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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Roadster, Dec 8, 2014.

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  2. It was an average RAW. Had a little inside mark out moment for Charlotte and Tyson Kidd was pretty funny in that segment as well. The awards were pretty predictable if you ask me. Nothing stood out of this episode, except the fact that J&J with Seth Rollins is the best thing going in WWE's main event scene, imo.
  3. I was going back and forth between a 6 and 7. Decided on six.

    The good things:

    Slammy Awards was dorky but worked all right as filler which kept the show from dragging.

    Ambrose and Wyatt promo was excellent... still can't believe they are pushing Reigns instead of Ambrose.

    Harper vs Rowan was pretty interesting before it ended.

    Mizdow was exceptional in his stunt double role.

    Charlotte debuting was great.


    Interesting matches were cut short : Natalya v Charlotte and Harper v Rowan.

    Why the hell do the fans think Roman Reigns deserved the superstar slammy over Lesnar or Daniel Bryan.

    Nothing really memorable.

    Cena vs Show for the 1000th time.

    The reason I gave it an average rating, though, is that I didn't almost fall asleep during it like I did during the last few Raws, so that is something.
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  4. Well, Brock Lesnar had 3 matches (Sure they were bigger than all of Reigns' matches combined) and Daniel Bryan hasn't been here since like May...
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    Yeah, but it's superstar of the year, not superstar since May. Reigns accomplished less than Daniel Bryan and hasn't wrestled since September.

    But then again, it's just fans of RAW so I do understand this is how a lot of them think. Short memories have to be forgiven when every main event is the greatest of all time and every champion becomes the greatest of all time as soon as they win the belt. I mean, John Cena won for 2012 when CM Punk was champ all year.
  6. For a go home show this was absolutely terrible..

    The Good:

    1. The lead up to the Ambrose/Wyatt TLC match was pretty good... the ambulance thing has been used in the past but was effective none the less.
    2. Mick Foley as Santa and Noelle Foley as his elf once again stole the show.

    The Bad:

    1. This whole Miz/Uso/Naomi soap opera crap is ridiculous.. keep that shit on Total Divas please.
    2. Why was Show wrestling Cena and Rowan wrestling Harper?... made no sense to me that there was no buildup for any other match but the TLC match.. unless you want to call that clusterfuck at the end of the show buildup.
    3. The Slammy Awards... utterly boring.

    The Ugly:

    1. Fandango
    2. Adam Rose
    3. Charlotte debuting only to job to Natalya... made no sense to me.. one of the worst booking decisions I've seen all year.. let's hope they treat The Ascension better.
    4. The 3 token black guys of the WWE coming out dancing and waving their arms around as if the are not a serious group at all... terrible gimmick that is making a joke out of Woods, Kingston, and Big E... I predict the group will break up in 2 months or less.. or will o the Los Matadores route and disappear for months before reappearing again.

  7. They don't want to make her a superchick like Paige failed up to be, they want to make her look like a legit person in the ring, Natty is a good person to job to first.. watch Natty vs Charlotte @ TLC&S.. Charlotte will go over, I like the call to be honest.
  8. Forgot to post my rating but I give it a 6/10, My boy Sandow looked good again and won a Slammy so that's cool with me.. some reviewers were saying that Sandow deserves even more than what they thought just from that tag match where Miz got destroyed.
  9. cool, then give it to Rollins.

    Wait, Charlotte debuted? Boo!
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  10. Watching this right now... Hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. Will rate/review it later.
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  11. Agreed. And assuming the vote was legit, not doctored by WWE, Reigns winning solidifies the chances that Reigns will indeed be the man who takes Lesnar down. A legit vote tells WWE that enough of its viewers want to see it. Sigh.
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  12. Even though Lesnar should have won, lol at people complaining about Reigns winning.

    > OMG Reigns won, he did nothing in 2014
    > He got the most eliminatons in the RR match which is more prestigious than MITB. He barely got pinned and was most likely undefeated in single matches.

    > He can't wrestle
    > I'd like to see you try and do better.

    > He only does 5 moves
    > So do Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Triple H, Cena, etc.

    Goddamm Internet nerds.
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  13. #13 Jacob Fox, Dec 9, 2014
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    I actually have to admit I agree with all your points, except for the answer of liking to see a fan wrestle better.. Just because a fan can't wrestle as good as Roman Reigns does not make him a good wrestler. We are hardly the measuring stick.
  14. It was an NXT match to hype the PPV.
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  15. It's not that, I just don't think that it was the smart move to give it to him this year when he's supposed to have a big next year. That's if it's rigged. I mean, he's supposed to win the Rumble, conquer Lesnar at WMXXXI, get cashed in on, and probably get a second title reign. All in the span of 2015. So, why give him the title of ‘Superstar of the year’ for 2014?

    I mean, he COULD win it twice in a row. But why pass up on giving it to Bryan this year? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not Bryan's biggest fan and I know that he’s missed several months, but he’s accomplished a whole lot in the time he was on TV. Hell, even Lesnar has more claim to it.(It wouldn't have happened though since he’s a heel and it's supposed to reflect the fan's stance. Same with Rollins.)
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  16. Just done watching this episode! Well, this is actually the worst of the three. These past three episodes have really been lacklusters, the only good build-up towards TLC is Ambrose/Wyatt. Giving it a real generous 4/10.

    - The openning segment was fine only because of Mizdow. Dayumn, he looked Sharp-y and once again, totally outshined Miz.
    - Rollins vs Ziggler was fine for what it was, but should've been longer, dammit! Dat Curb Stomp, tho. The master salesman Ziggler sold it like a baws! I liked that post-match segment with Rollins being pissed off and cutting that promo. He should've just smashed that Slammy into the ground, instead of accepting it instead of Sting. Oh well.
    - The entire Wyatt/Ambrose segment. Damn, I love this feud! I also loved JBL's response to Cole's comment 'This guy's a sicko' and JBL replied 'He's not that normal'. LMAO!
    - Happy that mah boi won LOL Moment of the Year! Mizdow's just too awesome!
    - Mizdow stealing the show again, despite the (Kane/Miz & Mizdow vs Ryback/The Usos) match being a total garbage. Mizdow was the only positive in that whole segment!
    - Even though the ME was dogshit, I liked seeing Cena being put though the announcer's table by a Triple Powerbomb, as well as Harper performing that Wheelbarrow Facebuster on DZ and putting him through a table...

    - Kingston vs Stardust was just too short and kinda meh. But I'm looking forward to the New Day/Gold & Stardust feud, nonetheless!
    - Okay, why in the bloody hell would you debut Charlotte only to be jobbing to Natalya? It makes zero sense. Oh wait, that's kinda WWE's thing.
    - Harper vs Rowan. Absolutely pointless.
    - Hey, let's just cheat and have Reigns win Superstar of the Year. Piss off! Anyone but Reigns/Cena deserved this award.
    - Cena vs Big Show. Dosghit ME which ended in a DQ. (shocker)

    The neutral:
    - Heyman/Rollins segment backstage.

    The 'Why God, why is this crap on TV?' segment:
    - Cena's corny, dogshit promo backstage.
    - Whatever Rusev crap was going on. This guy is as relevant as the US title. Oh wait... :dawg:
    - Whatever Divas Division match was on.
    - Big Show's cheesy, dogshit promo backstage.

    Hopefully the PPV won't be a downer, as much as the build-up for it was. However, I'm expecting post-TLC&S RAW to be good from there on, heading into the Rumble. But we'll see what happens.
  17. There are people who think the Slammy Awards AREN'T rigged? :dawg:

    Even though Brock Lesnar, Daniel Bryan (well, maybe), Seth Rollins and even John Cena would have been more realistic choices for Superstar Of The Year, it was obvious that Reigns was winning just due to the fact that he's already been selected as "the next John Cena", a push that's poised to begin with him defeating Brock Lesnar for the title next year. If this was a real award ceremony though, Brock Lesnar would have won that shit, no doubt. A total of four matches or not, he ended the Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak and steamrolled through Cena like no one has ever done before.

    Speaking of which, Lesnar should have also won "The Most Extreme Moment Of The Year' for destroying Cena the way he did at Summerslam, although part of me might have seen that as a bad omen that Cena might actually win the championship from him come Rumble time. Jericho jumping off the cage won instead? WTF? And Y2J wasn't even there to accept the award...
  18. Nah, they are rigged. But, Reigns winning Superstar of the Year is just total dogshit... And he's Cena 2.0, no doubt. So, if he beats Lesnar at Mania, I hope to God they let Rollins cash in on him afterwards.

    Extreme Moment of the Year should've been Rollins performing a Curb Stomp on Ambrose, driving his head through cinder blocks... Or just like you mentioned, Lesnar maiming Cena for the title at SummerSlam.
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  19. Went 3/10 better than last two weeks but still had to ff alot
  20. For me, it's the other way around.

    But to each his own, though.
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