle vs. El Torito - Funny, entertaining match. It was good for what it was, but the hate these kinds of matches get are actually more entertaining than the matches themselves.

    Sheamus vs. Cesaro - Top-notch match-up. Both guys looked great. Sheamus pulling out the victory in the end was unexpected and a nice reminder that it's not always the big finishing moves that should end a match. Sometimes, veterans win with brains, not brawn.

    Rhodes Bros. vs. Rybaxel - Decent match. It made Rybaxel look like a contender, considering they beat a team that was the Tag Champs a few months back. It also furthered the "slump" angle that is apparently pushing us to the breakup (and breakup feud) of the Rhodes Bros.

    Rusev vs. Big E - Pretty good for a squash match. Both guys got to do what they needed to do. I'm not a big fan of "winning streaks" to start a career off, but they're doing it with Rusev, so this match had a foregone conclusion.

    RVD vs. BNB - Very solid match. RVD hit his high spots and BNB got to come out on top and retain the title as he should have.

    Cena vs. Wyatt - Very entertaining match. All of the action was of a high enough quality that I didn't mind the fact that Cena wins the rubber match. I don't know if this ends their feud, although I do think it's run its course.

    Paige vs. Fox - Not a bad match, not a great match. I get the feeling they're saving a really good match from Paige (we know she can wrestle a good one) for a feud bigger than Alicia Fox, which is a disappointment since she is one of the few Divas who seems to have an actual personality.

    Evolution vs. Shield - Epic match. I was shocked by the fact that all 3 members of Evolution were eliminated with no members of the Shield being eliminated. It put the Shield over bigger than anything else they've done. We'll see where they go from here.

    D-Bry Segment was good. I'm honestly wondering if we find out soon that Brie is preggers with one of those weird-looking bearded babies.

    Kane interrupting Kofi vs. Bo - We'll see what that whole thing meant, I guess.

    Overall (and voted) score: 8/10.

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  6. 8/10. Pretty good show, Cena/Wyatt was my favorite.
  7. Almost went with a 9 but not quite. Great PPV. Excited for Raw tomorrow.
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    I gave it a 6/10

    Hornswoggle vs El Torito - This was an okay match but didn't live up to the quality of the match they were previously in.. WeeLC
    Sheamus vs Cesaro - Good match from the 2 brawlers.. they both came out of this looking strong.
    The Brotherhood vs Rybaxel - Boring
    Rusev vs Big E - Did not last as long as it should have... made Big E look weak and didn't do much for Rusev either.
    RVD vs Bad News Barrett - RVD was weak and botchy... BNB was strong.
    Daniel/Brie/Steph segment - A strong segment.. was fun watching Steph get slapped.
    John Cena vs Bray Wyatt - Very good match, Bray should have won but they both pushed each other... the Usos and Rowan and Harper also shined.
    Paige vs Alicia Fox - Boring.
    Evolution vs Shield II - Best match of the night... happy that the Shield swept... the reaction tonight on RAW should be interesting.
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  9. About to watch this show. This better be good! Gonna rate it later.
  10. 3/10

    Shield v Evolution and Wyatt v Cena was really good. The rest was just SmackDown-quality filler that I skipped over.
  11. Like Aids I am giving this a six out of ten.

    Everything was solid, it was just obvious that this was a ppv to keep the wheels spinning. But that doesn't take away from the entire card begin solid.
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  12. HAHA everyone is gonna think I'm Aids now... this is actually kind of fun. I lost a bet to Aids for those wondering.
  13. Aids won a bet? lmao first time for everything
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  14. I bet against Cena. Stupid fucking me.
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  15. haha i'm close to .500 there team, just had a nasty losing streak.

    Honestly disappointed I won, but cenawinslol is always the safe bet.
  16. This is like my 3rd time betting against him lol. I always lose. Someday......
  17. 6/10 for me.

    Shield Vs Evolution was pretty great. Cena Vs Wyatt was entertaining, even though Cena won again.....
    The Divas match was so disappointing considering the skills they both have.
  18. I haven't been following much storyline wise. I did watch some of the ppv.
    I'd say 7/10