Raw 6/3... Will it be worth the watch?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by catlady, Jun 3, 2013.

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  1. I am not being a douche & saying "Boo! Screw WWE they suck!"... :haha:
    But just want opinions as I will be at my parents tomorrow & may not be home by 8PM.
    Debating on the sitch. Missed last weeks because crappy stream.
  2. I'm gonna put my neck on the line and say yes.
  3. If it is, you can just re-watch it on BHR's site.
  4. WWE Programming in general has been pretty good the last two weeks, so it's worth a shot.

    Probably still better over youtube, though. #WeWant2Hours
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  5. Just DVR the show and skim through it later. Works well enough for me.
  6. I'll probably do that then. Its a pain in the butt to stream it. I guess our internet connection sucks for it. Don't they put the shows in youtube like with 20min delay or something in parts?
  7. Someone used to upload them up on Youtube but at WWE's request, YT began taking the videos off.

    As far as I know, WWEFanNation (or whatever WWE calls their official Youtube account) uploads a few segments from Raw but usually not the whole thing. They might air the whole show as it's happening live on their website but I'm too lazy to check and confirm that much.
  8. Nope only way to watch live is usa.
  9. It's usually up on Dailymotion (as Kevin said, not Youtube) by the next morning :emoji_slight_smile: Think Hoss uploads it, PM him about it.
  10. Watchwrestling ftw. You will have it within a few hours
  11. Wasn't it 15 minutes? I thought it was 15 minutes...
  12. Okay thanks! I'll see what my husband wants to do. We were watching it on tuesdays for awhile on youtube but they got stricter and its not up the next day anymore.
  13. Good quality is about two hours. Don't know, ask BHR
  14. Just like every other Raw, I end up watching it anyways.
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