Ravens 30 Days of Gaming! Day 4!

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by RoyalRaven, Feb 10, 2014.

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  1. So we've hit day four and your question this time is........Which game character do you think you're most like and why? (it can also be who you wish you were for those who can't answer that)

    Well my answer is pretty straight forward, I'm probably most like Falco Lombardi, those who know me! I'm cocky, sarcastic, stubborn and pretty much just a human version of Falco!

    Now who I wish I could be, I'd have to go for Link, because I'd love to be a hero/knight and saving the princess!

    Your choice?
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  2. (Is it bad that I really don't know... I guess anyone bubbly and out going.)

    But if i could be anyone that isn't like me...

    It'd be Christie Monterio simply because it's a no brainier. She's hot and i wouldn't need anyone but myself. (Or maybe i have gender confusion... Either way I'm cool.)
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  3. I'm sorta like Luigi... the goofy, clumsy, but lovable brother to a much more responsible, head-on-straight guy.

    I'd like to be like Cloud... a man on a mission of revenge and redemption with a gigantic sword and bad ass motorcycle against a terrible regime bent on destroying the world.
  4. Me & Johnny Cage have much alike. I have a huge ego and I have huge plans that escalate past what I actually should have.
  5. Well this is a little obscure, but there is a member of the Animal Crossing family named Cheif. He prefers the night time, likes hanging out at home and loves music. He's also cool af, but that's subjective and I doubt I'm as cool as he is lol
    Two gents I'd like to be more like are Fox McCloud and Ness. Love those fuckin' guys.
  6. Mario. I'm short and like Shrooms.
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