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    When in the US?: Monday, August 29th, 2016 at 8/7c on USA Network
    When in the UK?: Tuesday, August 30th, 2016 at 1 AM on SkySports5HD
    Where?: Houston, Texas - Toyota Center


    Who will claim the WWE Universal Championship?
    In the biggest Raw main event of the New Era, Roman Reigns, Big Cass, Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens will battle it out for the WWE Universal Championship, which was vacated by the injured Finn Bálor this past Monday night. Although analysts might give an edge to Reigns or Rollins, both of whom have held the WWE World Championship in the past, you can’t discount Big Cass, who has more than proven he can hang in Team Red’s main event scene in recent weeks. As for Owens, we have to imagine that his pal Chris Jericho will “have his back” during this bout. After all, Jericho is “The Best in the World at What He Does,” and that includes bending the rules. Regardless, there will be a new WWE Universal Champion Monday night, and you won’t want to miss any of the action in this explosive four-man melee.

    What team will Gallows & Anderson target next?
    After failing to diagnose any new cases of “ringpostitis” last week, “Doctors” Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson accepted new patients last week in The Dudley Boyz, spoiling the iconic tag team’s farewell address to the WWE Universe with a disrespectful attack that culminated in D-Von Dudley being driven through a table. As much as it might have been an opportunity to spoil a feel-good moment — Gallows & Anderson are known to do that — it was also a poignant statement to the entire Team Red locker room that no one is safe. Will another tandem suffer the same fate as The Dudley Boyz this Monday night?

    Is Bayley poised to wrap her arms around the WWE Women's Championship?
    Wacky, waving, inflatable, arm-flailing tube men in tow, Bayley made her official debut on Raw and, after sharing a hug with Raw General Manager Mick Foley, she earned a decisive victory over Dana Brooke as new WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte looked on. Even though they share a bond as two members of “The Four Horsewomen,” Charlotte has made it abundantly clear that any past affiliations are null and void when it comes to Team Red and championship gold. Is a title match in the cards for these friends-turned-rivals?

    Can Braun Strowman be stopped?
    From James Ellsworth to Johnny Knockout, local competitors have been lining up to face Braun Strowman in recent weeks, and the conclusion of each bout appears to be more painful than the last. As Strowman looks to continue his impressive winning streak, another journeyman grappler will likely stand across the ring from the juggernaut this Monday night. Will this hopeful grappler find success where others have failed, or will he be mangled like the rest?
  2. If

    Seth Wins - it's predictable but it's the only good move and Seth is always a great champ

    KO wins - then holyshitwhatabackupmove now we're talking

    Roman wins - ughhhh we go from our dreams back to reality just like that

    Cass wins - WTF?!
  3. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns are the only real contenders.
  4. :ko: to win the title. :please:
  5. I'd be so happy...
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  6. Who wouldn't?
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    It's honestly gonna be Seth at most or Roman, if it is Roman that's one short punishment for doing Adderal, I thought he had a redemption storyline planned lol. Yet this fucker is still going on after the guys who fight for the title, anyone notice how the last few Raws he closed and at Summerslam he was after both World title matches?

    I was gonna say Steph inserts Brock in the match tonight as a major shocker but since he has a rematch with Randy Orton coming that's not happening
  8. If the powers that be in control of Raw were smart like those that control SmackDown, this title match would end with a double pin just so they can drag this out until Clash of the Champions.
  9. *shrugs*
  10. Or give it to Owens
  11. cass is winning
  12. will send a dick pic to @all if Cass wins
  13. I don't want to see that *hides*
  14. Here's hoping Cass wins then. Fingers crossed!
  15. wwww, my man Balor. :downer:
  16. crying tears of joy if Owens wins, real talk
  17. 4/5 sexy people in the ring. Sweet.
  18. Who isn't sexy?
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