RAW crew apparently also hates 3 hour RAWs

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Mar 27, 2013.

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  2. LOL, a large program isn't always a good program and if Raw crew also hates that I'd change it and make it entertained again, they're only making TNA a better company and Smackdown a better show
  3. Know what I hate even more than three hour Raws? Raws that run even longer than three hours, like the show's been doing almost constantly since January.
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  4. Three hours is just too much, I think. Doesn't surprise me that they're burned off.
  5. This especially when u look at some of the crap they could've cut out. Like a recap of what happened 2 minutes ago.
  6. Well when you have almost no compelling content written up and you have to stretch everything to fit into such a large timeframe (plus overrun) I can't blame them. Isn't everyone burned out on these? The crew is, Creative clearly is, the fans are... Everyone hates it so get rid of it!
  7. They are too lazy to book a 3 hours show..
  8. The only people who matter (Vince and USA Network people) like it so it'll go on. #Theworldwelivein
  9. WWE need with this 3 hour SHIT it not needed. I would have though :vince: would have know that 3 Hours don't work since WCW Nitco when to 3 Hours in 1999 and 2 years later WCW was no more! Now that will not have been to WWE with money that have now. But that screw then self by have having a 3 hours show.
  10. #Wellwhatelseshouldweexpectanyway #Typical21stcenturyamerica #Dammitall #Insertmorecomplaintshere #Unnecessaryhashtagsftw #http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0MKLnTqjLM
  11. I don't mind 3 hour Raws, i just don't like it when it's not entertaining. Raw has been getting better these past few months and Raw is not actually 3 hours, it's 2hrs 30 minutes because of ads. Last week was the 1st time it actually reached the full three hours. My problem with the show is Raw just throwing together matches for no reason and showing repeats of matches. I mean what ever happened to backstage promos and vignettes? How often do we need to see 3MB get squashed by Ryback & friends? Why are Khali & Hornswoggle still on Raw? Why aren't the divas apt enough to put on good matches? How come the only developed story lines are the ones that involve part timers & main eventers? Stuff like this is what's wrong with Raw, not the three hours. If they fix these things it'll be a better show. Reducing the show to two hours isn't going to fix these things, it's just going to reduce the amount of time you have to watch these failures.
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