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  1. The March 18th RAW had a record-low 91,000 homes watching on DVR or tape delay. The March 25th show had 491,000 homes watching on delay, which means 13.9% of the total viewers didn't watch RAW live that week, near-record levels. The April 1st RAW had 213,000 homes watching on a delay.

  2. They actually keep track of this? Hmm, wonder how... guess they can track DVR viewers and whatnot... :hmm:

    Either way, why waste space on my DVR when Dailymotion (and Big Hoss Rambler) are things (and people)?
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  3. That's impossible to read on the mobile version :sad:
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  4. I didn't even know they could track stuff like that.
  5. Yeah, you can't view this thread on the mobile version for some reason Crayo
  6. They're starting to watch it for free. :boss:
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  7. I think this is becoming more and more common with every TV series. I find myself watching all of my programs from dvr on a lazy sunday. It's nothing to be too concerned over.
  8. Maybe because they don't want to watch 3 hours and they preffer to skip all the boring parts
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