Rate your current interest in Raw/10

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Nov 4, 2013.

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  10. lol yea right

  1. Simple enough, how much do you look forward to Raw, enjoy watching Raw with the current angles, ect?

    For me at the moment I can't even bring myself to watch Raw or PPVs (at least I couldn't HIAC).

    From what I read about Raw last week some new things might be underway as opposed to the same old shit, so I may check out tonight's ep. but judging by the lack of topics/replies in this section I don't think I'm alone with a recent dip in interest. I might be reading it wrong, thus, this thread.

    all in all I'd say 1.5/10 for me.
  2. 3/10 and I'm going to next week's RAW lol
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  3. 7. RAW has been consistently good for the majority for a while now. Last week's show was awesome.
  4. Maybe it is like Impact circa last year where it is a solid wrestling show weekly but if you ask most people they can't even tell you what happened but they are like 'oh, but it was good!'

    You speak for most people but most people aren't speaking for themselves. I don't see anyone talking about how good Raw has been lately.
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  5. That's lame. Hopefully something tonight leaves a big cliff hanger for the show you go to or something.
  6. I speak for most people? Dawg I just posted my rating. I understand the impact comparison, but I didn't feel like anything big was happening in TNA during that period; just a consistent wrestling show. RAW has some pretty big stories happening and coming up.
  7. My bad man. I read "has been good for the majority for a while now" as the majority of the people, but I guess you meant the majority of the show. A million apologies sir.

    Not sure what big angles you mean. Big Show closing every show leading to HHh vs Big Show? Kane joining Stephanie? fuck both of those characters man. And bryan/punk vs Wyatt just feels random, mistimed and out of place.
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  8. Last week's show was good but that was an exception. Remember the standard of RAW from Payback to Summerslam? That was good...

    Yeah, I'm just hoping for a good ME with Bryan and stuff, and then hopefully a swerve, but expectations are not high.
  9. Nice thread, curious to what people say. I went with 2/10. I skim through it and I get bored sometimes.
  10. It's a 6 for me right now. I'm going to watch RAW regardless of my current interest level b/c that's just what I do on Monday nights, but currently my interest is around a 6. It was about 3-4 leading into HIAC, but recent developments have peaked my interest a little.
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  11. It's an effort to fast forward and find good parts of the show, so there's my rating :pity1:

    @taily96 will be hoping something big happens this week for Manchester next week :lol1:
  12. Surprisingly, I'm getting into Big Show. Not sure why. I guess I put the idiotic u-turns with his character behind me and the lack of kayfabe logic, but the story itself is solid. Punk and Bryan interacting with the Wyatt's going forward? Awesome. Kane back to being a heel and gives the corporate stable some more muscle? Great because this could lead to the Shield split. Heel Orton entertains me both in the ring and on the mic (lol sorry). Heyman maybe leaving Ryback and Axel going forward? Sweet, what's he going to do next? That alongside the eventual Punk being in the title picture again and Bryan vs HHH at some point = excitement for the future. Tag team division is getting back on track too.

    There are negatives though like Dolph Ziggler being buried.
  13. Also, Cena being WHC makes me interested in that title again, but not until ADR is through with being the challenger.
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  14. Just had to slip that last bit in, huh?

    I guess I'm just overthinking things which in general in wrestling means you are gonna have a bad time, but none of what you said reignites my interest in the product for different reasons. First off, Orton, god you will burn in the deepest depths of hell for enjoying his boring shit. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. ewwwwwwww

    I can't even continue because liking Orton is so egregious. fucking gross man. go take a shower you nasty bastard
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  15. Haven't watched in like 2-maybe 3 months aside from some segments here and there.

    So, like .01/10
  16. Last week was the first time I've watched RAW in a while and it was pretty sweet so I'm about a 5-6/10 right now.
  17. What's crazy is if they would just put Ziggler in a proper feud I would watch all 3 hours of Raw and probably grade it favorably afterward.
  18. So much DB it's to the point where he needs to make a big move forward or i'm going to lose all interest together. The HBK part with the yes lock gave me some faith.
    No DZ. Wait, he sells WWE.com now. I've seen more Ryder than DZ in the last 6 weeks.
    Woo Woo Woo. I got to see Ryder, i dont care how it works out.
    HHH is awesome, Big Show drew out the crying angle just long enough to make me mark for him doing anything else. I like how all that is going, and i'll even watch their match, granted it isnt as far away as RR or WM.

    ADR lost to Cena on his 4 month early return, and then Cena beat Sandow. Some laughed and who knows how this goes.
    Kane is back, Wyatt stuff is going to improve.
    Everything Goldust is cool with me. Count me in.
    The matches have been all around great, Real Americans have been impressive and going over the face teams. PTP have been due for something for what, 8 months now?
    Heyman is gone now, I dont expect him back without Bork. This means less Ryback and Axel most likely drops his belt ASAP. Deal

  19. Aids an even bigger WWE mark than Crayo. stop the press
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  20. [​IMG]
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