RAW August 6th Ratings

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  1. Source: PW
  2. Not sure if I'm glad it's declining or not. Punk was in the ME but so was Cena, so they should blame the product and not Punk. Punk really needs to hop out of the generic attention heel role though.
  3. Miz will be blamed for drawing in the second hour instead. His match was in the second hour wasn't it or had they passed the hour mark? If not then he will be blamed for failing the third hour.
  4. Stupid Miz, he's also responsible for Sturridge missing that penalty.
  5. Stupid Mike

  6. *Insert mindless response here, usually something to do with music*


    oh wait, sarcasm :okay:
  8. I'm always optimistic.
  9. Not much to comment on the ratings, identical to last week's. But I'm pretty sure Miz's match was right before the ME, in the third hour... they'll blame him probably. :lol1:
  10. Decline more please :obama: then force them to put on awesome product
  11. Seems like a good idea.
  12. This isn't really a decline, of course, it is from Raw 1000, but that episode was special so it should indeed have huge ratings. The 9-11 ratings are still in the same average as they were before and the ratings are only lower because they have three hours now. But I'd also like to see ratings decline so they do something about the product, that'd be nice.
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