Ratings for Impact Wrestling 5/31/12

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Leo C, Jun 1, 2012.

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  1. The May 31st Live IMPACT in a new time slot had 1,296,000 viewers which is the lowest viewership of the year and the lowest viewership in a long time. The show scored a 0.89 rating which is also the lowest of the year.

    Source: TNA Asylum
  2. Wow...That did not work out as planned for them now did it.
  3. I was surprised. I don't watch TNA, I was expecting the ratings to go up and be closer to SD's, but I guess I was wrong, just like most people.
  4. Oh no.

    You can blame a lot of it though on new time slot.
  5. It did actually. I saw quotes earlier this week from Dixie talking about how the rating would drop before it went up because of the time change.

    It will be interesting to see the difference in ratings between the two hours
  6. Dolph, I don't think you can blame Big Bang theory, since you didn't blame Raw's bad ratings on the Hatfields and the McCoys for understandable reasons.

    I blame Brooke Hogan, they put too much emphasis on that. Can't wait to see the quarters, Q3 probably had a massive drop after that Sting/Roode dilemma.
  7. Uh, oh... Not a good start.
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  8. Well it takes a while for things to settle. There are some people who watch TNA every other week or something, so they might have not known about the time change. Also others have to change their schedule to be able to make it to their TV earlier. There are others who thought that maybe the time change was on another day. Of course the ratings will probaly be low again next week, but eventually it will come back up once people get used to the time settings and everything.
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  9. It doesn't look too good for them.
  10. Obviously, the timeslot change did the damage. Bad as bad gets. Lets hope it's up next week!
  11. Where did I blame the Big Bang Theory? I said the company expected a drop because of the time change, and it's understandable. As I mentioned I'm interested to see the difference in ratings from hour 1 to hour 2.

    And yea, I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people tuned out after Sting pissed in everyone's cheerios.
  12. :obama: Liked.
  13. Oh, okay, I thought you said somewhere that it was because there were a lot of highly-rated shows in that timeslot, including Big Bang Theory. I misread, sorry.
  14. I had no clue what time slot the BBT was in, but IMO anyone watching that show should be put to death.


  15. Yeah, that show is not watchable anymore.
  16. It never was :burns:
  17. BS, it's the best comedy out there.
  18. :dawg: You on pot or something? First two seasons or so yes, but it became stale and boring now, IMO.:tough:
  19. Holy shitballs. Best comedy? It's a slap in the face to funny shows everywhere to even call that show a comedy, let alone good comedy, but the best comedy?

    I really hate you right now
  20. I was enumerating. But it's one of my favourite comedies atm. Ofc Friends, South Park, FG, Blackadder, Everybody loves raymond etc are too.
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