RAW December, 1st, 2014 Live Discussion

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Dec 1, 2014.

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  1. RAW 5 Point Preview!


    1.) The return of “order and discipline” on Cyber Monday


    A number of polarizing figures have run Monday Night Raw, including the likes of The Authority, Eric Bischoff, Vickie Guerrero, John Laurinaitis and even Cheech & Chong. Yet, perhaps the most incendiary red-brand show runner was the Anonymous Raw General Manager, whose irritating email decrees to Michael Cole became one of WWE’s most boo-worthy rituals in 2010 and the first half of 2011. This person — or perhaps a group of people — is back this week for Cyber Monday, and will no doubt try to top Daniel Bryan’s one-night stint in charge of Raw last Monday night. Will the Anonymous Raw General Manager serve the best interests of the WWE Universe or their own? Also, will we finally learn the identity of this shady GM?

    2.) Raw's New Day


    After a successful outing on SmackDown as the trio known as The New Day, Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods & Big E are ready to emerge on Raw but, judging by Gold & Stardust’s bizarre tirade on Friday night, they already have some enemies. Will we see this exciting group collide with the former bearers of the “Cosmic Key” on WWE’s flagship show?

    3.) Heavy metal


    After raising the ire of the newly reassigned Concessions Kane, Ryback fell victim to a brutal steel chair attack during SmackDown, inspiring Daniel Bryan to pit the goliaths against one another in what’s sure to be a barbaric Chairs Match at WWE TLC. On Raw, less than two weeks before that steel-bending encounter, will the ravenous Big Guy teach Kane a new meaning of the phrase, “take a seat”?

    4.) Nikki’s reality check


    “Total Divas” star and Divas Champion Nikki Bella is accustomed to trash talk after three seasons of E!’s “Total Divas,” but AJ Lee’s harsh diatribe against both Bella Twins last week on Raw clearly lit a fire inside the titleholder. On SmackDown, Nikki lambasted the newly former champion, dismissing her as a “pathetic, manipulating little girl from New Jersey.” Then, as AJ tried to mount a physical counter-offensive, Brie rushed to her twin’s aid in a display of solidarity. How will this deeply personal rivalry escalate on Raw? Also, now that The Bella Twins are on the same page — despite Brie being forced to serve Nikki for a month — will AJ ever be able to reclaim her prize?

    5.) Showoff in the Spotlight


    If there’s any Superstar that’s attracted more attention in the last week, it’s Dolph Ziggler who, thanks to an assist from the vigilante Sting, ended The Authority’s reign of terror at Survivor Series. After The Showoff successfully teamed with John Cena against Seth Rollins, Jamie Noble & Joey Mercury on Raw and nearly reclaimed the Intercontinental Title from Luke Harper on SmackDown, all eyes are on Ziggler as we head into Raw. How will “The Zig Man” impress this week?

    Don’t miss Raw at 8/7 CT on WWE Network, and be sure to tune in to Raw Pre-Show at 7:30 ET, exclusively on WWE Network.

  2. Stuck and whatnot.

    I haven't watched Raw in a while and I don't see that changing tomorrow. I hope that I can do without random GMs, and guest stars though.
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  3. I thought they had revealed who the "anonymous GM" was ... or are we supposed to forget that detail.
  4. Another crappy RAW episode that I can't wait to watch! :woohoo:
  5. Oh... and this whole anonymous RAW GM (which is incredibly stupid) had better be a real short-term thing.

    Nobody needs this crap again.
  6. The last couple of months I've watched only a few RAW episodes but now that Sandow has his first title run I gotta show some love.
  7. Yeah, let's enjoy while it lasts... I believe Miz and Mizdow are gonna lose the titles at Royal Rumble to A New Day, most likely. Fine by me, 'cause after that Sandow's gotta get the much deserved push!
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  8. One mark can only hope he gets a deserved push.. We'll see how over 'A New Day' is before I consider them title contenders.
  9. They've got a good pop on SmackDown when they debuted. So, I don't have a hard time believing they'll be the next Tag Team title holders. I would love to see their heel work somewhere down the road, though.
  10. Xavier Woods IMO would have a hard time pulling that off.
  11. Yeah, but we'll never know till it actually happens...
  12. That's true.. The team seems like they'll work well together, I mean either matchup they go with whether it be Xavier/Big E, Xavier/Kofi, Big E/Kofi has some sort of entertainment value.
  13. Yeah, I believe so.

    I liked their debut match against Slater-Gator & Curtis Axel. As far as who'll be competing for the Tag Team titles, I think it'll be Big E and Kofi... Mainly because they were the two competing when it was hinted on RAW that this 'New Day' thing was gonna happen (then they were taken off TV). Xavier was some kind of a motivator with the 'take what's yours' attitude.

    We'll see how this one goes. It should be good.
  14. First thing I thought when I saw The New Day stable was "Is this fucking Blue's Clues?!" First we see them in the photo with Grumpy Cat wearing Tons of Funk style Adidas longsleeve jackets and pants, and now they wear blue. I get it, it's a new day, but still it felt kind of weird. I don't really understand why whenever someone or a group of guys get repackaged, people automatically shit all over it. Come on now, give it a chance. Their debut wasn't bad or anything even though it was against Slater, Titus and Axel, who are now jobbers. Like seriously, why break Prime Time Players up? They were over. Darren and Titus were fantastic, they were in high profile tag matches and had some entertaining segments. I think with those two, it's a case of Cryme Tyme. They both suffer without each other. Titus is jobbing, Darren is out with an injury and wasn't doing anything worth of any notice. It was the same with Cryme Tyme. Shad was released not too long after and JTG was never really used (which made him the subject of many jokes and memes among fans) and yet was still on the roster. So yeah, they both suffered without each other. Slater and Axel have always suffered. Even with Paul Heyman, Axel was a total bust. Yeah, I gave that a chance and I did the same with the laptop GM when they first started the whole thing, but it just never seemed to work. I do wish that Bischoff wasn't still with TNA so that if WWE wanted to, could bring him back to power. He was great as GM of Raw back in the day. You might be surprised by this but I hated Paul Heyman as GM of SmackDown and John Laurinaitis from two weeks after WM 28 up until some time after Extreme Rules a few weeks later. Heyman showed favoritism towards Brock Lesnar his entire run and so did Laurinaitus did until Heyman came back to be the mouthpiece. I don't like the whole "showing favoritism" thing by a person in some kind of power for anyone even in things not wrestling. That's a fan's job. Anyway, I'm looking forward to Raw tonight and next week. Should be a good show.
  15. I like what I'm seeing from The New Day, honestly. I'll admit, though, I was shitting on it before they debuted 'cause I wanted to see 'em as a heel stable, but I'm glad I was proven wrong. This thing could be fn' sweet!

    I totally understand why they were put against Slater-Gator & Axel, they needed to look strong in their debut.
    And for the record, blue is cool!

    PTP and Cryme Tyme had the same fucking fate, it's unbelievable.

    As far as the anonymous RAW GM goes, it's ridiculous. I'd be totally fine with having anyone else on that position or no one at all. WWE needs to get their shit together.
  16. Im going to watch it at my grandma's house tomorrow
  17. i looks like a great show
  18. :heenan:
  19. Strong rumors that they plan on revealing the Anon GM today, which would be awesome if they did.. assuming most of the IWC/WWE Universe is opposed to that specifically being recycled.. although with it being "Cyber Monday" they may just wait a tad longer (hopefully not too long).
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