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    I think it was obvious that the polls were bullshit, but seeing this just makes me lol.
  3. Tricking people into thinking they actually have an opinion. Sounds like America.
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  5. Yeah that one pissed me off a lil bit
  6. I didn't genuinely know the hash tag polls were fake until I saw Kane picked over Bryan, that made it rather obvious. However, it was necessary that Kane won imo. A beat down from the shield on Bryan doesn't really look that good. A beat down to Kane does.
  7. But still Crayo, why have a vote? If your going to rig it, don't do it at all.
  8. A beat down on DB IMO would have gotten a stronger reaction because DB is so over.
  9. Isn't it obvious?

    1) It makes the WWE universe feel like they're involved in the product.
    2) All those hash tags equals trending which equals random people tuning in to WWE to see why it's trending which equals awareness/ratings etc.
    3) WWE loves those "intransitive" awards they receive.
  10. At least WWE should not insult our intelligence and pretend like Kane would Win a vote over DB at this time
  11. I actually wouldn't mind if on friday night they say it was rigged or something that way It makes sense again
  12. How does it insult their intelligence? How do the casuals know who the more popular star is lol?
  13. How is it even a question? Casuals or not could tell who the more popular star is just by the 2 min it takes to get to the ring.
  14. An arena doesn't equal world wide. If you ask anyone in the world who sort of knows WWE/WWF to list 10 superstars, more of them will put Kane in the top 10 than Bryan because Kane has been here for years and years and has had some of the most famous moments in wrestling history.
  15. They should have just had an eating contest.
  16. I'm not buying it still lol. CONSPIRACY! Bush never won that election! .... er wait?
  17. Tbh I agree that they should have taken advantage of Bryan's popularity ages ago. He is still one of the most over stars on RAW when he's not been doing much. He needed to have that title I think. However, I'm a fan of Punk's reign and I think him going against Rock with this streak is important.
  18. They went too far this time by making it so obvious that it's rigged. There's sites that can monitor tweets and count them. With the poll, they can just turn off viewing results and nobody can see it but not to the tweets. I think a lot more people are now convinced that they always rig these kind of things.
  19. Another thing they did was say that WWEBRYAN was trending. I mean....... come on lol
  20. Man, after #WWEBryan trended worldwide and he lost, I knew it was completely fake. :sad:
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