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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by James, Mar 4, 2012.

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  1. Based on what the current RAW and Smackdown areana's look like when we see a change too the WWE arena's in 2 years what style do you think they will be like?

    i think the current HD stages are getting really old and boring after 4 years.

    I kinda miss the old smackdown areana with the fist and the WWE Raw stage design that was used from 1997-1999
  2. Nice thread :emoji_slight_smile:.

    I hope they change it - can't say if they will or not though. I know on house shows they're using different staging, which looks a lot better than televised events. White ropes on RAW is the main thing that annoys me, I wish they were black or even Red again. Theme also needs to change. The mood lighting is another thing that needs changing.

    God when I think about it I realise how much I despise the current look of RAW and SmackDown lmao.
  3. The set up isn't bad at the moment but I wish there was some differentiation between the shows.
    At the beginning of the brand split you knew you were watching RAW or Smackdown because they had distinctive looks. The old Smackdown fist is my favourite stage up in wrestling history, wish they would bring it back.

    A perfect scenario for me would be the set up from the old school Raw in 2010 which I thought looked awesome, then the old fist for Smackdown. They could put a curtain over it and have a much simpler entrance for Superstars and NXT which would reinforce the idea of them being B shows and not as good as Raw and Smackdown
  4. I miss the Monday Night Nitro stage..

    During intro/opening..
    Show Spoiler
  5. Crayo so you think theres a chance the RAW and Smackdown stages will never change???? i hope that will not be the case and yes the lighting probably needs too chagne as well. it would not be nice too see something new and refreshing after 4 years esspecially since we have too suffer the PG era.
  6. Nice post, I can't remember the setting for RAW in 2010 though for some reason. I remember the fist for SmackDown which I loved.

    With the current Ace vs Teddy story-line, it would be pretty easy to change the setting around. Ace and Teddy could be competing for who's the most creative bla bla bla.

    They will change eventually, but I think they'll change when this crappy "reality era" has ended. WWE seem more focused on making money than improving the show atm :emoji_slight_frown:.

  7. this era may not change for another 10 years so we have a long time too go
  8. I really hope you're wrong. I was hoping for WWE to become a bit more edgy due to TNA rising, but TNA doesn't seem to be rising anywhere fast. The WWE network might give us some hope though.
  9. Smackdown needs the setup of the Here Comes The Pain era back imo. It simply looked great.
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