RAW 4/14 will be Warrior Tribute Show

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Just Kevin, Apr 11, 2014.

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  1. WWE are set to announce tonight that Raw will be "The Ultimate Warrior" tribute show next Monday.

    Following Warrior's untimely death, WWE will celebrate the life of one of the most controversial superstars ever and likely feature comments from current superstars and highlights of his career. WWE Network has already featured several of Warrior's best moments over the past few days but may continue on Monday. This announcement should be confirmed on Smackdown tonight.​

    Tribute from Smackdown​

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  2. Hope he gets one. He will be among the other tribute shows like Eddie Guerrero
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  3. Well, it makes complete sense, I'm sure it'll be a nice show to watch.
  4. Glad to see his getting one :emoji_grin:
  5. I need to remember to buy a box of tissues before Monday night, because as with Owen Hart's and Eddie Guerrero's tribute shows before... I will be shedding tears.
  6. I can see this being one of the highest rated episodes in a while. Looking forward to it.
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  7. Sounds good, nice touch by the WWE!
  8. Does "tribute show" mean it will be like Raw is Owen where we don't really get any storyline taking place and its all about Warrior, or will it just be like guys talking about Warrior before they cut to break and having a big segment?

    Nothing will ever be as sad as Raw is Owen. Having watched the PPV live the night before I was pretty traumatized by that entire occurrence as a kid. x
  9. Guess I'll be skipping Raw next week then.
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  10. They haven't outlined the way the show will happen, basically just saying it will be a tribute to Warrior and that there will be highlights of his career shown as well as a replay of his last appearance on RAW. Hopefully they will start out with all the superstars out and a 10 bell salute at least... and then of course superstars talking about Warrior throughout the program.
  11. No disrespect to Warrior but I hope I is a normal ep and they just mix in some warrior stuff and don't focus the entire show on him
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  12. I'm pretty sure that's what it would be. He didn't die in the middle of the ring like owen, lil different.
  13. I imagine it'll probably be like the Eddie tribute show. Has matches and all and airs segments from Warriors career.
  14. nice to see from WWE.
  15. You really have to give it to WWE. Warrior got inducted (made them cash) and they made a new DVD filled with warrior propaganda, he took shots at his induction and honestly went on way too long, and then (luckily for WWE) died. Now they get to cash in on him 100x. I'm not saying his death doesnt suck for his family, but it's cash money for the company and his family now. He couldn't have picked a more profitable time to die.

    Asshole comment, sure, but it's the truth.
  16. That's why I thought it was suicide at the time. Warrior just inducted into the HOF and made that creepy speech on RAW. It was a high-profile time for him to go.
  17. it wouldn't be like 'Eddie tribute show' lol. You can't compare Eddie and Warrior. Eddie was a full-time wrestler and Warrior was a legend - old school wrestler.
  18. He meant the format of the show would be like that of Eddie's... and in that he is correct.
  19. Why would a dude who is clearly happier than ever with two young daughters kill himself just because it would be a high profile suicide? You people make no sense lol
  20. You haven't heard many suicide cases then?
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