Ratings are up.

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Snowman, Mar 3, 2013.

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  2. Good rating, almost reaching 1.5 million viewers, nice.
  3. Who's the random variant we can put this up to? Kenny King is the X division champ so he must be a draw. They didn't get this with Bob as champ, good old Kenny putting asses in seats.
  4. Waiting for the quarter hours to find out.:pity2:

    Q5 featured Lethal Lockdown match setup and the return of EY, so I expect at least 1.8 rating!:rock:

    Just kidding, but King-RVD was in Q4, and that rarely draws, unless it has TARA in it.
  5. Awesome. Let's hope it continues to increase... lol yeah I know. #RollerCoasterRatings
  6. Everything around 1.5 million and above is awesome.
  7. AWWW YEAH. This is awesome, hope it goes even higher here with the tour movement starting.
  8. My guess? Them announcing early that Hogan wouldn't be there and Hardy would.
  9. Great rating, TNA is getting better ratings than in the UK =)
  10. Nice! That's what you get for good shows!
  11. Impact Zone = ratings? :nogusta:
  12. Like I said, live = ratings :jeritroll:
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  13. As mah man Roode claims to Aries beating him.... FLUKEEEEE!
  14. We'll see sir, we'll see.
  15. Quarter Hour Ratings for 2/28 IMPACT Wrestling

    Q1: Impact opened with a 1.08 rating for Bully Ray's promo and Jeff Hardy's return, interrupted by Bad Influence to set up the TV main event. There was also half of a commercial.

    Q2: Impact dipped to a 0.97 rating for Velvet Sky vs. Tara for the Knockouts title. Pre-match intros went longer than the match, though, and there were one-and-a-half commercials.

    Q3: Impact increased to a 1.04 rating for Austin Aries vs. Hernandez and one commercial.

    Q4: Impact increased to a 1.10 rating for Rob Van Dam vs. Kenny King for the X Division title and two full commercial breaks.

    Q5: Impact popped to a show-high 1.31 rating for the announcement of the Lethal Lockdown teams before a fight broke out. There was also one commercial.

    Q6: Impact dipped to a 1.27 rating for various videos and backstage segments wrapped around Ivelisse Velez vs. Lei'D Tapa in a Knockouts Gut Check match.

    Q7: Impact dipped to a 1.23 rating for an update on AJ Styles, a skit involving the Robbies, and hype for the TV main event.

    Q8: Impact dipped to a 1.13 rating for Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray vs. Bad Influence.

    @seabs @rain - Q4 wasn't bad after all!
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  16. An improvement which is always good news.
  17. Kenny king is the next wrestling mega draw obviously
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  18. Eric Young = Ratings
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  19. Love how the highest quarter ratings were when there wasn't an actual match.

    Anyway, very glad to hear of the increased ratings, and 1.49 million viewers is awesome. :stopspot: I expected better ratings with it being a live show and Hardy being back, plus the show prior to a PPV, but that's even better than I expected. Having a solid show obviously didn't hurt. Keep it up, TNA!
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