Raw and SmackDown get a General Manager facelift!

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  1. Both Raw and SmackDown are about to get extreme makeovers. In an effort to help determine which General Manager should control both shows, the WWE Board of Directors has decided to switch control of each show next week. SmackDown GM Theodore Long will take control of Monday night’s Raw while Raw GM John Laurinaitis takes the reins of next Friday’s SmackDown.

    The decision comes one week after Laurinaitis announced at Elimination Chamber that he will seek control over both shows, bolstered by flattering testimonials by Superstars Mark Henry, Christian and Alberto Del Rio. A perturbed Long made it clear to Laurinaitis that he’s not about to take the threat to his position lying down.

    Last week on SmackDown, the two got into a heated argument as they tried to overrule one another during a match between WWE Champion CM Punk vs. World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan. Last night on Raw SuperShow, the two were at it again as tensions continued to escalate. What will the GMs have in store for their respective rival as they switch roles? And how will each try to outshine the other? Tune into both Raw and SmackDown to see the lengths they’ll go to impress the Board of Directors – and get back at each other.

  2. NO! Worst, news, ever.
  3. :shovel::shovel::shovel: by Ace on Teddy.Marking for it.

    What I don't like is that once again the spotlight is on auth. figures, not wrestlers. Damn it.
  4. Hopefully Teddy comes out to start Raw leading to Johnny attacking him putting him out of action for the next few years, grabbing a mic and saying "we wish you the of luck in all your future endeavours Teddy". The Otunga poses like a boss.
  5. Teddy just can not manage RAW.
  6. Next week's RAW will suck.
  7. It's so sad because it's true.
  8. Trust me guys Teddy ain't going to do shit on Raw. Finally I will enjoy Raw without Johnny having to intervene. He pisses me off when he does or else I love his character and how he overpowers Teddy like a BOSS!
  9. Johnny could easily :shovel: Teddy.
  10. ^ In a second.
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