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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jun 5, 2012.

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  1. http://www.cagesideseats.com/2012/6/5/3066505/wwe-raw-ratings-for-june-4-panic-show-average-4-28-million-viewers


    What was it last week? I can't remember. This isn't a big improvement though
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  2. Last week was a 2.7. Not a big improvement. I'm normally more interested in the break downs though.
  3. I know the 2nd hour lost viewers. I'm assuming the ME probably saw a huge drop off, but who knows
  4. Wow, well they got more then last week so congratulations I guess >_> and I had forgotten all about HHH taking over Vince's spot...I'm sure they'll say it's because of HHH injury or something like that for Vince's return reason.
  5. Damn I thought it was gonna go down even more. Went up by 0.2.
  6. The ME should be a drop, if there's still something right in this world. Why would I want to see Cole get beat up by Cena and getting BBQ sauce poured over him? Horrible. Damn comedy wrestling.
  7. Comedy wrestling is funny. That was something far far worse last night.
  8. Putting overly comedic wrestling involving Cena on the main event of your flagship show for no reason is a bad thing, that's what I meant. Last night was... :facepalm1:
  9. Second hour lost 70k people. Should've been more.
  10. No this is what that match was
  11. 2.9 is still a real bad rating for WWE.
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  12. better than 2.7. :booker:
  13. And has average RAW viewers.
  14. And worse than their usual 3.2+'s
  15. That Booker face is so assy. It needs a better cut out or to just be scraped
  16. What is the highest rating they've had in the last few years?
  17. This is becoming a trend, and that 3-hour shit will only make things worse.
  18. Anyone else think they'll eventually scrap it?
  19. The three hour thing? As soon as they can get out of it.
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