RAW Audience Drops Again

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Sep 18, 2012.

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  2. 3 hours is just too much.
  3. Surprised it isn't lower due to MNF. But Raw feels like it's a must-youtube show now, the 3 hours is just ridiculous. Especially with a boring show like it was this week.
  4. soon raw will get as many views as smackdown and smackdown will get as many views as tna!
  5. They need to change back to 2 hours A.S.A.P
  6. that would mean vince would have to admit defeat
  7. He's done it before, needs to swallow his pride and grow a pair, Keep running at 3 hours, and completely ruin your product. Or switch to 2 hours and put on a decent show? His choice. :lol1:
  8. RAW won't last at 3 hours don't worry. I seriously think USA must have pushed it hard because I can't see any WWE officials thinking having RAW as long as a LONG movie every single week is worthwhile. They just dig themselves a massive hole as it's impossible to have perfect booking for 3 hours every week when WWE has so many other commitments.
  9. Only time will tell, the problem is, that the show goes on too long even if the show started good I always get the feeling it went on too long, and then that affects how I rate and view the show on a whole. Stupid 3 hours. Hope it doesn't stay until 2013 tbh.
  10. To be honest they used some of it well last night. They have built the tag-team division again, it has PTP taking out teams to make a statement with the tag-team champions -- who are the best thing on RAW atm behind Punk -- retaining and keeping their storyline awesome. Furthermore, the IC title now has Miz -- who introduced his new show which is fantastic -- and Ryback, which is guaranteed crowd reactions and a storyline. Remember when it was forgotten about?

    WWE are making progress, it's just the other stuff with Clay, Santino, Orton, Sheamus, Divas etc which are just pure filler as they have no idea how to fill it without spamming recaps and ads. I've noticed the recaps have gone down dramatically though recently which is good.
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  11. I agree with several of your points stated, therefore I've "Liked" your post. The recaps have gone down dramatically, I wonder if this is something they learnt from the Triple H recaps, also I see the ratings are going down, is this something to do with the NFL and how much of a threat does it pose to WWE?
  12. 3 hours is killing Raw they need to put it back to 2 hours otherwise the viewers will go down faster than Titanic
  13. I agree that Raw needs to revert to 2 hours but I don't think it's the sole reason for viewer ship losses. NFL, and other things need to be taken into consideration.
  14. Yeah, I think they can work better with only two hours, and it's a bit of a stretch for me to Youtube it as well. Although with three hours many guys who didn't get TV time previously are getting more now... tag division, midcard... but there's too much filler stuff.
  15. 3 hours is seriously too much much way over kill. I watch at the most an hour/half and im done. Too much wrestling in one week.
  16. Fact is, it's not usually wrestling it's segments and commercials, and recaps. They've toned down on the recaps but still need more actual wrestling.
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