Spoiler Rate WWE SmackDown 7/19/16

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Roadster, Jul 20, 2016.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Click here for full rosters.
    Click here for a full, detailed, report

    Results (open)

    John Cena defeated Luke Gallows

    Champions vs. Challengers: Darren Young & Zack Ryder w/ Bob Backlund defeated Rusev & The Miz w/ Lana & Maryse

    Kane vs. Kevin Owens ended in No Contest when Sami Zayn attacked him, and both got chokeslammed by Kane

    Bray Wyatt defeated Xavier Woods

    Charlotte & Dana Brooke defeated Sasha Banks in a 2-on-1 Handicap match

    Chris Jericho defeated Cesaro *Recommended*

    Alicia Fox vs. Natalya ended in No Contest when Becky Lynch attacked.

    Dean Ambrose (c) defeated Seth Rollins to retain the WWE Championship

  2. Posted at 12:34 :madcat:

    I didn't watch but I read through the recap. Sounded like WWE did something good. I hope it continues. :obama:
  3. Another strong Smackdown. There has not been a bad episode this year
  4. I missed it live because I was a bit ill. But it was a pretty good time... there was nothing I didn't like about Smackdown. Much like Raw, I'll give it a 9.

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  5. I'm giving it 7 cow sit was a good episode. And adding an extra point for Bray's Uranage to Xavier
  6. 7, I think Smackdown will be ok with what they got, I guess I'm the only known man on the planet to really enjoy Mojo Rawley's call up (THE HYPE IS REAL), now commentary is getting shaken up too, each announce team will get one good commentator and 2 bad ones (yeah I'm judge mental on commentary), Smackdown's good one is Mauro with Otunga and JBL annoying him and Raw's is fucking Corey Graves (YES) and Micheal and Saxton annoying him. Now one thing that is disappointing is that Bailey hasn't been called up, note this is probably to build as surprise for Battleground, because Nia Jax isn't the type really to join Sasha and other women call ups are on Smackdown, just because Bailey wasn't on the draft doesn't mean she is not getting called up, they wanna build for a huge ovation if management is really supporting her. It's worth noting the separation of ADR and Paige as well as keeping Carmella away from Enzo and Cass, ADR and Paige is probably for a Total Divas angle and Carmella is probably getting pushed as a singles competitor. One other note is poor Slater, now 2 things they can do, have him show up on each show begging to get into a venue in joke scene (the bad move), or build him up as an outsider and make him serious like no one cares about him in a real ass push like this man deserves for working as the jobber heel for so long (the good move). I feel bad for Heath since he's since treated like a laugh at him heel, he's been around for about 6 years now and deserves that mid card push in my opinion.

    Final piece of my review is belt separation, instead of the world heavyweight title making a return, WWE should instead give the WWE championship 2 different color scemes and bill one of them as "The Monday Night Raw WWE Championship" and the other as "The Smackdown Live WWE Championship". It just sounds cooler and fresh like that. This can be one with the tag belt and women's belt.
  7. It looks like i'm switching my shows now.. Clearly Smackdown got the better roster with Styles, Cena, Ambrose, Reigns and Orton.. RAW has got no one besides Seth Rollins and a bunch of mid-carders.. I just wish Rollins was on Smackdown then i don't ever have to watch RAW again.

    Overall the show gets 6/10, not the best but it could've been a lot worse.
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  8. Reigns is on RAW, buddy
  9. Decent show. 6/10

    Y2J vs Cesaro and the ME were highlights.

    The build/hype for all midcard matches was solid and outside of having Stephanie on the show, there's nothing else I didn't really like. One thing I felt should've been done better: The draft portions felt pretty rushed and poorly produced. Thanks, Bucktooth.

    Also, the picture in picture thing during commercial breaks was cool. It should be done often so that the flow of the match isn't ruined.

    As for the draft, RAW got a stronger hand, but whatyagonna do, flagship show and all.
  10. Judging from the (surprisingly, I might add) few posts above from our fellow members, I’m probably going to be the first one to express a very different opinion about Smackdown last night, at least publicly anyway. Now, to make things clear, my really negative reaction has nothing to do with Smackdown itself because it could easily have been another edition of RAW however the highly anticipated draft happened last night, on Smackdown so, again, this not about Smackdown (or RAW, for that matter) but about WWE in general.

    Just to get it out of the way, I gave last night’s show a mere 1/10 and just to be clear, that one point goes for Dean Ambrose getting the clean win over Seth Rollins, which I absolutely loved.

    As far as the draft is concerned, for all the hype and anticipation, to me it turned out to be THE clusterfuck of clusterfucks. It felt rushed, it felt sloppy, it felt completely fake and I cannot begin describing my disappointment in how unorganized WWE turned out to be given they had months in advance to plan it right. Now, don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t born yesterday and of course I am aware that everything is predetermined and all but do you really mean to tell me they couldn’t give us the slightest feeling of realism for this thing?

    If the draft was the most important thing last night, the main focus of the show, why on earth was it necessary to give us all these filler matches that, aside from the championship, meant absolutely nothing? Oh, were they supposed to be considered a build up for Battleground? You had a fucking month already for that!!!

    How stupid was it having both commissioners with their respective GM’s on fucking podiums, basically reading out each name like they had the lists in front of them beforehand? I mean, granted, they obviously had everything sorted out (or…did they?) but why not play it out a little bit? Make it like each team was thinking over their next pick, for example, based on what the other brand selected and whatnot?

    Where were the cameras in the locker room areas, liked they used to do in previous drafts, where we could see some live reactions from the superstars themselves on the spot, again, giving a more realistic feel to the whole thing?

    Where was any fucking surprise? For all this time there was talk about WWE looking to bring back at least a couple of old timers, just to add some spice into this draft. As in, just when one brand seem to have the upper hand (sort of speak) the other brand would then announce, say, a Kurt Angle or a Karlito or someone dammit. Wouldn’t that add some intrigue and excitement to the draft? i

    How is it that the commentators were not part of the draft? They did decide, after all, to switch things up in the booths, right? Why go with a simple announcement and not play it all out as part of the draft?

    How is it that while they announce on Monday that the cruiserweight division will be a RAW exclusive, they make NO FUCKING MENTION about the rest of the divisions/championships, not even on the night of the actual draft, as in which brand will feature which title? Will they be floating? Are they going to create new and perhaps separate titles for each show, a disaster (in my opinion) waiting to happen?

    Finally, how on earth did they imagine they could squeeze the whole draft alongside a stacked card in practically less than two hours?

    I’m pretty sure a lot of you, while reading this, may wonder why I make such a big deal about it, bitching and moaning or perhaps nitpicking to a point where it’s excessive and beyond reasonable. Well, I apologize if I love my wrestling that much that I care if certain things are done right. Not what I want, but what’s right…

    Draft Day used to be so special back in the day. They didn't do it very often, but when they did, it fealt big and important. Good job WWE on fucking that up too....
  11. Gave it 8/10.

    The matches were iffy. Nothing interesting, but the draft picks and all the announcements made this really good. The Main Event was pretty slow, and was just Rollins beating down on Ambrose, after a cheap shot, until a hinted table spot. The final moments were very interesting. Cesaro and Jericho was short, impactful and had some nice spots.
  12. To be fair on the matches. This is one episode where it should be okay that the matches are secondary to what else is going on. Since the focus was on the draft itself.
  13. 7/10.. the only reason I'm rating it that high is the ME.. hell of a match with a great finish with Ambrose getting the clean pin.
  14. I'd give it a 6/10. The show wasn't awful but I thought the draft part was kinda dull which knocks my rating down a bit. Most of the matches felt pretty quick and didn't really drag on at all. Cesaro vs Jericho and Ambrose vs Rollins were pretty good matches as well.
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