Ratings keep growing, growing, growing...

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  1. -prowrestling.net and tnasylum.com, preferably tnasylum because they're awesome
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  2. Huge ratings boost for shark boy. Shell yeah.
  3. Great improvement given that two (?) weeks ago they got 0.8-9 mostly.
  4. Still pretty weak, sadly.
  5. AJ is a monster draw.
  6. Too bad I don't watch TNA anymore after The Fucking Machine Brian Cage lost Gutcheck.
  7. Great to see. Is tonight the day it goes back to 9pm btw?
  8. Yeah.
  9. Hope they keep growing, they're growing right now but as deth said, still to weak, they need to grow more, but this week's episode ratings are really amazing
  10. Please don't open that grossful can of worms.

  11. No one takes a rating thread serious enough to start it.
  12. Be careful what you wish for.:testify:
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