RAW August 18th, 2014 live discussion

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Aug 18, 2014.

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  1. [​IMG]
    United States: LIVE, Monday Night, August 18th, at 8/7c on the USA Network
    United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, August 19th, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3

    Thomas & Mack Center
    Las Vegas, NV

    RAW Five-Point Review:
    2014 might very well be the year of Brock Lesnar. At WrestleMania, The Beast Incarnate did the impossible and ended The Undertaker’s legendary undefeated streak at The Show of Shows. Last night at SummerSlam, Lesnar gave John Cena a one-sided beating to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

    On Raw, what could very well come to be known as the “Lesnar Era” continues. What will happen 24 hours after a new ruler ascended to WWE’s throne? WWE.com places some bets before Monday night’s hottest show rolls into Las Vegas.

    1.The Beast is here!:
    Paul Heyman promised that Brock Lesnar would “feast” on John Cena’s WWE World Heavyweight Title at SummerSlam, and The Beast Incarnate gorged himself at night’s end. Now that the conqueror hasvanquished this generation’s most indomitable Superstar, what’s next for Lesnar? Also, will Cena respond to his crushing defeat in The Biggest Fight of the Summer?

    2.Et tu, Nikki:

    The Bella Twins used to fool opponents with their strategic use of “Twin Magic,” but there was nothing magical about what transpired at SummerSlam during Brie Bella’s emotionally charged clash with Stephanie McMahon. Following weeks of Stephanie’s underhanded attacks and cruel mind games, it was Brie’s own flesh and blood that would ensure the “Total Divas” star’s defeat in Los Angeles with a surprise attack. How will Nikki explain her unfathomable actions toward her twin sister?

    3.Buzzards circle Hollywood:

    Even though Chris Jericho had banished Erick Rowan & Luke Harper from ringside during his anticipated rematch against Bray Wyatt, legions of Jerichoholics witnessed Y2J fall victim to Sister Abigail’s kiss, spelling defeat for the charismatic Superstar in his most barbaric battle with The Eater of Worlds to date. Will Jericho attain retribution against the backwater preacher on Raw, or will “The Man of 1,000 Truths” seek out a new target tonight?

    4.Rise of Roman's empire:

    Does WWE have a new “apex predator”? After Roman Reigns’ incredible victory over Randy Orton at SummerSlam, it seems as though the powerhouse is destined for championship glory in the near future. However, it’s equally likely that The Viper has some unfinished business with Reigns. As Orton reels following his SummerSlam defeat, expect some serious backlash against Reigns or whoever else gets in his way.

    5.Corporate espionage:

    Kane might have again traded his demonic mask for corporate garb, but the brute has lost none of his malice in the transition. At SummerSlam, Kane’s interference and the ensuing brawl prevented Dean Ambrose from getting even with Seth Rollins, allowing Mr. Money in the Bank to score a tainted victory over his former partner. Denied satisfaction in last night’s Lumberjack Match, the unstable Ambrose will be looking for payback, but who will he go after first, Kane or Rollins?

    Don’t miss Raw tonight at 8/7 CT on USA Network, and be sure to tune in to WWE Network for Raw Pre-Show at 7:30 ET!
  2. Tbh I'm more hyped for this RAW then I was for the actual PPV, no discredit to the PPV or anything but I think this will be a very good RAW if creative allows it to be so :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  3. Makes me wish I could watch it live and comment tonight. I'll add to it on Wednesday I guess. Should be an interesting episode to say the least.

    No mention of Ziggler as the new IC champ? That was the result I marked hardest for on this PPV TBH
  4. Tonight's episode is supposed to be good! Hopefully the creative doesn't screw up.
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  6. I saw none of those things from Cena. Disappointed!
  7. Well, at least he lost the title. So that's a win, nonetheless.
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  8. Brock Lesnar said " I'm gunna kill yewwwwwwwwwwww" though
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  9. And not to mention that he sounds like a rooster when he's yelling, lol
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  10. I am the queen of prredictions

    I predicted Brock would win the titles and he has I TOLD YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  11. Doubled your post from the SummerSlam LD thread? lol
  12. I think just about everyone new Lesnar would win though. I mean come on. Against Undertaker - yes, you were right when just about everyone thought Taker would win. Good for you. :bodallas:

    But this time around pretty much everyone thought Cena would lose. So your prediction means marginally less this time around.
  13. My predictions have all been right I am the best!!!!!!!!!! and so Brock. My man is the new WWE world heavyiweight champion and nobody can stop him he is amazing thank you Brock for coming back to WWE in 2012
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  14. OH SHIT!!!! IT LIVE!!!!! OH HELL NO!!!! IT BEGIN AGIN!!!!!
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  15. What are you spouting?

    Brock Lesnar winning the titles was evident the second after SummerSlam 2013. He had beaten CM Punk, He had beaten and "broken" the arm of Triple H twice. If you want to say you called that, than I'm fine but it's not like anyone expected to see Brock Lesnar leave without the championships. The greatest predictions in this thing was "Who's he gonna kill." and "Who's he gonna drop it to."

    I'll give you credit on Paige and Undertaker, but I doubt anyone here thought Cena was leaving Champion.

    (Also...You might try to separate the boasting and the sentence with some punctuation.)
  16. A bad intuition is telling me he may just end up trading it back to The Miz on Raw tonight. Hopefully I'm wrong because that was literally the only match result last night that I was surprised over.
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  17. Tonight will be a let down simply because you all expect it not to be.
    The only way RAW would be great would be if Lesnar showed up and Cena attacked and began a brawl with Lesnar.
    Expect for the Total Divas season 3 to get a rub tonight. This season, Evil Nikki will manipulate John Cena into fatherhood beyond his will.
    Miz getting sucker punched by Reigns on Smackdown may indicate he's headed for Christian's comedy role he's well known for.
  18. I get a feeling tonight's show isn't gonna be very good. Pessimistic point of view but it's because last night's show was quite great, especially the main event of course, so it's bound to feel underwhelming. But you never know!
  19. Those guys are exasperated at this point. Last night was as creative as they could be and they probably have nothing left.
    The Monday after Mania was underwhelming and the Monday after MITB was great because of the returning superstars.

    Unless we have some returns, the Empire won't bother. Seeing a return of aggression under Lesnar's banner would be fantastic, however.
  20. Hogan returns and He and Lesnar do the finger poke of doom 2.0? No one would see that coming......brother :hogan:
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