RAW December 30rd, 2013 Live Discussion Thread

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  1. [​IMG]
    United States: LIVE, Monday Night, Dec. 23, at 8/7c on the USA Network
    United Kingdom: Tuesday Morning, Dec. 24, at 1AM on SkySportsHD3

    Richmond Coliseum
    Richmond, Virgina​

    RAW Five-Point Review:
    1. Intercontinental Title up for grabs
    2. World's Largest New Year's baby
    3. The Animal to hunt again
    4. What's next for John Cena?
    5. What is The Authority planning for 2014?

  2. There's a house show in Toronto tonight, so a few big names may be missing.

    Lol @ Big Show going from main-eventing a "big 4" PPV to fucking about in a diaper in the space of a month. Fucking fat ****.
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  3. ^ Shit, thanks for telling me. I'll check if they still got tickets.
  4. So, Cody Rhodes and Antonio Cesaro won't be on this show tonight as they're gonna be working that house show. I also heard something about Orton working the house show as well.
  5. I heard something about Brock Lesnar returning. If it happens, it makes sense. They need a part timer if so many of the big talent are working the Toronto show.
  6. It's at Ricoh where the Marlies play.
  7. You buy tickets? I only found one that's for $113 which is like Row 3. Pretty good deal, but then there's parking, gas, etc.
    I think I'll pass.
  8. Bork might be back
  9. Nah, impossible to go out on a work night for me. Just take the subway, you can walk underground from union station.
  10. Monday Night Fap

    Outside Lady Deathbane's window

    5 point preview
    -I'll start slow
    -Go faster
    -Jizz on her window
    -She'll think it's bird poop
    -I'll cry myself to sleep
  11. Imagine if Fandango wins the IC title tonight, he'll dance till his legs fall off.
  12. It might be the straw that breaks the camels back as far as me watching wrestling actively.
  13. :testify: is in tha house!
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  14. Result of the IC Title match:
    Show Spoiler
    Big E wins
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  15. I see all these sources confirming that Brock is back tonight. And I'm kind of buying it considering the SmackDown spoilers. With all these top guys missing Raw to work the Toronto live event, all that is left is Punk and Bryan. I mean really, what other choice do they have but to bring Lesnar back a month early?
  16. So I'm trying to decide. Should I be in the LD tonight doing the typical side-by-side thing or bounce back and forth between tabs? One will give me more wrestling, yay, the other will give me less of Big Show in a diaper being on my TV. Fuck off.

    (Or any other option.)

    Take it this is going to be just a holiday themed wrestling show. Woo.
  17. Join and complain with us.
  18. :yay: Thanks! Not sure if I'll make it but not because of you guys, sleep has been all kinds of messed up lately. If it's just typical holiday "nobody's watching so we don't give fucks" Raw then I'll be back in my usual role of goofing off and ignoring 90% of the show in the LD anyway :adr:

    Worst case scenario, you guys enjoy the show as I skim through and like everything.
  19. Well the only reason I'm watching this is to see if Brock Lesnar does return as the spoilers said he did before anything even happened. So I might as well board the complain about Big Show in a diaper train.

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  20. The whole "half the crew is around" thing intrigues the life out of me. Can only imagine how they'll fill 3 hours with half their roster.

    90 minute Triple H promo tonight?
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