Rave Reviews For The Shield

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 21, 2013.

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  2. YEAH DUDE TERRY FUNK! I love the shield angle, and really dig people coming in from the crowd again.
  3. Terry Funk eh? :obama:
  4. Lol this report kind of puts Rollins below everyone.

    Reigns - Top Tier Guy
    Ambrose- It factor, separates him from everyone else.
    Rollins - urm good worker

    Slightly unfair.
  5. :true: they all are top tier, the other two are future WWE champions, while Rollins will probably be in the lower championships. They are all champions in my mind, and this angle couldn't be much better.
  6. Kinda agree with Crayo on them putting Rollins below the others, not to sell Dean or Roman short but Rollins has a lot of untapped babyface potential.

    All in all great reviews tho. Never pictured Ambrose as Funk to be honest, I looked him more like Pillman or Foley.
  7. Ambrose is a bit similar to Funk, yes. Nice comparison there.
  8. I hate reigns... He just have the look.
  9. Being a good worker is also a good compliment, though. It's hard now a days to find people passionate for a certain business or thing. Many, many people are after the money rather than proving themselves.
  10. Yeah, but I thought it was much less than Ambrose and Reigns. However, those two have impressed me the most as well so perhaps it's fair.
  11. The Shield is without a doubt the most interesting thing going on in WWE right now, yes they are even more entertaining to me than Rock, Cena and even Punk.
    All 3 of them have great potentials as top future stars, it's kinda difficult to rank them though but I'm biased to DEAAAAAAN AMBROOOOOOOSE FTW.
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  12. I really like how they work as a team, so I wouldn't want to see them split up for awhile yet. Reigns definitely has the look, if he gets much better on the Mic he'll easily be a future WWE champion. Rollins is a hard worker and you can see this in his matches, he also needs to get a little better on the Mic, I can see him being a face too. Ambrose is perfect on the mic and a great in ring worker, he could easily be one of the top heels in the WWE when they do split.
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