Raw 20.08.12 ratings.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Lacky, Aug 21, 2012.

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  1. Source : PWMania
  2. Eh, damn.
  3. Did I do something wrong?
  4. No bro, he's reacting to the rating.
  5. Good. Keep going low until they either improve the whole show or drop an hour, and Big Hoss stop quoting my posts you noob.
  6. it went up lol.
  7. Not that high, it's still pretty low.
  8. that's average for a 3 hour show but it should've been higher since this raw was after Summerslam. then again, the show did suck..
  9. :hmm: So that means it'll start sinking again next week?
  10. Probably. I said damn as I wanted like 2.5's
  11. Ah okay. :otunga:
  12. I have a question. how much has the wrestling time increased since it went to 3 hours
  13. By around 20 minutes I reckon. Rest is ads.
  14. Don't particularly know week by week, but here's the numbers last week (credit ProWrestling.Net)

    6-man tag: 10:22
    Ryback: 1:29
    ADR vs Orton: 8:33
    Sandow vs Clay: 2:41
    Show vs Otunga: 2:06
    Kane/Ryder vs Bryan/Miz: 4:30
    Divas Battle Royal: 4:06
    Ziggler vs Jericho: 10:25

    44 minutes and 12 seconds of wrestling, we usually got a little less than 30 minutes on the 2 hour show.
  15. 44 minutes of wrestling on a 3 hour show :lol2:
  16. It's around 2 hours of actual Raw without breaks right? Still not enough wrestling when you think it's a wrestling program.
  17. 44 minutes is just hrorrible :((
  18. I agree, too many ads.
  19. i have an idea!!! they should play ads AND wrestling half and half on the screen!!!!!!!!! BRILLIANT!!! why nobody ever think of this??
  20. What about Promo's? :notsure:
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