Ratings are in for Impact

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  2. I guess people were too lazy to change the channel.
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  3. Well lemme tell you something brother, the only reason the ratings went up is because the week before sucked hard, dude. And the teases of you and your 24-inch pythons stumbling, bumbling, and fumbling your geriatric ass down to the ring aren't drawing any new viewers, jack. Hulkamania's dead and so is your career, brother, brother, oh brother...
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  4. Ratings still on the same average, a slight increase, nice.
  5. A little increase, hmmm. It's still not good.
  6. 52k more is still not well enough.

    IMO, everything below 1.5 mill viewers isn't good, which makes these rating NOT good.
  7. [​IMG]
  8. Hmmm..... have Gut Check again this week, plus getting closer to Lockdown. Plus it'll go back to being live, and for the Hardy marks, he'll be back. So wonder if all that will contribute to an increase for this week's ratings.
  9. Live = ratings
  10. My thoughts exactly. :true: They should surely have an increase this week.
  11. Sure it's going to increase this week's show, there are a lot of creatures of the night
  12. Hoping for a lot of Aries/Roode segments
  13. Me while watching those -----> :fap: :gusta: :fap:
  14. It just got hot in hurr :phew:
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  15. It's a female Gutcheck this week. :gusta: :laugh: @deth
  16. Female Gutcheck? Sounds... good.
  17. Made no difference when they went live before, lol.
  18. Actually, nope.

    Many people don't care about it being taped or live (at least in TNA) and it was proven time and time again in TNA.
  19. We'll see. :willis:
  20. We like it a lot more, IMO. I give better ratings automatically for being Live.
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