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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jun 13, 2014.

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  1. 1 meaning you don't watch or read results 10 being you watch as much WWE as you can and want to discuss it as much as possible.

    It just seems interest is at an all time low around here, seeing if it is my imagination or not.
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    wrestling does what it says on the tin. the product currently is sound as a dollar pound
  3. 1. I've pretty much stopped watching entirely.
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  4. Only a six since I don't watch all shows. I watch Raw and Nxt but read results for everything else.
  5. same lad, all started with that vanilla midget DB being the focus. they've never recovered my attention since
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  6. 3.

    Funny that in two weeks there will be a new champion and probably a new MITB winner, but most fans' interest is at rock bottom. Two friends have stopped watching the product. RAW sucks every week and it feels like you are watching the same 3hour show you saw the previous week. I fear that they have botched the Rollins turn/Shield split. Really don't want Lesnar to return this Summer because it will be a waste of his dates as there is no possible match/feud I would really like to see. NXT still enjoyable though, and it should pick up towards SummerSlam because that is when the first 6-month Network subscriptions are up, so they want people to renew.
  7. I watch Raw, Smackdown, NXT on occasion (when I remember), I have watched Superstars in the past but not recently really. I watch Total Divas with the wife. I have a subscription to WWEN and I watch the PPVs on it.

    I'd rather watch WWE than most of the other BS on tv nowadays. But I guess that might just be me. I suppose if I wasn't married and tied down with kids and could do whatever I wanted when I wanted I might not watch it as much and do other things.
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  8. I haven't been able to get into it completely for the past year or so (even before that if we go to when Punk was still around), regardless of what's going on (good or bad). I'd still watch parts of the show or clips on YT and such, but now, I really don't give a shit. I just like lurking this forum.
  9. last time I gave a shit was when DZ/ADR did the double turn, but WWE botched that up real nice and quick.

    Since then I laughed my ass off at some HHH promos against DB being a bitch, but that was about it.

    edit: Oh and I wanted to mark for Reigns/The Shield.... but something just wasn't clicking. probably the storyline idk. I want to love Reigns but he isn't enough by himself to justify watching this shit product
  10. i watch the lot. raw , smackdown and tna. tape them all on VHS to study later

    again, wrestling does what it says on the tin, dont get why people moan abot it. cena is not th premier performer anymore, what more do you lads want.
  11. Yeah, stuff like this is also part of the problem. You get excited for some possible storyline/angle and then it's just botched completely. TO the point where you cannot expect anything good to happen, ever. Just kills everything from the get go.
  12. It reminds me of Dexter. Dexter was awesome through season 4. Similar to how wrestling was awesome when I was younger.

    After S 4 of Dexter it pretty much sucked. Something "major" would happen and I would gather up some hope, but nothing that I cared about ever took place. I was just hoping for Dexter to recapture that magic and it didn't happen. The lucky thing about Dexter was it ended after 8 seasons.

    With WWE it is time to admit this is the end of the 8th season and it might not go off the air, but I should treat it as such. It just isn't for me anymore.

    The only thing that can save my interest in WWE is a Ziggler push, AKA RIP my interest in WWE.
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  13. I just watch parts of Raw, read the spoilers for taped events and watch the PPVs. Guess that's a 4
  14. 3 lowest in a long time. Literally no storylines are interesting ATM IMO.
  15. I just watch the PPVs so Im gonna say 3/10
  16. I'd say a solid 7 tbh (@David5150). I'm pretty pumped for MITB for some reason.
  17. 7/10 because MITB is coming up. The main reasons why WWE haven't been able to hold my interest is because of Daniel Bryan's injury - nobody's fault, but Bryan deserves the big championship run after WM30 but once again something went wrong, and the lack of good storylines in lower mid-card - I want to see Ziggler doing more stuff that actually means something, Sandow to step up, The Rhodes Brothers to do something better, Bo Dallas to get a feud.

    However, WWE are getting better with the midcard titles (Barrett is over, having good matches. Sheamus is also doing good) and with the issues they've had recently, they've done good to pull that Rollins swerve.
  18. Not high. I'm still watching and all, but I have to say that last week's Raw was pretty boring.
  19. I don't want to put a number on it, but I only watch Raw and then download the PPVs after they've aired. And even then, I usually skim through most of Raw on my DVR and watch only the non-wrestling segments (which doesn't involve bothering to weave through any Divas bullshit, for the record), and I skip around and watch only specific matches on the PPVs as well. I hardly ever remember that Smackdown is on at all, and I never bother with NXT or Superstars.

    To put it in exact terms, I'm only a really moderate fan at best these days. However, there are a handful things that spark my interest in the product at the moment - seeing the continued progression of the Seth Rollins heel turn as well as The Shield continuing to dissolve (Reigns is starting to grow on me a bit, too), seeing who they'll crown as the new champion now that the title is up for grabs, seeing how Bray Wyatt will continue to progress along, etc. I like how they're using Barrett at the moment as well. They've let him pick up a few clean victories (over Sheamus, Big E for the Intercontinental Title, RVD) and they're starting to treat the IC Title like it means something again. I'm looking forward to seeing Brock Lesnar back on-screen eventually too, although I'm still so-so on the Cesaro/Heyman pairing.

    All in all, there's plenty of things for me to like on the show, it's just that I can't be arsed to sit through three hours of Raw watching mostly the same matches every week.
  20. I guess I don't run into this problem because I watch the shows on Hulu where they condense the show down to 90 mins I believe
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