Ratings up again from last week.

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  1. Jesus, Bryan does it again!
  2. :facepalm:

    Big Show *cough*.
  3. Why do you hate Bryan seriously? He's so similar to Punk in many ways. I thought you'd have been a fan tbh.
  4. Lmao Big Show drawing ratings? :facepalm:
  5. He's not behind all these ratings, i never said i hated him i'm just not a fan of him.

    Even if CM Punk is my favorite that doesn't mean i have to like Daniel Bryan and they're definitely not alike, there's differences between these two. That hypocrite is a vegan for example and i hate his gimmick.
  6. Rating have risen since he's been a focal point of the show haven't they?
  7. I rest my case.
  8. How's he a hypocrite?

  9. You have no case. You're saying Show is the reason for the increase right? I asked you if they have risen since Bryan has been a focal point. It was a rhetorical question making the statement that Bryan has been responsible for the increase.
  10. Bryan is a faggot just like that, i don't like him like even personally because i don't see anything in him that fits a WWE Superstar you could go on and on and on all night about what he's done but it won't matter because for me he is just a hypocrite and a geek he just doesn't deserve the spotlight that he's getting right now, Cody Rhodes does.

    Show is the reason why Smackdown is awesome.
  11. Fair enough. I don't quite see how he's a geek or a hypocrite but it's completely subjective. No one opinion can be wrong.
  12. I've already told you it's my opinion, you could go on about his history but my opinion won't change it's simple as that.

    In Character he's a geek and a hypocrite - Out of Character he shouldn't be a WWE superstar, could be better off in ROH.
  13. I'm not trying to change anyones opinion. Alot of wrestlers would be better off in ROH tbh. People like Punk, Dragon, even Orton would fit in well because wrestling is encouraged rather then simple storytelling.
  14. It's funny because Bryan is the most over heel on SmackDown and draws ratings, while Big Show continues to squash and still can't draw a dime. If you hate Bryan for being a hypocrite in character, then he's one damn good heel and belongs in WWE.

    Had to post that.
  15. I find it comical that Bryan gets the credit for good ratings....

    ... yet The Rock is given sole credit for the ratings WWE got in 2000

    The Rock was a draw, yet HHH never drew a dime the same year? Pfff
  16. Hunter didn't. He worked with the draws. Bryan doesn't have anyone with a drawing history to work with.
  17. From 98-01, everything drew. After that, TV ratings plummeted

    McMahon and Hunter were the #1 heels during those years and get 0 credit

    Did the Rock draw w/o Hunter or Austin?

    Did Austin draw w/o Rock, Hunter or Vince?

    You probably have an answer for that too, since you always do
  18. Austin vs Taker drew, Rock vs Angle drew,Austin vs Michaels drew pretty well. You see a correlation here? Anyone who feuded with Austin or Rock drew.

    What do you mean by the bolded by the way?
  19. But everyone drew during those years, wrestling was that hot.

    I see no correlation other than that.

    After WM 17, nobody really drew anymore. not Austin, Rock or anybody.

    I saw RAW's in 02-04 with both Rock and Austin and the numbers weren't great
  20. You do know the WWE had it's 2nd most successful year financially in 2010 right? There obviously is some kind of drawing power under the Cena era. Not to mention Wrestlemania 23 being the highest grossing of all time. Life moved on after the Attitude Era. John Cena drew post attitude era. Not to mention 27 grossing $6.6 million. Rating fell sure but as a business the WWE is in better shape then ever.
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