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    United States: LIVE, Monday Night, April 27, at 8/7c on the USA Network
    United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, April 28, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3

    Resch Center
    Green Bay, WI

    Raw Five-Point Preview: April 27, 2015
    Several Superstars were battered and bruised in the wake of Extreme Rules, but they’ll all be bringing the fight to what’s sure to be an action-packed edition of Raw. As the WWE Universe waits to see how Randy Orton will respond to Seth Rollins’ WWE World Heavyweight Title defense and rumors about the return of the King of the Ring Tournament continue to swirl around WWE Headquarters, WWE.com has some theories on what we can expect tonight at 8/7 CT on USA Network.

    1. Will The Viper get retribution against Seth Rollins?

    The RKO might have been banned in Extreme Rules’ WWE World Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage Match main event, but that didn’t stop Seth Rollins from using the maneuver to incapacitate The Viper and crawl out of the structure with his title reign intact.

    How will WWE’s Apex Predator respond to “The Future of WWE” on Raw? Additionally, after Orton dropped the bout’s “Gatekeeper,” Kane, with an RKO, might WWE’s Director of Operations retaliate somehow?

    2. A new hope for The New Day?

    Despite those infamous chants and their increasingly strained relationship with the WWE Universe, The New Day became the new WWE Tag Team Champions at Extreme Rules, stealing a victory from Cesaro & Tyson Kidd.

    Although it’s unlikely the WWE Universe will change its opinion of Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods & Big anytime soon — especially after their underhanded tactics last night — the trio has cemented themselves as the most dominant force in WWE’s competitive tag team division.

    What’s next for The New Day? Moreover, how will Cesaro & Kidd respond to their defeat?

    3. Will Rusev make Cena say “I quit”?

    In WWE’s first televised Russian Chain Match, John Cena valiantly defeated Rusev to defend the United States Championship, earning his second straight victory over The Super Athlete and continuing his impressive reign with the star-spangled title.

    Rusev was furious in defeat, lambasting Lana who, after acknowledging Chicago’s raucous “We want Lana” chants, was ejected from the arena by The Hero of the Russian Federation. Following Rusev’s rant, Lana met with The Authority, securing Rusev an “I Quit” Match against Cena at WWE Payback on Sunday, May 17.

    How will Rusev prepare to give his Cena his first “I Quit” Match defeat? Does Lana have as-yet-revealed motives? We’ll learn more about what lies ahead for Cena and Rusev tonight.

    4. Who or what will Dean Ambrose destroy tonight?
    After likely tearing portions of The Windy City apart in his Chicago Street Fight with Luke Harper and earning a decisive victory over the unsettling goliath, The Lunatic Fringe will be on the prowl when Raw rolls through Green Bay.

    Poll: Where did Ambrose and Harper go?

    In a WWE.com exclusive, Ambrose affirmed that after his big win last night, his career is “back on track,” which could only mean big things for Raw. Might we see Ambrose mix it up with Harper once again? Will someone else incur his wrath? What weapons will the unstable Superstar get his hands on next? You won’t want to miss what this veritable force of nature does next.

    5. Will Sheamus’ Extreme Rules actions bite him in the “arse”?

    In what might be the most humiliating moment of Dolph Ziggler’s career, the incapacitated Showoff got a face-full of Sheamus’ pale posterior at Extreme Rules, even though he defeated the Irish aggressor in the night’s bizarre “Kiss Me Arse” Match. After scoring a surprise pinfall over Sheamus, the cheeky victor fell victim to an underhanded ambush from the sore loser, who proceeded to lower his backside onto Ziggler’s face in a sickening message to all of WWE’s underdogs.

    Yet, Ziggler isn’t one to stay silent about injustices, nor is he one to let cruel misdeeds go unanswered. Will The Showoff get some payback tonight?

    Tune in to Raw at 8/7 C on USA Network, and don’t miss the exclusive Raw Pre-Show on the award-winning WWE Network at 7:30 ET!
  2. @Prince Bálor, I edited your just to add the link to the chat at the top, so don't worry when you see the "last edited by a moderator" note at the bottom of the OP.

    Hopefully the build-up to Payback is better than ER.. although as demonstrated by the mediocre/lackluster builds to WM31 & ER the PPV can still end up being decently strong or really good (in WM31's case).. I still would like a decent build as well as a decent PPV not one or the other..
  3. No problemo, figured you'd do that.

    As far as the build-up towards Payback goes, here's to hoping... I mean, yeah, WWE proved they can still book a decent PPV, despite half-assing the storylines that lead to it.
  4. I'll be here for this show tonight, my back is roughed up from lifting shit all weekend so I'm just going to take it easy today.

    I'm curious when we'll start seeing Swagger regularly again.. also little Zebby Coulter has to be coming back at any time..

    On a random note here's my "dream match set-up" for Payback... since we're obviously going to get Cena/Rusev IV, or rather that's what it looks like I say you have them in a match on the RAW two weeks before Payback and both are extremely winded after a decently long/physical match.. Rusev goes for the Accolade but Cena won't tap.. before Cena passes out.. BOOM! Christian's music hits, he rushes the stage, drops Rusev with the Kill Switch.. Cena gets up looks at Christian and says nothing but offers a hand out to him.. Christian smiles all friendly like and then.... DROPS CENA as well!.. Instead of Cena/Rusev IV we make it a Triple Threat, Cena/Rusev/Christian.
  5. Sheamus needs to be suspended. I can't believe he stooped so low.
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  6. Round 2 @ Payback no doubt.. Ziggler will take that one too I imagine.
  7. yea right fella

    even so, that match last night was horrible.
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  8. Agreed, they could've gotten WAY more out of that match.. Neville vs BNB in the pre-show went on longer than that match, not by much but still... Sheamus & Ziggler should've got 15 minutes MINIMUM, idgaf if it wasn't for a title, those are twoo premium characters for the WWE.
  9. I imagine it will Rollins vs Reigns for the title at Payback, but if they want to keep the whole Kane and Rollins animosity going and the Rollins/Orton program going, then I can see it being a Fatal Four Way
  10. It seemed like the post match shit went on for as long as the rest. It was cringeworthy as well, as it was obvious SHeamus wasn't doing any arse kissing fella

    seemed like the entire match was set up so Ziggler could rowel up the lady folks with booty teases
  11. Curious if Daniel Bryan will be appearing tonight in some form to adress us with an injury update..
  12. That'd be nice, but I doubt it.
  13. Never doubt anything Prince, at least expect something
  14. And get less than nothing. Kewl. :bodallas:
  15. @Prince Bálor EXACTLY! Tonight will be a dissapointment but hey! We still end up watching!
  16. Test.. (was possibly going out and didn't know who was going to be on when the show started so I took the initiative to make it Live 20 minutes early)
  17. Well I'm here until I get a text from my lady friend telling me it's time to go.. Hopefully something good happens in the early part of the show.
  18. I'm going to say the King of the Ring winner will go on doing about as much as the winner of the Andre the Giant tourny.. I'm just shocked R-Truth is even involved, Stardust & Neville as well.
  19. so who is ready for the king o f the ring
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