RAW 1,000: Undertaker’s Status, Lesnar-Triple H, Legends

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Jul 12, 2012.

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  1. OH YES! Sheamus vs. Undertaker for the World Champion at SummerSlam BOOK VINCE BOOK IT!
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  5. Fixed it for you mate. Also, Sheamus vs Taker would be horrible.
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  7. :what:

    I think it would be a **** match, maybe **** 1/4 :jericho:
  8. Agreed, unless a big angle for Barrett or someone involved him and Taker I wouldn't want it. Barrett beating Taker, dominating WWE until WM for Taker to get his revenge would be awesome.
  9. I'm not really sure if having Undertaker at Summerslam is a good idea too. Plus, I wouldn't really like watching him vs Sheamus.
  10. Undertaker should never lose, even if it's not at Wrestlemania, for the rest of his career. End of discussion.
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  11. Are u serius? Sheamus need someone good to defend against which other then Byran match at E.Rule since the WM match was piss to me! he need someoen to get him a run for money for the title and it should Undertaker that can't trust Orton so I would have him vs. Undertaker!
  12. He ain't big enough to wrestle Taker, imo..
  13. DX reunion with just HHH and Shawn would be a complete let down. I want the whole gang back together.
  14. Isn't that the purpose ? To show he could hang with Taker, that makes him seem legit for next time.
  15. Yes I'm serious. I personally find Sheamus incredibly dull as a face. He's a charisma sucking vacuum and doesn't sell for anyone. Name me a heel that's looked good out of a feud with Sheamus? Where as Punk -- despite the hate he gets -- has made every heel he's fought look good in some form (that he could influence, booking doesn't count). Taker shouldn't be in the title hunt anyway, he doesn't need it. His character wanting it simply doesn't make sense.

    That's how you get big, feuding with big guys. Barrett has the potential to be a HHH in 2000 type heel.
  16. You got me there, champ.. Not bad. :obama:
  17. So baisc u are saying u don'twant see that match b/c Sheamus is a Face and not heel? WHO FUCKIN CARE! This will be a great wether it face vs. face or heel vs. face! Look at Stone Cold vs. Undertaker at the 1998 SummerSlam Stone Cold vs. 1 of big boy and that was face vs. face ansd it help Stone Cold. This would HELP Sheamus if face some that above him! Instad of vs. someone who not ready to be at the mian event yet like he been facing!
  18. :dafuq:

    But his character is so stale, boring and stiff.
  19. SO? yet it bad but who care? He still a good wrestler and I want to ashley defend against that good! The onw got he face in this title rune that was good was Bryan at E.Rule as I don't the 18 piss ass that gave us at WM28! Everything else was BS! And the World Title losing it veue b/c it WWE Title is not the mainevent on more of the PPV this year but goes the World Title has it wrost do u even know last time the World Title was the main event? E.Camber 2010 when Undertaker was still the World Champion! THAT 2 FUCKIN LONG! If that can't main event asley give the World Title match something that we can remember!
  20. Having a hard time reading your post.

    So, is Ashley facing Taker at WM now?
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