RAW December 28th, 2015 [Live Discussion]

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Prince Bálor, Dec 23, 2015.

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    United States:LIVE, Monday Night, December 28, at 8/7c on the USA Network
    United Kingdom:Tuesday Morning, December 29, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3

    Barclays Center
    Brooklyn, NY

    Raw Five-Point Preview: Dec. 28, 2015

    For the first time since Hell in a Cell, John Cena is returning to the ring to face the man who beat him for the United States Championship, Alberto Del Rio. Can the Cenation leader overcome The Essence of Excellence, who now has the combined might of The League of Nations at his back?

    Join WWE.com as we look ahead to the final Raw of 2015.

    1. Will Cena get payback against Del Rio?
    John Cena was as shocked as anyone when Alberto Del Rio returned to WWE at Hell in a Cell in response to the Cenation leader’s U.S. Open Challenge, and even more surprisingly, Del Rio actually ensnared the title that night! Unseen in a WWE ring since that defeat, Cena now ventures back to a WWE that’s drastically different than the one he departed: We now have a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion in Roman Reigns, the unstable Dean Ambrose is the Intercontinental Champion and Del Rio stands alongside three international rogues as part of the ruthless League of Nations.

    Cena’s had issues with each member of The League of Nations over the years, but his biggest beef likely lies with The Essence of Excellence, who has perpetrated some downright heinous acts as the bearer of WWE’s coveted star-spangled prize. Whatever Cena has planned for Del Rio, we can’t wait to see it.

    2. Too little, too late?
    When Team B.A.D. overpowered and humiliated Becky Lynch at ringside during SuperSmackDown LIVE, Divas Champion Charlotte rushed to her friend’s side — but not until she made Brie Bella tap out to the Figure-Eight Leglock. To make matters worse, Charlotte actually seemed amused that Naomi had soaked her friend with egg nog.

    The second-generation Diva has passionately defended her anything-it-takes-to-win tactics, especially when she’s been questioned by Becky. Was Charlotte wrong for not putting her friend’s safety first on Tuesday night, or should she be commended for taking care of business in the ring before tending to a personal matter? Regardless, it will be interesting to see if Becky and Charlotte will stay on the same page during Raw.

    3. Family first
    United States Champion Alberto Del Rio might be contending with the returning John Cena on Raw, but the entire League of Nations should also be wary of WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns on Monday. One night after the sinister quartet laid out The Usos backstage, they used thenumbers game against the 2015 Tag Team of the Year again on SuperSmackDown LIVE. This time, fortunately, The Big Dog arrived in time to help his cousins repel The Celtic Warrior and his “lads.”

    How will The Big Dog and his “family” — including The Usos and Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose — keep The League of Nations on the defensive this Monday night? Judging by what Reigns and his cousins told WWE.com Tuesday night, they’re ready for anything.

    4. Positive reinforcement
    The New Day might have lost the 2015 Tag Team of the Year Slammy Award to The Usos, but after their WWE Tag Team Championship defense against The Lucha Dragons on SuperSmackDown LIVE, Kofi Kingston, Big E & Xavier Woods have plenty to celebrate — and forcefully stuff down the WWE Universe’s collective stocking — this holiday season.

    Might the victorious trio have some late (and unwanted) Christmas gifts for us all on Monday night, perhaps in the form of an off-key serenade? Or, if Kofi’s finally seen “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” by Monday night, will The New Day ruin the movie for anyone who’s yet to experience it? Well, here’s a spoiler that doesn’t concern that galaxy far, far away: The New Day will still rock on Raw, whether we like it or not.

    5. The Authority strikes back
    After failing to punish WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns for his defiance on Raw, Stephanie McMahon unleashed her frustrations by repeatedly slapping unsuspecting interviewer Tom Phillips, who was noticeably absent from SuperSmackDown LIVE the following night. Clearly, The Big Dog has pushed The Billionaire Baroness to her breaking point, which is definitely saying something considering her bloodline.

    What does Stephanie have planned next for Reigns, who laid out her husband Triple H and her father, Mr. McMahon, before winning WWE’s most prestigious title last week?

    Don’t miss Raw at 8/7 C on USA Network, and be sure to tune in to Raw Pre-Show at 7:30 ET, only on the award-winning WWE Network.​
  2. Some early thoughts:

    1. It ought to be cool to have Cena back, more so with the roster as depleted as it is these days but I wouldn't bank on it for him to immediately win the belt...

    2. Don't really care...

    3. Roman Reigns + the Usos + Ambrose vs the League of Nations in an 8 man tag seems like a very possible main event that just follows what we've seen this past week.

    Now, if WWE decided to get a bit more frisky, I think the idea of the League of Nations vs the Wyatts could be an interesting encounter but I know that's least likely to happen; at least not any time soon...

    4. If, and it's a BIG IF, but if the Hardyz were to come back, this would be the time to do so. New Day just wrapped up another good week with wins over the Usos and the Lucha Dragons and as entertaining those matches more, I don't know how much more they can drag this thing with these 3 tag teams facing each other so often.

    Same goes for Dudleys and Wyatts. I think the Dudleys did their...job just fine and I think we've had enough of that as well so perhaps mixing things a bit now would make a bit more sense. Now, given that a Hardy's return seems rather impossible right now, perhaps the Dudleys can work with New Day now?

    5. Well, if they were going to strip Roman Reigns from the title, I guess they would have done so on this past RAW so I guess that scenario is out of the picture; not that it can't still happen, but it probably wouldn't make any sense now to do so after two weeks...Interesting to see how they approach this...
  3. 1. Nope. Not yet.

    2. Who cares? lol

    3. Yup, Reigns/Ambrose or Cena/The Usos vs The League of Nations is bound to be our main event.


    5. Sure they will, just like they did this week. lmao
  4. Hope Bork is on RAW next week!
  5. Apparently Vince will appear on RAW this Monday so things should get interesting...
  6. soooo many smilie worthy faces.
  7. Reigns & Cena vs Sheamus & Del Rio :ohyeah:

    I can feel it coming already!:psycho:
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  8. Totally.

    I think we may also see the entire League of Nations in the ME (if Barrett's cleared to compete) but if not, I guess we'll be getting Reigns/Cena/Ambrose vs Sheamus/Rusev/ADR

    There are a lot of ways to go. God, I love WWE. :otunga:
  9. All I want to see is after Cena and Reigns win the match is Cena giving Reigns an unexpected AA to make a huge statement that he's still the face that runs the place.
  10. He'd be booed out of the building, which is fine by me.
  11. Would he though? I feel like it'd be a very mixed reaction, with more favored toward Cena
  12. Well, let's wait and see what happens. :emoji_wink:
  13. No Dolph ziggler, kane, Wyatt family, Tyler breeze, Charlotte, paige, dudley boys, or tomm dreamer tonight. They will be at a house show in PA
  14. Damn this would be decent can't wait for the review of jdfromny
  15. I'm waiting outside the Barclay's Center right now, freezing my ass off. Got great seats, my cousins got great tickets and I got to come along. 4th row behind commentary section. I'm the hot looking blonde guy
  16. Hope the last RAW of 2015 doesn't suck!

    Anyways... Enjoy the show, brother.
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  17. Berto's new gear looks awful, tbh.
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  18. Hah he looks like he should be apart of the Mexicools
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  19. I also have to mention Berto's new gear is as awful as Ziggler's.
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