Ravens Days of Gaming! Day 10!

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  1. What game coming out, was the most disappointing? By this I mean, you were really excited for it, when you played it, wasn't as good as it was shown.

    For me it was a little ditty called Brink, Piss Poor AI (except for the enemies), Bad servers, Single player was practically non exsistant, what there was of it, you had to do all the objectives, Parkour was terrible, little to no story, Multiplayer was sub par.

    It's the only game i've bought brand new and had for less than 24 hours.

    How about you? :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. MAG. I got it. It was that 356 player or some shit like that. I actually think it might've just been 156. But, it's supposed to have lots of people. But every online session I played, it was only like 12v12. COMPLETE BULLSHIT
  3. Hmm, I'm sure there are plenty but I'm blanking on pretty much all but a more recent one, Beyond: Two Souls. Not an awful game but certainly a disappointing one. It was basically my most anticipated game of 2013 & I was honestly expecting a better experience than Heavy Rain but man, I was so wrong. Even disregarding how poorly it compares to Heavy Rain, on its own it's still a letdown. Don't want to make it out like I didn't enjoy the game, I did fine but it didn't come close to matching my expectations.
  4. Awesome post, I also see Kurapica, in your avatar! If it's not him, it looks alot like him!
  5. I guess RAGE. Really boring to me.
  6. A grip of DC games back in the day. WWF Royal Rumble was 30$ for literally only a royal rumble match, but when I was little - I got friday the 13th and festers quest for like 30$ at a thrift sale, which was 6 weeks of allowance. Worst, purchase, ever. I hated the ever loving fuck out of those games, i was like 8 and patterns and planning ahead were not in the cards.
  7. It's actually Armin Arlert from Attack on Titan. A series which I don't find amazing like most everybody else seems to but I definitely like it & Armin's, by far, my favorite character from the show. That said, I like Kurapika better, probably my fifth favorite character in anime. But there's the anime thread for that.
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  8. Bionic Commando on the PS3
  9. I don't remember any game I disliked, but since you mentioned it, Brinks was a disappointment. Lol, but then again my dad was trying to get me into other games aside from Halo and Legend of Zelda at the time. I wasn't to disappointed since I expected it to be meh, but it was a waste of time for me lol.
  10. RAGE and WWE 12.
  11. I don't really have an (good) answer to this one, I do enough research usually to make sure I don't end up wasting money. If I have to give a lame answer, I'll give it to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity. I watched plenty of trailers and reviews, I've played previous installments and yet, I did not like this game. Maybe I was expecting something different from the first games, but they're very basic and the gameplay mechanics are as deep as Heidenrich's poems. 35 bucks wasted!
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