RAW August 3rd, 2015 Live Discussion

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Prince Bálor, Aug 1, 2015.

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    United States: LIVE, Monday Night, August 3, at 8/7c on the USA Network
    United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, August 4, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3

    Sap Center
    San Jose, CA

    Raw Five-Point Preview: Aug. 3, 2015
    A storm is coming to Raw, and its name is Brock Lesnar.

    The last time we saw The Beast Incarnate on WWE television, he sparked a melee with The Undertaker that was so intense, it required the intervention of nearly the entire WWE locker room and local law enforcement, who detained The Anomaly and escorted him from the arena. Now, two weeks later, Lesnar is confirmed to be at Raw. What do The Beast and his vocal advocate, Paul Heyman, have planned for Monday night’s hottest show?

    1. What chaos will Brock Lesnar unleash?
    Two weeks after trading punches with The Undertaker in one of the wildest fistfights the WWE Universe has ever witnessed, Brock will be live on Raw — an inevitability that no doubt has The Authority bracing for impact.

    Will Lesnar and his advocate, Paul Heyman, address the melee that had Lesnar removed from Raw in restraints? Might The Anomaly send a bold message to his SummerSlam opponent just 20 days before their WrestleMania 30 rematch? Whatever Lesnar has planned, The Deadman will surely be watching.

    2. Has Kevin Owens made a mistake by provoking Cesaro?

    In an exclusive interview with Michael Cole on WWE.com, Kevin Owens claimed that the reason he’s been targeting Cesaro in recent weeks is simple: He doesn’t want The Swiss Superman to take his “spotlight.” However, on Thursday’s SmackDown, Cesaro actually pinned K.O. in the night’s tag team main event, proving that Owens’ underhanded sneak attacks haven’t fazed the former United States Champion.

    Owens will likely seek to retaliate against Cesaro on Raw, but will the end result mirror what we saw asSmackDown went off the air — with The King of Swing triumphant?

    3. Has Seth Rollins broken more than Cena’s nose?

    Showing undeniable tenacity in his United States Championship defense against Seth Rollins on Raw, The Champ fought through a broken nose to defeat The Architect via submission — a victory that was testament to Cena’s “Never Give Up” mantra.

    However, in the wake of Cena’s severe nasal fracture, The Champ’s future remains unclear. When will we see Cena in a WWE ring again? Despite losing that incredible match, did Rollins actually defeat Cena in the long-term, putting the fighting champion on the shelf? If so, how might that inability to compete affect Cena psychologically? Stay tuned as more details on the Cenation leader’s condition emerge.

    4. Which tandem will challenge The Prime Time Players?

    [​IMG]On SmackDown, The Lucha Dragons and Los Matadores defeated The New Day and The Ascension, surely bringing both of the masked teams closer to The Prime Time Players’ WWE Tag Team Championships. Yet who is more deserving of an opportunity for Titus O’Neil & Darren Young’s titles? That was the question after SmackDown’s Eight-Man Tag Team Match, when Kalisto & Sin Cara argued with Diego & Fernando backstage during an interview with WWE.com. Hopefully, we’ll get a clearer sense of the true pecking order in WWE’s tag team division on Raw.

    5. Can Neville vanquish Stardust’s supervillainy?

    In a conflict ripped straight out of a comic book, Neville and Stardust seem to be rocketing toward an explosive collision, as WWE’s most notorious face-painted fiend continues his mind games with The Man That Gravity Forgot, goading the caped wonder into becoming his “hero” and urging the WWE Universe to “embrace the strange.” Stardust’s dastardly antics show no sign of stopping, and it seems that Neville is the only one who can silence The Prince of Dark Matter once and for all. Will an arrow, red or otherwise, soon pierce the icy heart of this interdimensional nightmare? Tune in Monday night at 8/7 C on USA Network — same Raw time, same Raw channel.

    Plus, don’t miss Raw Pre-Show at 7:30 ET, exclusively on the award-winning WWE Network.​
  2. John Cena Pulled From Next Week's Episode Of Raw

  3. Out of the 5 headlines. Brock Lesnar is the only reason to watch RAW on Monday. It seems nothing else is going on.
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  4. Lesnar showing up is good... so is Heyman.

    I'm just getting hyped for Stephen Amell. If he shows up... :emoji_joy:
  5. Los Matadors as Tag Champions puhweeze.
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    That is all I'm watching for.
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  7. Wait, so two tag teams who are face fight against each other to face PTP, who are babyface? Am I missing something?
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    No, just WWE being WWE.

    And besides the New Day, who else is a heel team? Wyatt and Harper ain't gunning for tag championships, but if Rowan didn't get hurt, him and Harper would've been going after the titles.

    Anyways, it wouldn't surprise me if we got a triple-threat/fatal four-way for the tag titles at SummerSlam.
  9. I really wish they let The Ascension actually be a proper tag team and not a shit Road Warriors rip-off. Although their in-ring work is apparently quite shit, but didn't people used to like them back in NXT?

    Oh, and Lucha Dragons. That reminds me, all of the good tag teams are face except for The New Day. If only there was another stable who could have a tag team - oh wait... The Authority could. :/
  10. Honestly, I hope that Lesnar actually does something. Instead of Heyman talking the whole time and then they leave
  11. Might watch Raw :lenny:
  12. I won't be here for the LD, but I'll definitely watch the show the next day.
  13. The kid becoming an honorary superstar will be the best segment
  14. Friendly. :otunga:

    Maybe? Idk, figured this show was on already, as it had to move to a five-hour format to accomodate Undertaker's entrance.
  15. I do think that without Cena, this will be a Lesnar heavy show
  16. Kevin Owens interference in the main event at SS anyone?
  17. In the Rollins/Cena match?
  18. No in the Undertaker/Lesnar match
  19. I don't see Cena being cleared before SummerSlam honestly
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