Ratings breakdown of the RAW of May 28

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, May 30, 2012.

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  1. The ratings of this weeks RAW is in and it does not look good. Most on here said it was a shit show and I think it shows in the ratings of this week.

    Say it with me people.......OUCH!

    That's the lowest ratings on RAW since September 2011.

    Was this because of the lack of Cena? Was it because it was memorial day weekend? The NBA playoff? That new show on the History channel that drew good ratings? Or just because the show sucked more then a Tijuana Donkey Show?
  2. Holy shit that is a very very very bad rating.
  3. Tijuana Donkey Shows >> the last months worth of Raws
  4. Whoa, talk about a drop. :simmons:

    I hope WWE does something about this.
  5. They suspend Orton. :otunga:
  6. That's one way to start. :yay:
  7. There you go, WWE. The low rating you were waiting to make you do something. Either they do something or watch those ratings keep dropping.
  8. They'll probably just blame Hatfields and McCoys. It got about 13.5 million viewers.
  9. I'll give them the benefit of doubt and wait until I see next week's rating to decide if they're actually screwed or not.
  10. How bad is this guys. Please elaborate. :tough: Doesn't seem all that bad. :obama:
  11. RAW is usually in the 3. ratings like most successful shows. What these ratings mean is that not even half of the people that normally watch RAW watched it this week.
  12. It's one of the worst ratings ever and the worse since September 2011 and you ask how is it bad?

    3.0 is even considered a bad rating for WWE. This is a big chunk behind that. They're down nearly 1 million viewers from last week.
  13. Let's wait until it gets in the 2.5 mark. Then WWE will be doing some crazy shit. :dawg:
  14. That's the idea.
  15. What are TNA's ratings?
  16. We all want WWE's ratings to drop so they take drastic action and actually put out an entertaininng product. TNA's ratings are 1.0-1.2's sometimes under etc.

    SmackDowns are 1.7's+.
  17. I think last week scored a 1.0, but they are going live today, so it'll probably improve.
  18. Just remembered their new aim towards ratings.
  19. I hope it works out for them. :burns:
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  20. This is great news.

    NWO is gonna be one of the worst buyrates for years, nobody gives a single fuck about it.
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