Rave reviews for IC title match

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Oct 17, 2012.

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  2. Fuck that shit, Ziggler vs Ryder :fap:
  3. Yeah I read this article earlier, It's nice to see matches like this going on for a good period of time. Shame Big Show vs. Orton went on for same amount of time.
  4. Baw gawd the IC Title is back on the map after this! ! ! ! ! !
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  5. Good, the championship should be in lengthy matches like that, it makes the matches better, and brings good signs to the championship. Isn't restored yet, but this is a very good step to getting back on the right track.
  6. :finger: to those who say Miz can't wrestle.
  7. Baw Gawd King, you're right! The Miz is a regular Dynamite Kid!
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  8. Your sarcasm is not appreciated :sandow:.

    Seriously though, Miz has had quite a few great matches now, but people still see his ring work as a flaw. Obviously he's no Daniel Bryan and never will be, but he's definitely not a Khali, Mahal, etc.
  9. Poor seller, shit scared of taking spots, not very athletic at all, terrible strikes and not exactly great at constructing a long match (see WM27) are a few of the reasons I hate his in ring work.

    Oh yeah, and that bloody awful double axe handle from the top rope, yuck.
  10. Finished over half the match at WM 27 with a concussion. Did you see how hard his head smashed the floor?
  11. But ever since then he's been noticeably scared of taking them, see video below.

    The R-Truth one is absolutely shocking.
  12. Guessing you didn't see the top of the cage superplex he took vs Jomo and Cena at ER which ended up as a brainbuster also?

  13. I didn't tbh, I only restarted watching last August so I'm just judging him on post WM27 stuff in which he has IMO been scared to take a bump.
  14. Miz did take that suplex spot like a champ but there are many many more examples of him looking scared of a spot than actually taking one like a man.

    It's fine. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Some guys are nuts and love big spots, and Miz doesn't like taking big bumps.
  15. It was a very good match indeed, I enjoyed it.
  16. Can someone actually post these instance where Miz has ducked out of a spot? The one with R-Truth is the famous one where I think it was just mistimed. You have WM 27 and the big Brainbustahhhh spot there as evidence that he can take big spots... Can someone not provide more of these "many many others" where he's wimped out?

    I think to be honest people are criticizing on one very famous spot where it seemed like he ducked out and caused injury to R-Truth.
  17. It's hard to pick out specific examples, it's just something I have noticed over the past few months. And no way in hell was that R-Truth spot a timing issue, he blatantly moves out the way and allows him to fall unprotected. Have you ever seen another wrestler do anything similar to that? Horrible stuff.
  18. I doubt his intentions were "let's move out the way and let R-Truth get hurt". I honestly think it was just a mix up, but that's my opinion and irrelevant really. I've not noticed any other scenarios, he's just an average seller. Not bad, not good.
  19. I don't think he intended to hurt R-Truth either, I think his instincts just said 'shit, I need to move here', but as you say, that one is just my opinion.

    I just remembered his epic sell from Punk's kick @ TLC, yeah that was a little uncalled for from me. Still think he's a poor worker though.
  20. I think he's definitely poor as the "aggressive heel" WWE so want him to be. I think a more coward route is better, just have him find small loop holes to win. Unique methods to, not the typical feet on ropes pin etc. Instead of the slow aggressive dominating style he sometimes does where he's on top and he tries to look tough, have him rush around trying to get the easy pin because he doesn't want it to continue. They split him and Riley up too soon.
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